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2012 Leaf Metal Golf Cards

2012 Leaf Metal Golf Cards

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It's been nearly a decade since the hobby has seen a full golf release. If it hadn't been for Tiger Woods, it'd probably have been much longer. 2012 Leaf Metal Golf is changing that, ironically, without Woods, who is an Upper Deck exclusive. Boasting three autographs and two base cards per box, 2012 Leaf Metal Golf boasts such names as Jack Nicklaus, Annika Sorenstam, Arnold Palmer, Nick Faldo, Fred Couples, Sergio Garcia and Michelle Wie. Collectors can chase prismatic parallels for both the base cards and autographed inserts. All signatures in the product are on-card.

Product Configuration: five cards per box
Price Point: Mid-End Golf Card
Target Audience: Golf Card Collectors, Autograph Collectors, Set Builders, Fans of the Leaf Metal Brand

2012 Leaf Metal Golf Box Break

  • Three Autographs
  • Two Base Cards

2012 Leaf Metal Golf Highlights

2012 Leaf Metal Golf Checklist

2012 Leaf Metal Golf Set Checklist


  • Prismatic #/99
  • Prismatic Refractor #/50
  • Green Prismatic #/25
  • Blue Prismatic #/10
  • Red Prismatic #/5
  • Super Prismatic 1/1

M-AN1 Anna Nordqvist
M-AR1 Anna Rawson
M-AS1 Annika Sorenstam
M-AK1 Anthony Kim
M-AP1 Arnold Palmer
M-BR1 Beatriz Recari
M-BM1 Belen Mozo
M-BC1 Ben Crane
M-BC2 Ben Crenshaw
M-BM3 Ben Martin
M-BK1 Betsy King
M-BH1 Bill Haas
M-BW1 Boo Weekley
M-BS1 Brandt Snedeker
M-BS2 Brendan Steele
M-BDJ Brendon De Jonge
M-BH2 Brian Harman
M-BL1 Brittany Lincicome
M-CV1 Camilo Villegas
M-CK1 Chris Kirk
M-CS1 Chris Stroud
M-CS2 Curtis Strange
M-DL3 Davis Love III
M-DJ1 Dustin Johnson
M-FC1 Fred Couples
M-FF1 Fred Funk
M-GP1 Gary Player
M-IKK I.K. Kim
M-JN1 Jack Nicklaus
M-JW1 Johnson Wagner
M-JB1 Jonathan Byrd
M-JR1 Justin Rose
M-KB1 Keegan Bradley
M-LO1 Lorena Ochoa
M-LG1 Lucas Glover
M-MM1 Matteo Manassero
M-MW1 Michelle Wie
M-MP1 Morgan Pressel
M-NL1 Nancy Lopez
M-NG1 Natalie Gulbis
M-NF1 Nick Faldo
M-PC1 Paula Creamer
M-RG1 Retief Goosen
M-RM1 Rocco Mediate
M-SO1 Sean O'Hair
M-SG1 Sergio Garcia
M-TL1 Tom Lewis
M-TI1 Trevor Immelman
M-WS1 Webb Simpson
2012 Leaf Metal Golf Cards 1

2012 Leaf Metal Golf Base Autograph Checklist

Confirmed short prints and print runs listed at end of checklists.


  • Prismatic #/99
  • Prismatic Refractor #/50
  • Green Prismatic #/25
  • Blue Prismatic #/10
  • Red Prismatic #/5
  • Printing Plates
  • Super Prismatic 1/1

BA-AN1 Anna Nordqvist
BA-AR1 Anna Rawson
BA-AS1 Annika Sorenstam
BA-AK1 Anthony Kim
BA-AP1 Arnold Palmer
BA-BR1 Beatriz Recari
BA-BM1 Belen Mozo
BA-BC1 Ben Crane
BA-BC2 Ben Crenshaw
BA-BM3 Ben Martin
BA-BK1 Betsy King
BA-BH1 Bill Haas
BA-BW1 Boo Weekley
BA-BS1 Brandt Snedeker
BA-BS2 Brendan Steele
BA-BDJ Brendon De Jonge
BA-BH2 Brian Harman
BA-BL1 Brittany Lincicome
BA-CV1 Camilo Villegas
BA-CK1 Chris Kirk
BA-CS1 Chris Stroud
BA-CS2 Curtis Strange
BA-DL3 Davis Love III
BA-DJ1 Dustin Johnson
BA-FC1 Fred Couples
BA-FF1 Fred Funk
BA-GP1 Gary Player
BA-JN1 Jack Nicklaus
BA-JW1 Johnson Wagner
BA-JB1 Jonathan Byrd
BA-JR1 Justin Rose
BA-KB1 Keegan Bradley
BA-LO1 Lorena Ochoa
BA-LG1 Lucas Glover
BA-MM1 Matteo Manassero
BA-MW1 Michelle Wie
BA-MP1 Morgan Pressel
BA-NL1 Nancy Lopez
BA-NG1 Natalie Gulbis
BA-NF1 Nick Faldo
BA-PC1 Paula Creamer
BA-RG1 Retief Goosen
BA-RM1 Rocco Mediate
BA-SO1 Sean O'Hair
BA-SG1 Sergio Garcia
BA-TL1 Tom Lewis
BA-TI1 Trevor Immelman
BA-WS1 Webb Simpson
2012 Leaf Metal Golf Cards 2

2012 Leaf Metal Golf Award Winners Checklist

Cards celebrate major accomplishments on the links. Numbered to 50.


  • Green Prismatic #/25
  • Blue Prismatic #/10
  • Red Prismatic #/5
  • Printing Plates
  • Super Prismatic 1/1

AW-AN1 Anna Nordqvist
AW-AS1 Annika Sorenstam
AW-BC2 Ben Crenshaw
AW-BK1 Betsy King
AW-BH1 Bill Haas
AW-BS1 Brandt Snedeker
AW-BDJ Brendon De Jonge
AW-CS2 Curtis Strange
AW-GP1 Gary Player
AW-JB1 Jonathan Byrd
AW-LO1 Lorena Ochoa
AW-MM1 Matteo Manassero
AW-MW1 Michelle Wie
AW-PC Paula Creamer
AW-RG1 Retief Goosen
AW-SO1 Sean O'Hair
AW-SG1 Sergio Garcia
AW-TI1 Trevor Immelman
2012 Leaf Metal Golf Cards 3

2012 Leaf Metal Golf Champions Autographs Checklist

Focus solely on those who have been victorious at golf's Majors. Numbered to 50.


  • Green Prismatic #/25
  • Blue Prismatic #/10
  • Red Prismatic #/5
  • Printing Plates
  • Super Prismatic 1/1

CH-AN1 Anna Nordqvist
CH-AS1 Annika Sorenstam
CH-AP1 Arnold Palmer
CH-BC2 Ben Crenshaw
CH-BK1 Betsy King
CH-BL1 Brittany Lincicome
CH-CS2 Curtis Strange
CH-DL3 Davis Love III
CH-FC1 Fred Couples
CH-GP1 Gary Player
CH-KB1 Keegan Bradley
CH-LO1 Lorena Ochoa
CH-LG1 Lucas Glover
CH-MP1 Morgan Pressel
CH-NL1 Nancy Lopez
CH-NG1 Natalie Gulbis
CH-PC1 Paula Creamer
CH-TL1 Trevor Immelman
2012 Leaf Metal Golf Cards 4

2012 Leaf Metal Golf Ladies of the Links Checklist

Numbered to 50.


  • Green Prismatic #/25
  • Blue Prismatic #/10
  • Red Prismatic #/5
  • Printing Plates
  • Super Prismatic 1/1

LL-AN1 Anna Nordqvist
LL-AR1 Anna Rawson
LL-AS1 Annika Sorenstam
LL-BR1 Beatriz Recari
LL-BM1 Belen Mozo
LL-BK1 Betsy King
LL-BL1 Brittany Lincicome
LL-LO1 Lorena Ochoa
LL-MW1 Michelle Wie
LL-MP1 Morgan Pressel
LL-NL1 Nancy Lopez
LL-NG1 Natalie Gulbis
LL-PC1 Paula Creamer
2012 Leaf Metal Golf Cards 5

2012 Leaf Metal Golf National Pride Checklist

Numbered to 50.


  • Green Prismatic #/25
  • Blue Prismatic #/10
  • Red Prismatic #/5
  • Printing Plates
  • Super Prismatic 1/1

NP-AK1 Anthony Kim
NP-AP1 Arnold Palmer
NP-BR1 Beatriz Recari
NP-BC1 Ben Crane
NP-BW1 Boo Weekley
NP-BDJ Brendon De Jonge
NP-CV1 Camilo Villegas
NP-DJ1 Dustin Johnson
NP-FC1 Fred Couples
NP-FF1 Fred Funk
NP-JN1 Jack Nicklaus
NP-KB1 Keegan Bradley
NP-LO1 Lorena Ochoa
NP-MM1 Matteo Manassero
NP-MW1 Michelle Wie
NP-MP1 Morgan Pressel
NP-NG1 Natalie Gulbis
NP-RG1 Retief Goosen
NP-RM1 Rocco Mediate
NP-SO1 Sean O'Hair
NP-SG1 Sergio Garcia
2012 Leaf Metal Golf Cards 6

2012 Leaf Metal Golf Short Prints

Leaf has confirmed the following 2012 Leaf Metal Golf Base Autograph short prints and their individual print runs:

  • Annika Sorenstam - 70
  • Anthony Kim - 117
  • Arnold Palmer - 53
  • Betsy King - 111
  • Davis Love III - 116
  • Dustin Johnson - 105
  • Fred Couples - 119
  • Gary Player - 117
  • IK KIm - 115
  • Jack Nicklaus - 32
  • Keegan Bradley - 100
  • Lorena Ochoa - 79
  • Lucas Glover - 115
  • Michelle Wie - 62
  • Natalie Gulbis - 117
  • Nick Faldo 55
  • Trevor Immelman 119
2012 Leaf Metal Golf Cards 7Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission


Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

User Reviews

Rick Hensley
Rick Hensley

I opened one box and my three autos were Webb Simpson base auto, Fred Couples Champions Green Prismatic 17/25 and Arnold Palmer Super Prismatic 1/1. WOW!!!!!!

GREAT stuff! Nice clean oncard auto’s and super nice designs ala Exquisite stlye! Some great rookies too (Keegan, Johnson, Simpson, etc). I can’t say enough about this product. Fun to open, and you usually get your money back (see ebay)!

To the poster above, Tiger is under contract with UD, so no one but UD will have Tigers auto. Also, there’s no Players Assccociation, so you have to sign on players individually. That makes it tought to get everyone onboard. There are even more problems I won’t mention here. That’s one reason why golf cards are on again off again.


No Tiger? No top Asian LPGA players? Yes, you do have Jack and Arnie and Ben Crenshaw but the mix of current players is odd and incomplete. The biggest mystery in this set is the price. Way, way too high for the sport. The best I can say for Leaf Golf is that there are some nice cards I will be able to pick up on eBay for a song. But $85 a box? No breaking for me!

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