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2012 Rittenhouse Marvel Bronze Age Trading Cards

2012 Rittenhouse Marvel Bronze Age Trading Cards


Set Checklist

2012 Rittenhouse Marvel Bronze Age Checklist

Base Set Checklist

81 cards. Parallel cards inserted 1:3 packs.

01 Title Card
02 X-Men #64
03 Fantastic Four #100
04 Amazing Adventures #1
05 Thor #180
06 Amazing Spider-Man #96
07 The Amazing Spider-Man #100
08 Marvel Spotlight #1
09 Marvel Feature #1
10 Marvel Premiere #1
11 Marvel Spotlight #2
12 Amazing Adventures #11
13 The Tomb of Dracula #1
14 Amazing Spider-Man #121
15 Avengers #100
16 Hero for Hire #1
17 Marvel Spotlight #5
18 The Cat #1
19 The Monster of Frankenstein
20 The Defenders #4
21 Iron Man #55
22 The Tomb of Dracula #10
23 Supernatural Thrillers #5
24 Strange Tales #169
25 Vampire Tales #1
26 Special Marvel Edition #15
27 Captain America #170
28 The Amazing Spider-Man #129
29 Marvel Premiere #15
30 Giant-Size Creatures #1
31 Astonishing Tales #25
32 Giant Size Avengers #1
33 The Incredible Hulk #180
34 Giant Size X-Men #1
35 Legion of Monsters #1
36 Black Goliath #1
37 Star-Lord #1
38 The Champions #1
39 Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #19
40 Daredevil #131
41 Omega the Unknown #1
42 Nova #1
43 X-Men #101
44 Ms. Marvel #1
45 Black Panther #1
46 Rampaging Hulk #1
47 What If #1
48 Iron First #14
49 Spider-Woman #1
50 Devil Dinosaur #1
51 Uncanny X-Men #121
52 The Amazing Spider-Man #194
53 She-Hulk #1
54 Iron Man #128
55 Uncanny X-Men #130
56 Avengers #195
57 Uncanny X-Men #136
58 Moon Knight #1
59 Marvel Team-Up #100
60 Uncanny X-Men #141
61 Daredevil #168
62 Captain America 255
63 Avengers Annual #10
64 Marvel Fanfare #1
65 Daredevil #181
66 Bizarre Adventures #32
67 Wolverine #1
68 Vision and the Scarlet Witch #1
69 Marvel Graphic Novel #4
70 Uncanny X-Men #164
71 Hawkeye #1
72 Uncanny X-Men #173
73 Cloak and Dagger #1
74 Power Pack #1
75 West Coast Avengers #1
76 Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #7
77 Kitty Pryde and Wolverine #3
78 Marvel Team-Up #150
79 Web of Spider-Man #1
80 Longshot #1
81 Iron Man #200

Bronze Embossed Set Checklist

12 cards. Inserted 1:24 packs.

E01 Nova
E02 Ms. Marvel
E03 Moon Knight
E04 Black Cat
E05 Rogue
E06 Iron First
E07 Luke Cage
E08 Elektra
E09 Wolverine
E10 Punisher
E11 Tigra
E12 Phoenix

Classic Heroes Set Checklist

10 cards. Inserted 1:12 packs. CH10 is exclusive to the Rittenhouse Rewards program.

CH1 Captain America
CH2 Thor
CH3 Iron Man
CH4 Hulk
CH5 Spider-Man
CH6 Thing
CH7 Human Torch
CH8 Mr. Fantastic
CH9 Invisible Woman

CH10 Silver Surfer

Dual-Sided Posters Puzzles Set Checklist

18 cards. Inserted 1:8 packs.

PP01 Warriors of Kung-Fu, Hero for Hire
PP02 Warriors of Kung-Fu, Hero for Hire
PP03 Warriors of Kung-Fu, Hero for Hire
PP04 Warriors of Kung-Fu, Hero for Hire
PP05 Warriors of Kung-Fu, Hero for Hire
PP06 Warriors of Kung-Fu, Hero for Hire
PP07 Warriors of Kung-Fu, Hero for Hire
PP08 Warriors of Kung-Fu, Hero for Hire
PP09 Warriors of Kung-Fu, Hero for Hire
PP10 Legion of Monsters / Sentinels of Space
PP11 Legion of Monsters, Sentinels of Space
PP12 Legion of Monsters, Sentinels of Space
PP13 Legion of Monsters, Sentinels of Space
PP14 Legion of Monsters, Sentinels of Space
PP15 Legion of Monsters, Sentinels of Space
PP16 Legion of Monsters, Sentinels of Space
PP17 Legion of Monsters, Sentinels of Space
PP18 Legion of Monsters, Sentinels of Space

Sketch Card Checklist

Inserted 1:24 packs.

S = Scarce (> 50 cards), EL = Extremely Limited (51-150), VL = Very Limited (151-250), L = Limited (251+)

Adam Cleveland (EL)
Adam Cline (S)
Al de Stefano (VL)
Albert Morales (EL)
Alberto Silva (EL)
Alcione da Silva (EL)
Alex Magno (L)
Allen Geneta (EL)
André Toma (EL)
Andy Price (EL)
Anthony Tan (EL)
Apriyadi Kusbiantoro (L)
Arie Monroe (EL)
Arley Tucker (EL)
Babisu Kourtis (EL)
Bienifer Flores (EL)
Bill Pulkovski (EL)
Bob Layton (EL)
Brian Shearer (EL)
Buddy Prince (EL)
Budi Setiawan (EL)
Butch Mapa (VL)
Caio Majado (VL)
Cal Slayton (EL)
Cezar Razek (VL)
Charles Hall (S)
Chris Bradberry (S)
Chris Foreman (VL)
Chris Marrinan (EL)
Chris Moreno (EL)
Chuck George (S)
Claire Pacheco (EL)
Dan Borgonos (VL)
Daniel HDR (EL)
Danielle Gransaull (EL)
Darren Chandler (S)
Darryl Banks (EL)
Denver Brubaker (EL)
Eric McConnell (EL)
Frank Kadar (EL)
Fred Hembeck (S)
George Calloway (S)
Greg Kirkpatrick (EL)
Hanie Mohd (EL)
Irma Ahmed (EL)
J. David Lee (L)
Jack Redd (S)
Jader Correa (EL)
Jake Sumbing (EL)
Jason Davies (S)
Jason Potratz (EL)
Jason Sobol (EL)
Javier Gonzalez (EL)
Jay Fosgitt (EL)
Jayson Kretzer (EL)
JC Fabul (EL)
Jeanette Swift (EL)
Jeff Zapata (EL)
Jeremy Treece (EL)
Jim Kyle (EL)
Joe Pekar (EL)
Joe St. Pierre (S)
John Czop (EL)
John Haun (S)
John Jackman (EL)
Jomar Bulda (VL)
Jon Hughes (EL)
Joseph O'Brien (EL)
Juan Fontanez (EL)
Julius Dean Abrera (EL)
Justin Chung (S)
Katie Cook (S)
Kevin West (S)
Kristin Allen (EL)
Lee Kohse (EL)
Leeahd Goldberg (EL)
Lui Antonio (L)
Lynne Anderson (EL)
Marc Nguyen (EL)
Marcelo Ferreira (S)
Mark Dos Santos (VL)
Mark Marvida (EL)
Mark Texeira (EL)
Mary Bellamy (VL)
Mary Jane Dizon Pajaron (EL)
Matias Streb (EL)
Mauricio Dias (EL)
Mauro Fodra (L)
Meghan Hetrick (EL)
Melike Acar (EL)
Michael Sta. Maria (VL)
Mike Kaluta (S)
Mike Rooth (EL)
Mitch Ballard (EL)
MJ San Juan (EL)
Nestor Celario (EL)
Newton Barbosa (EL)
Noah Salonga (VL)
Norman Jim Faustino (EL)
Noval Hernawan (EL)
Pablo Marcos (EL)
Patrick Larcada (S)
Raimundo Nonato (L)
Rainier Lagunsad (VL)
Randy Monces (VL)
Rhiannon Owens (EL)
Rich Hennemann (EL)
Rich Molinelli (VL)
Rich Woodall (EL)
Rodjer Goulart (EL)
Rodrigo Martins (EL)
Roy Cover (EL)
Saiful Remy Mokhatar (EL)
Samuel Agro (EL)
Sara Richard (EL)
Scott Alan Gregroy (S)
Scott Rorie (EL)
Sean Moore (EL)
Stacey Kardash (EL)
Stefanie Battalene (EL)
Studio Mia (EL)
Thanh Bui (VL)
Tim Shay (Puzzles Only)
Tone Rodriquez (EL)
Tony Perna (EL)
Tony Scott (EL)
Veronica O'Connell (EL)
Warren Martineck (S)
Wendell Rubio Silva (EL)

Case Topper Checklist

Incentives Checklist

Promo Card Checklist

P1 General Distribution

P2 Non-Sport Update Magazine
P3 Album Exclusive
P4 San Diego Comic Con

Product Details

User Rating:

Tackling the comics era that ran from 1970 to 1985, 2012 Rittenhouse Marvel Bronze Age looks back on some of the key modern events in the Marvel Universe. Boasting one color sketch card per box, the released is broad in scope yet focused on a particular period.

2012 Rittenhouse Marvel Bronze Age has an 81-card base set that centers on major happenings and classic debuts. Among the characters to make their first appearances during this time were Wolverine, the Punisher, Ghost Rider, Elektra and Luke Cage.

Keeping with the formula that has worked in the past, 2012 Rittenhouse Marvel Bronze Age is highlighted by at least one ful-color sketch card in every pack. High-profile sketch artists included in the set are Melike Acar, Axebone, Tony Perna, Meghan Hetrick, Mike Lilly, Anthony Tan, Andy Price, Veronica O'Connell, JC Fabul, Newton Barbosa, Cezar Razek, Charles Hall, and Matias Streb. Random hot boxes come with full sketch card puzzles.

2012 Rittenhouse Marvel Bronze Age has random "Mini Archive Boxes" that come with all of the release's pack-inserted cards, a complete foil parallel set and five sketch cards.

Every case of 2012 Rittenhouse Marvel Bronze Age has a two-card Retro Marvel Logo set. A painted Jim Kyle sketch card is the six-case incentive. Those ordering nine cases get a painted sketch card from either Matt or Mick Glebe. A 2012 Rittenhouse Marvel Bronze Age Archive Box is the 18-case incentive. Archive Boxes have 30 random sketch cards.

2012 Rittenhouse Marvel Bronze Age also has a custom binder. Sold separately, it comes with an exclusive promo card.

Product Configuration: 24 packs per box, 5 cards per pack
Price Point: Mid-End Entertainment Card
Target Audience: Comic Fans, Comic Card Collectors, Sketch Card Collectors, Set Builders

2012 Rittenhouse Marvel Bronze Age Box Break

  • 1 Color Sketch Card
  • 120 Total Cards
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User Reviews

  1. Was wondering if we know what heroes were picked for the sketch cards?

  2. Glen Franklin I haven’t heard of any official list of characters or limitations put on the artists. Rittenhouse would probably be the best place to check.

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