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2012 Breygent Red Sonja Trading Cards

2012 Breygent Red Sonja Trading Cards


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2012 Breygent Red Sonja cards are the first for the scantily clad comic character in several years. Combining stunning artwork, a huge variety of sketch card artists, autographs and additional chase cards, the release mirrors Breygent's successful Vampirella set from 2011. Created by Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor-Smith, Red Sonja is a fantasy character that first appeared in Conan the Barbarian. Wearing few clothes and wielding a big sword, she's a sexier version of Conan, which is a big part of her appeal among fans. 2012 Breygent Red Sonja is produced in conjunction with Dynamite Entertainment, the current Red Sonja comic publisher.

Product Configuration: 83-card box set
Price Point: Low-End Entertainment Card
Target Audience: Red Sonja Fans, Comic Collectors, Sketch Card Collectors, Comic Card Collectors, People Who Love Great Artwork

2012 Breygent Red Sonja Box Set Break

  • One Sketch Card
  • Either a Second Sketch Card, Autograph or Line Art Card
  • Nine Inserts
  • 72-Card Base Set

2012 Breygent Red Sonja Product Highlights:

  • Breygent is producing a 72-card base set that showcases vivid Red Sonja art. One base set is comes with every 2012 Breygent Red Sonja box set.
  • Every box set includes two hits including at least one Sketch Card. The second hit is either a second Sketch Card, an Autograph or a Line Art Card.
  • More than 80 artists are contributing sketch cards for the release.
  • Autograph signers include Red Sonja artists J.G. Jones, Greg Land, Marat Mychaels, Lucio Parrillo, Paul Renaud, Mel Ruby and Steve Sadowski.
  • 3-D Lenticular Cards (15 cards, four per box set).
  • Puzzle Cards (Nine cards, four per box set).
  • Red Sonja vs. Thulsa Doom (Three cards, one per box set).
  • Sold separately, a binder comes with two exclusive promos.

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Sketch Card Artists

Below is a tentative list of artists producing 2012 Breygent Red Sonja sketch cards:

  • Adam Cleveland
  • Adam Cline
  • Alexander Buechel
  • Anthony Tan
  • Ashleigh Popplewell
  • Aston Roy Cover
  • Austin Janowsky
  • Axebone
  • Bennett Pisek
  • Bianca Thompson
  • Bill Maus
  • Bill Pulkovski
  • Boo
  • Brian Kong
  • Bruce Gerlach
  • Caanan White
  • Carolyn Edwards
  • Charles (OAK) Carvalho.
  • Chris Caniano
  • Chris Fulton
  • Chris Hoffman
  • Christopher Foulkes
  • Craig S Stuckless
  • Dan Bergren
  • Dan Borgonos
  • Dan Gorman
  • Danielle Soloud
  • David Day
  • Dennis Crisostomo
  • Diana Greenhalgh
  • Elfie Lebouleux
  • Frank A. Kadar
  • Gabriel Hernandez
  • George Calloway
  • George Deep
  • Gerald de Dios
  • Gordon Purcell
  • Greg Kirkpatrick
  • Hanie Mohd
  • J.D. Seeber
  • Jason Davies
  • Jason Hughes
  • Jason Keith Phillips
  • Jason Potratz/Jack Hai
  • JC Fabul
  • Jeff Zapata
  • Jérôme DABOS
  • Jerry Fleming
  • Jez Rojales
  • John Czop
  • John Haun
  • Justin Williams
  • Katie Cook
  • Kevin West
  • Kimberly Dunaway
  • Lak Lim
  • Larry L. Schlekewy, Jr.
  • Larry Tuazon
  • Louis Small Jr.
  • Luiz Fernando Scheidt
  • Lynne Anderson
  • Marcelo Ferreira
  • Marcia Dye
  • Mark Bloodworth
  • Melike Sevim Acar
  • Michael Duron
  • MJ San Juan
  • Pablo Diaz
  • Rainier Lagunsad
  • Rhiannon Owens
  • Rich Molinelli
  • Richard Pace
  • Robard Jason Mendoza
  • Robert Hack
  • Roderick Owen
  • Rupam Gupta
  • Ryan M Kincaid
  • Sanna Umemoto
  • Scott Blair
  • Scott Zambelli
  • Sean Pence
  • Steven Miller
  • Thomas Makoto
  • Tim Levandoski
  • Tim Shay
  • Tina Francisco
  • Tony Miello
  • Veronica O'Connell
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