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2012 Panini Black Friday Trading Cards

2012 Panini Black Friday Trading Cards

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2012 Panini Black Friday is a multi-sport promo set designed to drive collectors to local hobby shops. It mixes exclusive base cards with lots of different inserts, memorabilia cards and autographs, most of which are unique to the product. The release mixes football, basketball, baseball, hockey and a couple of other odds and ends. The result is an eclectic mix of both players and card types.

The 2012 Panini Black Friday base set has 50 cards. A total of 23 veterans have basic cards with a vertical design. Rookies take up the remaining 27 spots. Arranged horizontally, all rookies are numbered to 599. Base cards (and many of the inserts) have Cracked Ice parallels. Their distinct look resembles a a Refractor that has been broken into many shards.

Panini Collection is a 21-card basic insert that uses intense and hyper-detailed photography. The cards have a dark look to them and the overall look is one that conveys a lot of emotion. Besides a mix of big-name players from the four major sports is a card of Biz Markie, famed wrapper best known for the quirky classic "Just a Friends" and, more recently, Yo Gabba Gabba. He was the DJ at an exclusive party held by Panini at the 2012 National.

Kings is a multi-sport take on the Diamond Kings concept. Besides the classic monicker that is used for baseball players, there is Gridiron Kings (football), Court Kings (basketball) and Ice Kings (hockey). The ten-card checklist includes Joe Namath, Gordie Howe, Barry Larking and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. TenRookie Kings have the same design but a separate checklist. Baseball prospect, Ryan Tatusko, who is also a collector, has a card numbered with his initials. In total, there are 21 different Kings cards.

Elite Series is a two-card set that uses gold foil fronts. Kyrie Irving and Robert Griffin III are the featured subjects. 2012 Panini Black Friday also has a six-card Thanksgiving set that spotlights a player from each of the teams playing in the Thanksgiving games.

As with other promotional sets from the company, 2012 Panini Black Friday includes a lot of non-traditional memorabilia cards. Happy Holidays features pieces of Santa hats worn by Andrew Luck, Trent Richardson and RG3 at the 2012 NFL PLAYERS Rookie Premiere. Tools of the Trade uses player-used towels and equipment bags. Collectors can also look for cards with Super Bowl pylons and footballs, event-worn shoes and Draft hats. Gordie Howe has a card featuring a cut up custom Panini jersey worn at a press conference.

2012 Panini Black Friday has several signature sets as well. These include pink Breast Cancer Awareness NFL Shield Autographs and Logo Patch Autographs. Several sets have Autographed Cracked Ice parallels, although not necessarily for every card.

For a list of participating shops, click here for a list from Panini.

Target Audience: Hit Seekers, Set Builders, Promo Card Collectors, Autograph Collectors, Memorabilia Card Collectors

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Set Checklist

2012 Panini Black Friday Checklist

Base Set Checklist

23 cards

PARALLEL CARDS: Cracked Ice (Print Run: 25 or less), Autographs (Print Run: 10 or less), Production Progressions - 5 per color

1 Peyton Manning
2 Cam Newton
3 Calvin Johnson Jr.
4 Eli Manning
5 Aaron Rodgers
6 Arian Foster
7 Jamal Charles
8 Kobe Bryant
9 Blake Griffin
10 Kevin Durant
11 Steve Nash
12 Alex Ovechkin
13 Evgeni Malkin
14 Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
15 Gabriel Landeskog
16 Tyler Seguin
17 Jonathan Quick
18 Josh Hamilton
19 Miguel Cabrera
20 Derek Jeter
21 Albert Pujols
22 David Price
23 Steven Strasburg
2012 Panini Black Friday Trading Cards 1

Rookie Card Checklist

27 cards. Numbered to 599.

PARALLEL CARDS: Cracked Ice - Print Run: 25 or less, Autographs - Print Run: 10 or less, Production Progressions - 5 per color

24 Andrew Luck
25 Robert Griffin III
26 Doug Martin
27 Trent Richardson
28 Brandon Weeden
29 Ryan Tannehill
30 Michael Floyd
31 Kyrie Irving
32 Anthony Davis
33 Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
34 Thomas Robinson
35 Harrison Barnes
36 Derrick Williams
37 Kenneth Faried
38 Austin Rivers
39 Trevor Bauer
40 Yu Darvish
41 Bryce Harper
42 Brett Lawrie
43 Mike Trout
44 Matt Moore
45 Yoenis Cespedes
46 Jarrod Parker
47 Chris Kreider
48 Russell Wilson
49 Justin Blackmon
50 Alfred Morris
2012 Panini Black Friday Trading Cards 2

Breast Cancer Awareness Shield Autographs Set Checklist

Cards feature pink fabric backdrop and manufactured logo patch.

MC Morris Claiborne
AL Andrew Luck
AD Andy Dalton
JB Justin Blackmon
BW Brandon Weeden
2012 Panini Black Friday Trading Cards 3

Elite Series Checklist

2 cards.

PARALLEL CARDS: Cracked Ice - 25 or less, Autographs - 5 or less, Production Progressions - 5 per color

1 Kyrie Irving
2 Robert Griffin III
2012 Panini Black Friday Trading Cards 4

Panini Authentic Checklist

JS Jared Sullinger
HB Harrison Barnes
2012 Panini Black Friday Trading Cards 5

Happy Holidays Checklist

3 cards. Contain pieces of Santa hats worn during the NFL PLAYERS Rookie Photo Shoot.

AL Andrew Luck
RG3 Robert Griffin III
TR Trent Richardson
2012 Panini Black Friday Trading Cards 6

Kings Checklist

10 veterans, 10 rookies, 1 prospect.

PARALLEL CARDS: Cracked Ice - 25 or less, Autographs - 3 or less, Production Progressions - 5 per color

Gridiron Kings
1 Jim Brown
2 Joe Namath
3 John Riggins

Diamond Kings
4 Barry Larkin
5 George Brett

Court Kings
6 John Stockton
7 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Ice Kings
8 Mark Messier
9 Gordie Howe
10 Joe Sakic

Gridiron Kings
1 Andrew Luck
2 Morris Claiborne
3 Justin Blackmon
4 Trent Richardson

Court Kings
5 Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
6 Austin Rivers

Diamond Kings
7 Mike Trout
8 Yu Darvish

Ice Kings
9 Chris Kreider

10 Russell Wilson (Gridiron Kings)
RT Ryan Tatusko (Diamond Kings)

2012 Panini Black Friday Trading Cards 7

Manufactured Patch Auto Checklist

27 cards.

AD Andre Drummond
AD Anthony Davis
AR Austin Rivers
BK Brandon Knight
DW Derrick Williams
HB Harrison Barnes
JS Jared Sullinger
JH John Henson
KF Kenneth Faried
MKG Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
TR Thomas Robinson
BB Bradley Beal
DW Dion Waiters
JF Jimmer Fredette
JB Jimmy Butler
MT Marquis Teague
QA Quincy Acy
TR Terrence Ross
TT Tristan Thompson
CF Coby Fleener
DH Dont'a Hightower
TR Trent Richardson
MF Michael Floyd
MS Mohamed Sanu
RGIII Robert Griffin III
LD Lavonte David
CK Chris Kreider
2012 Panini Black Friday Trading Cards 8

Panini Collection Set Checklist

21 cards.

PARALLEL CARDS: Cracked Ice - 25 or less, Autographs - 2 or less, Production Progressions - 5 per color

1 Kobe Bryant
2 Kevin Durant
3 Blake Griffin
4 Anthony Davis
5 Kyrie Irving
6 Robert Griffin III
7 Cam Newton
8 Darren McFadden
9 Tim Tebow
10 Clay Matthews
11 Troy Polamalu
12 Calvin Johnson Jr.
13 Ray Lewis
14 Andrew Luck
15 Andrew McCutchen
16 Prince Fielder
17 Bryce Harper
18 Alex Ovechkin
19 Sidney Crosby
20 Jonathan Quick
BM Biz Markie
2012 Panini Black Friday Trading Cards 9

Panini Spokesman Series Checklist

2 cards. Each has jumbo memorabilia swatch. Howe's comes from a press conference-worn Panini jersey.

GH Gordie Howe
KB Kobe Bryant
2012 Panini Black Friday Trading Cards 10

Rookie Materials Checklist

26 cards.

1 Robert Griffin III SP
2 Trent Richardson
3 Justin Blackmon
4 Brandon Weeden
5 Ryan Tannehill
6 Doug Martin
7 Michael Floyd
8 Kendall Wright
9 Lamar Miller
10 Brock Osweiler
11 Isaiah Pead
12 Russell Wilson
13 Alshon Jeffery
14 Anthony Davis
15 Austin Rivers
16 Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
17 Thomas Robinson
18 Harrison Barnes
19 Jared Sullinger
20 Dion Waiters
21 Andre Drummond
22 Draymond Green
23 Meyers Leonard
24 Tyler Zeller
25 Fab Melo
26 Festus Ezeli

Rookie Materials Jumbo Checklist

6 cards.

1 DeMarco Murray
2 Cam Newton
3 Andy Dalton
4 Jake Locker
5 Andrew Luck SP
6 Robert Griffin III SP

Rookie of the Year Memorabilia Checklist

ROYKI Kyrie Irving
2012 Panini Black Friday Trading Cards 11

Super Bowl Materials Pylons Checklist

1 Eli Manning
2 Ahmad Bradshaw
3 Hakeem Nicks
4 Victor Cruz
5 Mario Manningham
6 Justin Tuck SP
7 Jason Pierre-Paul
8 Chase Blackburn SP
9 Lawrence Tynes SP
10 Tom Brady
11 Wes Welker
12 Aaron Hernandez
13 Rob Gronkowski
14 Danny Woodhead SP
15 Stephen Gostkowski SP
2012 Panini Black Friday Trading Cards 12

Super Bowl Materials Ball Checklist

5 cards.

1 Eli Manning
2 Ahmad Bradshaw
3 Hakeem Nicks
4 Victor Cruz
5 Tom Brady

Super Bowl MVP Memorabilia Checklist

2 cards. Include pieces of pylon from Super Bowl XLV and XLVI.

Thanksgiving Classic Set Checklist

PARALLEL CARDS: Cracked Ice - 25 or less, Autographs - 7 or less, Production Progressions - 5 per color

1 Matthew Stafford
2 Andre Johnson
3 Tony Romo
4 Robert Griffin III
5 Rob Gronkowski
6 Tim Tebow
2012 Panini Black Friday Trading Cards 13

Tools of the Trade Checklist

9 cards. Romo and Bryant cards have equipment bag pieces. Other cards have towel swatches from rookie photo shoots.

1 Anthony Davis
2 Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
3 Thomas Robinson
4 Harrison Barnes
5 Terrence Ross
6 Austin Rivers
1 Tony Romo
2 Dez Bryant

1 Chris Kreider

2012 Panini Black Friday Trading Cards 14

Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

User Reviews

Mike M
Mike M

Hey, Ive seen 1989 Score reprint rookies 1of5’s. Is there a list of these? Thanks

Ryan Cracknell
Ryan Cracknell

Mike M We weren’t given a list of those to make a complete list.


thanks for the info ryan!


where’s the curtis martin hall of fame auto card?

Ryan Cracknell
Ryan Cracknell

Jasin Not on the list we were given. Very possible it’s one of the stamped cards that were originally in other sets but given a foil Black Friday stamp.

Paul Dahlby
Paul Dahlby

How many of the cracked ice autographs did they put out for each player per card? Five?

Susan Scott
Susan Scott

Very helpful. Thanks! Was wondering if there was a way to get a Final Complete List? Ive looked everywhere . If so can you email it to me at susandebose@gmail.com?

16 “FREE” paks for purchasing 2 wax boxes. Received Cam Newton pink blnak back selling for $100 on auction site and Matthew Stafford breast cancer piece of football card selling for $80 on auction sites.

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