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2012 Breygent Vampirella All New Trading Cards

2012 Breygent Vampirella All New Trading Cards

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Following up on their wildly successful 2011 set, 2012 Breygent Vampirella All New trading cards bring the classic horror character back to the hobby with more stunning art. The scantily clad lady vampire returns with another premium box set that promises a complete base set, two premium inserts and nine chase cards.

One of the reasons that Breygent's last Vampirella set was so popular was the high-quality sketch cards seeded throughout the product. 2012 Breygent Vampirella All New follows the same path, where sketches show tremendous care and pride, ensuring strong value for collectors. The vast majority come in full color. Those that aren't show tons of detail. Every set comes with at least one sketch card. The second hit is either another sketch card, autograph or line art card.

2012 Breygent Vampirella All New has a 72-card base set that continue the art theme. The cards show different takes on the lady vampire through the eyes of several different artists. Just like the first box set, there are a handful of additional inserts. Returning are 3D Lenticular cards. Four of the 15 cards come with each set. Collectors will also find four of nine Genesis of Vampirella puzzle cards. Finally, each set 2012 Breygent Vampirella All New set comes with one of three different Fiend's Gallery cards.

Estimated Release Date: 4/12
Product Configuration: 83-card premium box set
Price Point: Low-End Entertainment Card
Target Audience: Vampirella Fans, Comic Collectors, Sketch Card Collectors, Entertainment Card Collectors

2012 Valpirella All-New Box Break

  • 1 Sketch Card
  • 1 Additional Hit - Sketch Card, Autograph or Line Art Card
  • 4 Lenticular Cards
  • 4 Puzzle Cards
  • 1 Fiend's Gallery Card

Card Gallery:


2012 Breygent Vampirella All New Trading Cards 3Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission

Sketch Card Artists

2012 Breygent Vampirella All New Series Sketch Card Artists

Below is a list of artists producing 2012 Breygent Vampirella All New sketch cards:

  • Adam Cleveland
  • Ale Garza
  • Alexander Buechel
  • Allen Michael Geneta
  • Andrew Griffith
  • Andy Price
  • Ashleigh Popplewell
  • Aston Roy Cover
  • Axebone
  • Bennett Pisek
  • Bianca Thompson
  • Bill Maus
  • Bill Pulkovski
  • Billy Tucci
  • Boo
  • Brad Chavarria
  • Brian Kong
  • Bruce Gerlach
  • Cal Slayton
  • Carolyn Edwards
  • Charles (OAK) Carvalho.
  • Chris Bradberry
  • Chris Caniano
  • Chris Fulton
  • Chris Hoffman
  • Christopher Foulkes
  • Claire Pacheco
  • Dan Bergren
  • Dan Borgonos
  • Dan Brereton
  • Dan Gorman
  • Danielle Soloud
  • Dave Fox
  • David Day
  • David Girdley
  • Denae Frazier
  • Dennis Crisostomo
  • Diana Greenhalgh
  • Edward Cherniga
  • Elfie Lebouleux
  • Eman
  • Frank A. Kadar
  • Fredd Gorham
  • Gabby Untermayerova
  • Gary Kezele
  • Gemma Magno
  • George Deep
  • Gerald de Dios
  • Gordon Purcell
  • Greg Kirkpatrick
  • Guilherme Balbi
  • gWebber
  • Heather Cromwell
  • Isaiah Mcallister
  • J.D. Seeber
  • Jake Sumbing
  • James Rodriguez
  • Jason Baroody
  • Jason Davies
  • Jason Hughes
  • Jason Keith Phillips
  • Jason Potratz/Jack Hai
  • Jay Shimko
  • JC Fabul
  • Jeff Allan
  • Jeff Zapata
  • Jenn Corella
  • Jerry Fleming
  • Jez Rojales
  • Joe Linsner
  • Joe Manzella
  • John Czop
  • Jon Wallace
  • Joshua Werner
  • Juan A. Fontanez Jr.
  • Katie Cook
  • Kevin Graham
  • Kevin Meinert
  • Kevin West
  • Kimberly Dunaway
  • Lak Lim
  • Laura Inglis
  • Louis Small Jr.
  • Luiz Fernando Scheidt
  • Lynne Anderson
  • M. Jason Reed
  • Marcelo Ferreira
  • Marcia Dye
  • Mark Bloodworth
  • Mark Marvida
  • Mark Slater
  • Mark Stegbauer
  • Matt Glebe
  • Meghan Hetrick
  • Michael Duron
  • Michael Golden
  • Mick Glebe
  • MJ San Juan
  • Newton Barbosa
  • Pablo Diaz
  • Paul London
  • Paul Renaud
  • Paul Williams
  • Rainier Lagunsad
  • Rhiannon Owens
  • Robert Hack
  • Rodney Fyke
  • Rupam Gupta
  • Sanna Umemoto
  • Sara Richard
  • Scott Blair
  • Scott Houseman
  • Scott Rorie
  • Scott Zambelli
  • Sean Pence
  • Stacey Girdley
  • Steven Miller
  • Steven Oatney
  • Tanya Vabalas
  • Tim Levandoski
  • Tim Shay
  • Tina Francisco
  • Tony Miello
  • Veronica O'Connell
  • Vo Nguyen
2012 Breygent Vampirella All New Trading Cards 3Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission


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