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2012 Leaf Legends of Sport Trading Cards

2012 Leaf Legends of Sport Trading Cards


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Mike Tyson, Albert Pujols, Ichiro Suzuki, Nolan Ryan, Barry Sanders, Robert Griffin III -- these are just a few of the more than 150 people whose autographs appear in 2012 Leaf Legends of Sport. The multi-sport set returns for a second year with more inserts and more big names to chase.

Every box of 2012 Leaf Legends of Sport comes with just three cards. All are autographed.

The base set checklist goes deep, with tons of names of past and present athletes. Besides regular base cards, there are also several parallel versions numbered to 10 or less.

2012 Leaf Legends of Sport is further bolstered by several inserts. AKA Autographs feature the athlete's nickname incorporated into the design of the card. Remembering the Games Autographs focuses on those who have represented the stars and stripes at the Olympics. Signature Swatches adds a jersey, uniform or clothing swatch to the autograph mix. Other inserts include Award Winners, Numeration, Perennial All-Stars and We Are the Champions.

Dual Signatures is highlighted by the first-ever card with autographs from both Albert Pujols and Ichiro Suzuki.

2012 Leaf Legends of Sport also celebrates one of the crowning achievements in international hockey. A USA Miracles Booklet Card features 16 total autographs from the 1980 Team USA "Miracle on Ice" squad. Mike Eruizone and Jim Craig are among those on the card.

Product Configuration: 1 pack per box, 3 cards per pack
Price Point: High-End Multi-Sport Card
Target Audience: Autograph Collectors

2012 Leaf Legends of Sport Box Break

  • 3 Autographs
  • 3 Total Cards
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Set Checklist

Base Autograph Checklist

BA-AG1 Artis Gilmore
BA-AK1 Al Kaline
BA-AO1 Alistair Overeem
BA-AP1 Albert Pujols
BA-AT1 Andre Tippett
BA-BB1 Bradley Beal
BA-BB2 Bob Beamon
BA-BG1 Bob Gibson
BA-BG2 Bob Griese
BA-BH1 Bobby Hull
BA-BJ1 Bruce Jenner
BA-BL1 Bob Lilly
BA-BM1 Bobby Mitchell
BA-BR1 Bill Russell
BA-BR2 Brooks Robinson
BA-BS1 Bruce Sutter
BA-BS2 Barry Sanders
BA-BS3 Billy Shaw
BA-BSC Bob St. Clair
BA-CD1 Clyde Drexler
BA-CF1 Carlton Fisk
BA-CH1 Chris Hanburger
BA-CL1 Carl Lewis
BA-CM1 Chris Mullin
BA-CR1 Cal Ripken Jr.
BA-CS1 Charlie Sanders
BA-CT1 Charles Taylor
BA-CW1 Chet Walker
BA-DD1 Dan Dierdorf
BA-DF1 Dick Fosbury
BA-DH1 Dan Hampton
BA-DJ1 Deacon Jones
BA-DL1 Damian Lillard
BA-DM1 Don Mattingly
BA-DM2 Don Maynard
BA-DM3 Doug Martin
BA-DR2 Dennis Rodman
BA-DS1 Dwight Stephenson
BA-DS2 Deion Sanders
BA-DW1 Dominique Wilkins
BA-DW2 Dave Wilcox
BA-EB2 Elgin Baylor
BA-EB3 Elvin Bethea
BA-EC1 Earl Campbell
BA-ED1 Eric Dickerson
BA-EM1 Eddie Murray
BA-EW1 Earl Weaver
BA-FB1 Fred Biletnikoff
BA-FD1 Fred Dean
BA-FG1 Frank Gifford
BA-FR1 Frank Robinson
BA-FT1 Frank Thomas
BA-GC1 Gary Carter
BA-GC1 Gina Carano
BA-GG2 Gail Goodrich
BA-GH1 Gordie Howe
BA-GM1 Greg Maddux
BA-GM2 Gino Marchetti
BA-GP1 Gary Payton
BA-GP2 Gaylord Perry
BA-HC1 Harry Carson
BA-HG2 Harry Gallatin
BA-HH1 Hulk Hogan
BA-HM1 Hugh McElhenny
BA-HO1 Hakeem Olajuwon
BA-HS1 Hope Solo
BA-I1 Ichiro
BA-IR1 Ivan Rodriguez
BA-JB2 Johnny Bench
BA-JB3 Jim Bunning
BA-JC1 Jean Cruguet
BA-JC2 Jose Canseco
BA-JDL Joe DeLamielleure
BA-JE1 Janet Evans
BA-JF1 Jennie Finch
BA-JJ1 Jimmy Johnson
BA-JJK Jackie Joyner-Kersee
BA-JK1 Jim Kelly
BA-JL1 James Lofton
BA-JL2 Jim Langer
BA-JM1 Joe Montana
BA-JM2 Joe Morgan
BA-JN1 Jack Nicklaus
BA-JO1 Jim Otto
BA-JP1 Jim Palmer
BA-JR1 Jerry Rice
BA-JS2 Jan Stenerud
BA-JS3 Joe Schmidt
BA-JS4 Jackie Smith
BA-JW1 James Worthy
BA-JY1 Jack Youngblood
BA-KM1 Karl Malone
BA-KW1 Kellen Winslow
BA-LA1 Luis Aparicio
BA-LB1 Larry Bird
BA-LB2 Lou Brock
BA-LH1 Larry Holmes
BA-LL1 Larry Little
BA-LLJ Lolo Jones
BA-LM1 Lenny Moore
BA-LT1 Lawrence Taylor
BA-LW1 Larry Wilson
BA-MD1 Mike Ditka
BA-MF1 Marshall Faulk
BA-MH1 Mike Haynes
BA-MJ1 Magic Johnson
BA-ML1 Marv Levy
BA-MM1 Moses Malone
BA-MR1 Mel Renfro
BA-MS1 Mark Spitz
BA-MT1 Mike Tyson
BA-NK1 Nancy Kerrigan
BA-NO1 Nnemkadi Ogwumike
BA-OK1 Olga Korbut
BA-OR1 Oscar Robertson
BA-OS1 Ozzie Smith
BA-PG1 Pat Gillick
BA-PH1 Paul Hamm
BA-PK1 Paul Krause
BA-PM1 Paul Molitor
BA-PM2 Pedro Martinez
BA-PM3 Penny Marshall
BA-PR1 Pete Rose
BA-PW1 Paul Warfield
BA-RB1 Raymond Berry
BA-RB2 Riddick Bowe
BA-RC1 Rod Carew
BA-RG3 Robert Griffin III
BA-RH1 Rickey Henderson
BA-RJ2 Randy Johnson
BA-RJ3 Rickey Jackson
BA-RJJ Roy Jones Jr.
BA-RL2 Ronnie Lott
BA-RS1 Red Schoendienst
BA-RS2 Ryne Sandberg
BA-RW1 Rayfield Wright
BA-RW2 Roger Wehrill
BA-RW3 Randy White
BA-RW4 Ron Woodson
BA-RY1 Ron Yary
BA-SC1 Steve Carlton
BA-SC2 Steve Cauthen
BA-SH1 Sam Huff
BA-SL1 Steve Largent
BA-SP1 Scottie Pippen
BA-SP2 Sarah Palin
BA-SS1 Sheryl Swoopes
BA-SY1 Steve Young
BA-TB1 Tim Brown
BA-TD1 Tony Dorsett
BA-TG1 Tony Gwynn
BA-TH1 Tommy Hearns
BA-TL1 Tommy Lasorda
BA-TM1 Tom Mack
BA-TR1 Trent Richardson
BA-TT1 Thurman Thomas
BA-WB1 Wade Boggs
BA-WB1 Willie Brown
BA-WF1 Whitey Ford
BA-WH1 Whitey Herzog
BA-WM1 Warren Moon
BA-YAT Y.A. Tittle

AKA Autographs Checklist

AKA-AK1 Al Kaline
AKA-AO1 Alistair Overeem
AKA-BB1 Bradley Beal
AKA-BG1 Bob Gibson
AKA-BSC Bob St. Clair
AKA-CD1 Clyde Drexler
AKA-CF1 Carlton Fisk
AKA-CR1 Cal Ripken Jr.
AKA-CY1 Carl Yastrzemski
AKA-DH1 Dan Hampton
AKA-DL1 Damian Lillard
AKA-DR2 Dennis Rodman
AKA-DS2 Deion Sanders
AKA-DW1 Dominique Wilkins
AKA-EB1 Ernie Banks
AKA-EM1 Eddie Murray
AKA-FT1 Frank Thomas
AKA-GC1 Gary Carter
AKA-GC1 Gina Carano
AKA-GH1 Gordie Howe
AKA-GP1 Gary Payton
AKA-HH1 Hulk Hogan
AKA-HO1 Hakeem Olajuwon
AKA-IR1 Ivan Rodriguez
AKA-JB1 Jerome Bettis
AKA-JB2 Johnny Bench
AKA-JH1 John Hannah
AKA-JN1 Jack Nicklaus
AKA-JP1 Jim Palmer
AKA-JW1 James Worthy
AKA-KM1 Karl Malone
AKA-LB1 Larry Bird
AKA-LB2 Lou Brock
AKA-LH1 Larry Holmes
AKA-LM1 Lenny Moore
AKA-MS1 Mark Spitz
AKA-MT1 Mike Tyson
AKA-NR1 Nolan Ryan
AKA-OK1 Olga Korbut
AKA-OR1 Oscar Robertson
AKA-OS1 Ozzie Smith
AKA-PR1 Pete Rose
AKA-RB2 Riddick Bowe
AKA-RC1 Rod Carew
AKA-RF1 Ric Flair
AKA-RH1 Rickey Henderson
AKA-RJ1 Reggie Jackson
AKA-RJ2 Randy Johnson
AKA-RJJ Roy Jones Jr.
AKA-RS2 Ryne Sandberg
AKA-SC1 Steve Carlton
AKA-TH1 Tommy Hearns
AKA-TP1 Tony Perez
AKA-WC1 Will Clark
AKA-WF1 Whitey Ford
AKA-YAT Y.A. Tittle

Award Winners Autographs Checklist

AW-BB1 Bradley Beal
AW-BG2 Bob Griese
AW-BJ1 Bruce Jenner
AW-CL1 Carl Lewis
AW-DF1 Dick Fosbury
AW-DL1 Damian Lillard
AW-EC1 Earl Campbell
AW-JE1 Janet Evans
AW-JR1 Jerry Rice
AW-JS1 John Smoltz
AW-JS4 Jackie Smith
AW-MJ1 Magic Johnson
AW-MT1 Mike Tyson
AW-PG1 Pat Gillick
AW-PH1 Paul Hamm
AW-RS2 Ryne Sandberg
AW-SS1 Sheryl Swoopes
AW-TH1 Tommy Hearns
AW-YAT Y.A. Tittle

Dual Autograph Checklist

DA-1 Greg Maddux, John Smoltz
DA-2 Steve Young, Jerry Rice
DA-3 Ichiro, Albert Pujols
DA-4 Carlton Fisk, Ivan Rodriguez
DA-5 Magic Johnson, Larry Bird
DA-6 Dicky Eklund, Micky Ward
DA-7 Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas

Numeration Autographs Checklist

NA-AP1 Albert Pujols
NA-BG1 Bob Gibson
NA-BS2 Barry Sanders
NA-CD1 Clyde Drexler
NA-CW1 Chet Walker
NA-DM1 Don Mattingly
NA-DM2 Don Maynard
NA-DS2 Deion Sanders
NA-DS4 Don Sutton
NA-DW1 Dominique Wilkins
NA-EB2 Elgin Baylor
NA-EC1 Earl Campbell
NA-FT1 Frank Thomas
NA-GG2 Gail Goodrich
NA-GH1 Gordie Howe
NA-GP1 Gary Payton
NA-GP2 Gaylord Perry
NA-HO1 Hakeem Olajuwon
NA-IR1 Ivan Rodriguez
NA-JC2 Jose Canseco
NA-JK1 Jim Kelly
NA-KM1 Karl Malone
NA-LB1 Larry Bird
NA-MF1 Marshall Faulk
NA-NR1 Nolan Ryan
NA-PR1 Pete Rose
NA-RH1 Rickey Henderson
NA-RJ1 Reggie Jackson
NA-RS2 Ryne Sandberg
NA-SY1 Steve Young
NA-TP1 Tony Perez
NA-TT1 Thurman Thomas
NA-WC1 Will Clark
NA-YB1 Yogi Berra
NA-YAT Y.A. Tittle

Perennial All-Stars Autographs Checklist

PAS-BG2 Bob Griese
PAS-CD1 Clyde Drexler
PAS-CH1 Chris Hanburger
PAS-CS1 Charlie Sanders
PAS-CT1 Charley Taylor
PAS-CW1 Chet Walker
PAS-DD1 Dan Derdorf
PAS-DJ1 Deacon Jones
PAS-DR2 Dennis Rodman
PAS-DS1 Dwight Stephenson
PAS-DW1 Dominique Wilkins
PAS-DW2 Dave Wilcox
PAS-EB3 Elvin Bethea
PAS-GG2 Gail Goodrich
PAS-GP1 Gary Payton
PAS-JY1 Jack Youngblood
PAS-KW1 Kellen Winslow
PAS-NO1 Nnemkadi Ogwumike
PAS-PW1 Paul Warfield
PAS-PR1 Pete Rose
PAS-RJ3 Reggie Jackson
PAS-RW2 Roger Wehrli
PAS-WM1 Warren Moon
PAS-YAT Y.A. Tittle

Remembering the Games Checklist

RTG-BB2 Bob Beamon
RTG-BJ1 Bruce Jenner
RTG-CL1 Carl Lewis
RTG-DF1 Dick Fosbury
RTG-HS1 Hope Solo
RTG-JE1 Janet Evans
RTG-JF1 Jennie Finch
RTG-LLJ Lolo Jones
RTG-MS1 Mark Spitz
RTG-NK1 Nancy Kerrigan
RTG-OK1 Olga Korbut
RTG-PH1 Paul Hamm
RTG-SS1 Sheryl Swoopes

Signature Swatches Checklist

SS-CR1 Cal Ripken Jr.
SS-FJ1 Ferguson Jenkins
SS-IS1 Ichiro
SS-JM1 Joe Montana
SS-KC1 Ken Climo
SS-NR1 Nolan Ryan
SS-OS1 Ozzie Smith
SS-RC1 Rod Carew
SS-RJ1 Reggie Jackson
SS-TG1 Tony Gwynn
SS-TL1 Tony LaRussa

USA Miracles Booklet Card Checklist

Signed by 16 members of the 1980 Team USA Hockey team including Mike Eruizone and Jim Craig.

UM USA Miracles

We Are the Champions Set Checklist

WC-BG1 Bob Gibson
WC-BG2 Bob Griese
WC-BL1 Bob Lilly
WC-BS1 Bruce Sutter
WC-DM2 Don Maynard
WC-DR2 Dennis Rodman
WC-DS3 Don Shula
WC-FB1 Fred Biletnikoff
WC-FD1 Fred Dean
WC-GM2 Gino Marchetti
WC-HO1 Hakeem Olajuwon
WC-JC2 Jose Canseco
WC-JM3 Jim McMahon
WC-JP1 Jim Palmer
WC-MJ1 Magic Johnson
WC-MR1 Mel Renfro
WC-PR1 Pete Rose
WC-RB1 Rick Barry
WC-RH1 Rickey Henderson
WC-RJ1 Reggie Jackson
WC-RJJ Roy Jones Jr.
RW1 Ray Whitfield
WC-RW3 Randy White
WC-RY1 Ron Yary
WC-SP1 Scottie Pippen
WC-SY1 Steve Young
WC-TL1 Tommy Lasorda
WC-WB1 Wade Boggs
WC-WB2 Willie Brown
WC-WH1 Whitey Herzog

Ryan Cracknell  |  E-Mail Author
Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

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  1. You can add Rod Woodson and Lenny Moore to that list.I just pulled them.

  2. Jeff Thanks! We just added the complete checklist.

  3. Great job as always Ryan.

  4. Jeff Thanks, Jeff!

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