2013 Bulls I Toy Walking Dead Season 2 Dog Tags

2013 Bulls I Toy Walking Dead Season 2 Dog Tags


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2013 Bulls I Toy Walking Dead Season 2 Dog Tags aren't a traditional trading card product. However, it has many of the familiar elements collectors know. Besides basic collectible dog tags, the product also has chase versions, stickers and, even, costume tags.

Based on the massively popular TV show, every pack of 2013 Bulls I Toy Walking Dead Season 2 Dog Tags comes with one dog tag, a sticker and a carabiner. Boxes have 24 packs.

Collectors need 24 different dog tags to complete the basic set. Each has an image from the show on the front. The reverse has the character's name, the number and the Walking Dead logo. Every fourth pack has a parallel Foil Dog Tag.

Some card collectors may not want to add dog tags to their collection. However, the release also has 24 different Stickers that are very similar to trading cards. They deliver bigger images and a more familiar format.

Every box of 2013 Bulls I Toy Walking Dead Season 2 Dog Tags comes with one Costume Tag featuring a small piece of wardrobe used in the show. The Costume Tag set has 30 different tags, but tracking them down is something of a challenge. Ten are exclusive to hobby boxes. Walmart and Target also have ten each.

Packs also come with a D-ring carabiner that can be used to hold the dog tags. Carabiners come in eight different colors.

For those wondering about the demand of collectible dog tags, Bulls I Toy sold out at the manufacturer's level more than a month before the product was even released.

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Product Configuration: 24 packs per box; 1 dog tag, 1 sticker and 1 carabiner per pack
Price Point: Low- to Mid-End Entertainment
Target Audience: Walking Dead Fans, TV Memorabilia Collectors

2013 Bulls I Toy Walking Dead Season 2 Dog Tags Box Break

  • 1 Costume Dog Tag
  • 6 Foil Dog Tags
  • 17 Standard Dog Tags
  • 24 Stickers
  • 24 Carabiners

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User Reviews

  1. Your Buy it now link is not correct, that is a emply Wal-Mart Box on E-Bay with a Regular Daryl tag on the outside. Not worth that price and very misleading.

  2. Troy K Thanks for the heads up. The links are generated and we try to filter things like that out but sometimes listings have key word spamming happening. That’s filtered out now.

  3. Your link leads to an open box. Costume removed. The cheapest box right now is about $90 to $100

  4. Thanks. We do our best to filter. Sometimes folks get very creative. It’s updated.

  5. is the costume dog tag available that is in the photo gallery i have been searching for the sophia tag

  6. jubbag It’s a sample image sent by Bulls i Toy. I’ve heard the Sophia is extremely rare.

  7. My friend bought one and got Sophia. I really want Daryl but so far all I have is Lori and a foil Dale

  8. Are both Sophia costume relics hobby/retail both extremely rare?? I’ve heard 25 or so… Not sure 25 for each or 25 total??

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