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2012 Leaf Ultimate Draft Baseball Cards

2012 Leaf Ultimate Draft Baseball Cards

Set Checklist

2012 Leaf Ultimate Draft Baseball Checklist

Base Autograph Checklist

86 cards.

BA-AA1 Albert Almora
BA-AA2 Austin Aune
BA-AH1 Andrew Heaney
BA-AM1 Alfredo Marte
BA-AR1 Addison Russell
BA-AR2 Avery Romero
BA-AW1 Alex Wood
BA-BB1 Byron Buxton
BA-BB2 Barrett Barnes
BA-BJ1 Brian Johnson
BA-BM1 Bruce Maxwell
BA-CB1 Chris Beck
BA-CC1 Carlos Correa
BA-CH1 Courtney Hawkins
BA-CK1 Carson Kelly
BA-CR1 Colin Rodgers
BA-CS1 Corey Seager
BA-CS2 Chris Stratton
BA-DC1 Daniel Corcino
BA-DD1 David Dahl
BA-DJD D.J. Davis
BA-DM1 Deven Marrero
BA-DR1 Daniel Robertson
BA-EB1 Eddie Butler
BA-EH1 Elier Hernandez
BA-GC1 Gavin Cecchini
BA-JB2 Jorge Bonifacio
BA-JB5 Jeremy Baltz
BA-JC1 Jamie Callahan
BA-JDC Joe DeCarlo
BA-JG1 Joey Gallo
BA-JG2 Jeff Gelalich
BA-JOB J.O. Berrios
BA-JP1 James Paxton
BA-JR1 James Ramsey
BA-JS1 Jorge Soler
BA-JV1 Jesmuel Valentin
BA-JW1 Jesse Winker
BA-KB1 Keon Barnum
BA-KG1 Kevin Gausman
BA-KP1 Kevin Plawecki
BA-KZ1 Kyle Zimmer
BA-LB1 Luke Bard
BA-LB2 Lewis Brinson
BA-LG1 Lucas Giolito
BA-LM1 Lance McCullers Jr.
BA-LS1 Lucas Sims
BA-MA1 Martin Agosta
BA-MB1 Mitch Brown
BA-MF1 Max Fried
BA-MG1 Mitchell Gueller
BA-MH1 Mitch Haniger
BA-MK1 Michael Kelly
BA-MN1 Mitch Nay
BA-MO1 Matt Olson
BA-MO2 Marcell Ozuna
BA-MS1 Marcus Stroman
BA-MS2 Matt Smoral
BA-MW1 Max White
BA-MW2 Michael Wacha
BA-MZ1 Michael Zunino
BA-NC1 Nick Castellanos
BA-NM1 Nomar Mazara
BA-NT1 Nick Travieso
BA-PB1 Paul Blackburn
BA-PJ1 Pierce Johnson
BA-PL1 Pat Light
BA-PW1 Patrick Wilson
BA-RR1 Rio Ruiz
BA-RS1 Richie Shaffer
BA-RS2 Ravel Santana
BA-SP1 Stephen Piscotty
BA-SS1 Sam Selman
BA-ST1 Stryker Trahan
BA-SW1 Shane Watson
BA-TB1 Ty Bettrey
BA-TC1 Tony Cingrani
BA-TG1 Tyler Gonzales
BA-TH1 Ty Hensley
BA-TJ1 Travis Jankowski
BA-TN1 Tyler Naquin
BA-TR1 Tanner Rahier
BA-WM1 Wyatt Mathisen
BA-WW1 Walker Weickel
BA-YP1 Yasiel Puig
BA-ZC1 Zach Cone
2012 Leaf Ultimate Draft Baseball Cards 1

All-American Checklist

14 cards.

AA-AA1 Albert Almora
AA-AH1 Andrew Heaney
AA-AR1 Addison Russell
AA-BB1 Byron Buxton
AA-CH1 Courtney Hawkins
AA-CS2 Chris Stratton
AA-DD1 David Dahl
AA-DM1 Deven Marrero
AA-GC1 Gavin Cecchini
AA-KG1 Kevin Gausman
AA-KZ1 Kyle Zimmer
AA-MF1 Max Fried
AA-MZ1 Michael Zunino
AA-TH1 Ty Hensley
2012 Leaf Ultimate Draft Baseball Cards 2

Armed and Dangerous Checklist

12 cards.

AD-AH1 Andrew Heaney
AD-BJ1 Brian Johnson
AD-CS2 Chris Stratton
AD-KG1 Kevin Gausman
AD-KZ1 Kyle Zimmer
AD-LM1 Lance McCullers Jr.
AD-LG1 Lucas Giolito
AD-MF1 Max Fried
AD-MW2 Michael Wacha
AD-NT1 Nick Travieso
AD-TH1 Ty Hensley
AD-WW1 Walker Weickel
2012 Leaf Ultimate Draft Baseball Cards 3

Big Sticks Checklist

13 cards.

BS-AM1 Alfredo Marte
BS-AR1 Addison Russell
BS-AR2 Avery Romero
BS-BB1 Byron Buxton
BS-BB2 Barrett Barnes
BS-CS1 Corey Seager
BS-DD1 David Dahl
BS-DM1 Devin Marrero
BS-EH1 Elier Hernandez
BS-JG1 Joey Gallo
BS-JS1 Jorge Soler
BS-MZ1 Michael Zunino
BS-NM1 Nomar Mazara
2012 Leaf Ultimate Draft Baseball Cards 4

Draft Day Checklist

13 cards.

DD-AA1 Albert Almora
DD-AH1 Andrew Heaey
DD-AR1 Addison Russell
DD-BB1 Byron Buxton
DD-CC1 Carlos Correa
DD-CH1 Courtney Hawkins
DD-CS2 Chris Stratton
DD-DD1 David Dahl
DD-GC1 Gavin Cecchini
DD-KG1 Kevin Gausman
DD-KZ1 Kyle Zimmer
DD-MF1 Max Fried
DD-MZ1 Michael Zunino
2012 Leaf Ultimate Draft Baseball Cards 5

Heading to the Show Checklist

18 cards.

HS-AA1 Albert Almora
HS-AH1 Andrew Heaney
HS-AM1 Alfredo Marte
HS-BB1 Byron Buxton
HS-CH1 Courtney Hawkins
HS-CS1 Corey Seager
HS-CS2 Chris Stratton
HS-DJD D.J. Davis
HS-DM1 Deven Marrero
HS-EH1 Elier Hernandez
HS-GC1 Gavin Cecchini
HS-JG1 Joey Gallo
HS-JS1 Jorge Soler
HS-KG1 Kevin Gausman
HS-KZ1 Kyle Zimmer
HS-LG1 Lucas Giolito
HS-NM1 Nomas Mazara
HS-TH1 Ty Hensley
2012 Leaf Ultimate Draft Baseball Cards 6

Product Details

User Rating:

2012 Leaf Ultimate Draft Baseball brings more prospects to the hobby via an all-autograph release. Signers are either high draft picks or top international prospects. Leaf's final baseball release of 2012, they are also promising their smallest print run for the sport.

Boxes come with five cards. All are autographed. Base autographs include several levels of parallels numbered as low as 1/1. Jorge Soler, Byron Buxton, David Dahl and Albert Almora are among those appearing in the set.

2012 Leaf Ultimate Draft Baseball also has several insert sets. Draft Day Autographs come numbered to the player's draft position. The earlier in the draft they were picked means a lower print run. For first overall pick, Carlos Correa, it means his card is a one-of-one. Numbered to 50 or less, Big Sticks Autographs highlight the game's top offensive prospects. Armed and Dangerous Autographs takes a similar approach, only with pitchers instead. Heading to the Show Autographs (#/50 or less) note the player's big league affiliation. All-American Autographs (#/25 or less) has a checklist that includes only the top players from the 2012 MLB Draft. All inserts have numbered parallels.

Randomly inserted Ultimate Bonus Redemptions are good for various items. These include pieces of autographed Pete Rose memorabilia and slabbed autographed rookie cards.

Product Configuration: 1 pack per box, 5 cards per pack
Price Point: Mid-End Baseball Card
Target Audience: Prospectors, Autograph Collectors

2012 Leaf Ultimate Draft Baseball Box Break

  • 5 Autographs
  • 5 Total Cards
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