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2012 Leaf Originals Wrestling Cards

2012 Leaf Originals Wrestling Cards

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Professional wrestling has a rich history. For many, it's a deep source of nostalgia. However, save for a small subset here and there, professional wrestling's history hasn't been covered much in the hobby yet, particular when it comes to autographs. 2012 Leaf Originals Wrestling looks to fill that void.

Boasting  five autographs per box, 2012 Leaf Originals Wrestling gives collectors the chance to go after signatures from some of the biggest stars of the last four decades. These include Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Bret Hart, Bobby "the Brain" Heenan and "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. The set also has the first autograph cards of Jake "the Snake" Roberts and Bruno Sammartino. Other icons in the set include the Iron Sheik, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. Even Pete Rose, who had a string of Wrestlemania appearances, is in the set. In all, 2012 Leaf Originals Wrestling has 51 total signers.

The cards lend themselves to the 1948 Leaf Baseball design, with a bold, black nameplate running along the bottom. The cards opt for illustrations of the wrestlers and not photographs. All autographs are on-card. Every card in the set is signed.

Adding to the chase are several parallels, which are numbered as low as 1/1. Every wrestler in the set except Tatanka also has a rarer variation image. These also have parallels that are distinguished by the background color.

Random redemptions for original over-sized art and autographed sketch cards also appear in the product.

Although many of the wrestlers in 2012 Leaf Originals Wrestling have autographs in other sets, not to mention signed photos and memorabilia in-person appearances, this set marks the most extensive lineup for collectors all under the same umbrella.

Product Configuration: 5 cards per box
Price Point: Mid-End Wrestling Card
Target Audience: Autograph Collectors, Old School Wrestling Fans, Wrestling Card Collectors

2012 Leaf Originals Wrestling Box Break

  • 5 Autographs
  • 5 Total Cards
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Set Checklist

2012 Leaf Originals Wrestling Checklist

Base Set Checklist

51 cards. All are autographed.

PARALLEL CARDS: Yellow #/99, Blue #/25, Red #/10, Black 1/1

ATB Abdullah the Butcher
SBG Billy Graham
BB1 Bob Backlund
BB2 Brutus Beefcake
BB3 Buff Bagwell
BH1 Bobby Heenan
BH2 Bret Hart
BO1 Bob Orton Jr.
BS1 Bruno Sammartino
DDP Diamond Dallas Page
DS1 Dan Severn
GJG Jimmy Garvin
GS1 George Steele
GV1 Greg Valentine
HH1 Hulk Hogan
HJ1 Hillbilly Jim
HTM The Honky Tonk Man
IK1 Ivan Koloff
IP1 Ivan Putski
JD1 Jim Duggan
JH1 Jimmy Hart
JN1 Jim Neidhart
JR1 Jake Roberts
KA1 Kamala
KBW Koko B. Ware
KN1 Kevin Nash
KS1 Ken Shamrock
LL1 Lex Luger
LP1 Lanny Poffo
LZ1 Larry Zbyszko
MH1 Missy Hyatt
MJ1 Marty Jannetty
NK1 Nikita Koloff
NV1 Nikolai Volkoff
OMG One Man Gang
PO1 Paul Orndorff
PR1 Pete Rose
RM1 Rick Martel
RRP Roddy Piper
RS1 Rick Steiner
SH1 Scott Hall
SID Sid Vicious
SS1 Scott Steiner
TA1 Tony Atlas
TAT Tatanka
TDB Ted DiBiase
TIS Iron Sheik
TNB Ric Flair
TS1 Tito Santana
VAD Vader
WR1 Wendi Richter
2012 Leaf Originals Wrestling Cards 23

Alternate Art Checklist

50 cards. Cards have different art than on the regular cards and are noted by an 'A' prefix on the number.

PARALLEL CARDS: Yellow #/25, Blue #/10, Red #/5, Black 1/1

A-ATB Abdullah the Butcher
A-SBG Billy Graham
A-BB1 Bob Backlund
A-BB2 Brutus Beefcake
A-BB3 Buff Bagwell
A-BH1 Bobby Heenan
A-BH2 Bret Hart
A-BO1 Bob Orton Jr.
A-BS1 Bruno Sammartino
A-DDP Diamond Dallas Page
A-DS1 Dan Severn
A-GJG Jimmy Garvin
A-GS1 George Steele
A-GV1 Greg Valentine
A-HH1 Hulk Hogan
A-HJ1 Hillbilly Jim
A-HTM The Honky Tonk Man
A-IK1 Ivan Koloff
A-IP1 Ivan Putski
A-JD1 Jim Duggan
A-JH1 Jimmy Hart
A-JN1 Jim Neidhart
A-JR1 Jake Roberts
A-KA1 Kamala
A-KBW Koko B. Ware
A-KN1 Kevin Nash
A-KS1 Ken Shamrock
A-LL1 Lex Luger
A-LP1 Lanny Poffo
A-LZ1 Larry Zbyszko
A-MH1 Missy Hyatt
A-MJ1 Marty Jannetty
A-NK1 Nikita Koloff
A-NV1 Nikolai Volkoff
A-OMG One Man Gang
A-PO1 Paul Orndorff
A-PR1 Pete Rose
A-RM1 Rick Martel
A-RRP Roddy Piper
A-RS1 Rick Steiner
A-SH1 Scott Hall
A-SID Sid Vicious
A-SS1 Scott Steiner
A-TA1 Tony Atlas
A-TDB Ted DiBiase
A-TIS Iron Sheik
A-TNB Ric Flair
A-TS1 Tito Santana
A-VAD Vader
A-WR1 Wendi Richter
2012 Leaf Originals Wrestling Cards 24

Legends of Sport Preview Checklist

Full-sized card previews design for Leaf Legends of Sport.

Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

User Reviews

Ryan George
Ryan George

My favorite wrestling product ever. The checklist is full of hall of famers with many first time and only time signers.

Abraham Hands
Abraham Hands

I actually really like the classic look of them and am glad they stuck with more classic stars instead of all the newer guys. In person they definitely come off better than in pics. I think I am going to try and get each wrestler. Not all that happy about Pete Rose being thrown in there though but it is what it is and the man will pretty much sign anything for a nickle.

James McCay
James McCay

None of the “certified” autographs have the standard statement of authenticity on the card backs or anywhere else for that matter. As always, Brain Gray (owner) takes no responsibility for this GROSS NEGLIGENCE!

Steve Santwire
Steve Santwire

Leaf sucks. That is all. They didn’t even release all of the cards for this set. American Icons Autographs was selling PSA slabbed singles before it was even released.

Darkwing Duck
Darkwing Duck

pimp s***z

my only thinking as to why the artwork is so terrible is because of patents , trademarks owned by other companies ( WWE )

if the artwork was at least halfway decent i would be all over this product because the autograph list is AMAZING


Totally agree. I can’t see myself buying a box based on what’s shown – or even spending too much on singles.

Mike Irvine
Mike Irvine

That artwork is terrible. I hope Razor, I mean “Leaf” didn’t pay someone to draw that. Maybe they got a high school art class to do it for extra credit. If there is seriously an artist who makes a living as an artist that did that then they should ashamed.

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