2012 Rittenhouse Amazing Spider-Man Series 1 Trading Cards

2012 Rittenhouse Amazing Spider-Man Series 1 Trading Cards


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After a series of three successful films in a decade, Spider-Man's getting a fresh start. 2012 Rittenhouse Amazing Spider-Man Series 1 trading cards take an abbreviated look at the reboot. Rather than going with a traditional pack approach, Rittenhouse has made a limited set filled with premium hits. The 17-card factory set cuts to the chase, promising an autograph from lead star, Andrew Garfield, and seven costume cards. The rest of the checklist is rounded out by nine character cards.

Two different Garfield autographs are available. One shows him as Peter Parker. The other pictures him in his Spider-Man threads. Those who pre-order two sets are guaranteed to get both versions.

Costume cards cover the major characters of the film, including one of the Spider-Man costume. Other costume pieces include three from Peter Parker, two of Gwen Stacy (worn by Emma Stone) and one from Dr. Connors (Rhys Ifans).

The film, which tells a revised origins story, has a deep cast. The Character Cards cover a good chunk of them. Those included are Spider-Man, Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy, Dr. Connors, George Stacy, Dr. Ratha, Flash Thompson, Ben Parker and Peter Parker as a young boy.

2012 Rittenhouse Amazing Spider-Man Series 1 is limited to 444 sets. That means there are just 222 copies of each Andrew Garfield autograph. As an incentive to those who order four sets, Rittenhouse is offering an Andrew Garfield autographed costume card. This card is limited to 111 copies.

Product Configuration: 17-card factory set
Price Point: High-End Entertainment Card
Target Audience: Spider-Man Fans, Autograph Collectors, Movie Memorabilia Collectors

2012 Rittenhouse Amazing Spider-Man Series 1 Set Break

  • 1 Autograph
  • 7 Costume Cards
  • 9 Character Cards
  • 17 Total Cards
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