2012 Press Pass Total Memorabilia Racing Cards

2012 Press Pass Total Memorabilia Racing Cards


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Upping the ante with a new hit-per-pack brand, 2012 Press Pass Total Memorabilia Racing cuts directly to the chase. Every pack promises a numbered memorabilia or autographed memorabilia card, including some with up to four swatches. The newer faces of NASCAR are showcased in the Rising Stars set. Each card, which is numbered up to 125 copies, has both an autograph and a piece of race-used equipment. Falling at least one per half-case, Signature Collection book cards are numbered to a maximum of ten copies. Each card comes with an autograph on one side of the card and up to four memorabilia pieces on the other. 2012 Press Pass Total Memorabilia hobby boxes come with five nine-card packs.

Product Configuration: five packs per box, nine cards per pack
Price Point: Mid- to High-End Racing Card
Target Audience: NASCAR Fans, Racing Card Collectors, Autograph Collectors, Memorabilia Collectors, Hit Seekers

2012 Press Pass Total Memorabilia Box Break

  • Nine Total Numbered Memorabilia or Autographed Memorabilia Cards
  • 45 Total Cards

2012 Press Pass Total Memorabilia Product Highlights:

  • Numbered Memorabilia or Autographed Memorabilia card in every pack.
  • Wide variety of memorabilia embedded on cards, including sheet metal, firesuits, shoes and gloves.
  • Signature Collection autographed memorabilia cards mix racer signatures with pieces of race-used equipment. The book cards are numbered to 10 or less. At least one is included with every ten-box half case.
  • Rising Stars autographed memorabilia cards spotlight NASCAR's new breed. Names on the checklist include Maryeve Dufault, Sergio Pena, and Angela and Amber Cope. Every half case promises at least four of these cards, which are numbered to 125 or less.
  • Total Memorabilia cards come with up to four memorabilia swatches. All are numbered.

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