2012 Bowman Sterling Baseball Prospect Autographs Gallery and Guide

2012 Bowman Sterling Baseball Prospect Autographs Gallery and Guide

For the most part, collectors have become accustomed to one or two prospect autographs per box from 2012 Bowman baseball products. 2012 Bowman Sterling Baseball blows that up with 18 total autographs per box. Of course, the price is much higher too. But for those looking for signatures from young players and emerging stars, there is certainly a lot to find here. With 68 signers, the 2012 Bowman Sterling Baseball Prospect Autographs lineup is the biggest yet for any single 2012 Bowman baseball product.

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The autographs come with a horizontal layout that features a player shot and a blue background. The signing area is like a lighter spotlight to help the signature pop a little more. There are also several different Refractor colors to add to the chase.

While not all 2012 Bowman Sterling Baseball Prospect Autographs are on-card, the vast majority of them are. This is a big change for the brand. In past years, Bowman Sterling has used mostly sticker autographs.

The set also has some redemptions, but not many given the sheer size of the checklist.

Here is a complete visual guide to the 2012 Bowman Sterling Prospect Autographs. Please note that the dark finish of the cards make them much tougher to photograph. This is a case where they do look much better in person. Signatures are much clearer and don't blend in as much as they look like on some of the cards shown below. Redemptions are noted but we didn't include images of the actual redemption cards.

2012 Bowman Sterling Baseball Prospect Autographs Visual Checklist

BSAP-AA Albert Almora, Chicago Cubs

BSAP-AAU Austin Aune, New York Yankees

BSAP-AH Andrew Heaney, Miami Marlins

BSAP-AR Addison Russell, Oakland Athletics - Redemption

BSAP-BB Barrett Barnes, Pittsburgh Pirates

BSAP-BH Billy Hamilton, Cincinnati Reds

BSAP-BJ Brian Johnson, Boston Red Sox

BSAP-BM Bruce Maxwell, Oakland Athletics

BSAP-BS Bubba Starling, Kansas City Royals - Redemption

BSAP-CH Courtney Hawkins, Chicago White Sox

BSAP-CHE Chris Heston, San Francisco Giants

BSAP-CK Carson Kelly, St. Louis Cardinals

BSAP-CO Chris Owings, Arizona Diamondbacks

BSAP-CS Corey Seager, Los Angeles Dodgers - Redemption

BSAP-DB Dylan Bundy, Baltimore Orioles

BSAP-DD David Dahl, Colorado Rockies

BSAP-DDA D.J. Davis, Toronto Blue Jays

BSAP-DM Deven Marrero, Boston Red Sox

BSAP-DS Daniel Straily, Oakland Athletics

BSAP-DV David Vidal, Cincinnati Reds

BSAP-EB Eddie Butler, Colorado Rockies

BSAP-FL Francisco Lindor, Cleveland Indians

BSAP-GC Gavin Cecchini,New York Mets

BSAP-GCO Gerrit Cole, Pittsburgh Pirates - Redemption

BSAP-JC Jamie Callahan, Boston Red Sox

BSAP-JGA Joey Gallo, Texas Rangers

BSAP-JJ Jamie Jarmon, Texas Rangers

BSAP-JR James Ramsey, St. Louis Cardinals

BSAP-JS Jonathan Singleton, Houston Astros

BSAP-JSC Jonathan Schoop, Baltimore Orioles

BSAP-JV Jesmuel Valentin, Los Angeles Dodgers

BSAP-JWI Jesse Winker, Cincinnati Reds

BSAP-KB Keon Barnum, Chicago White Sox

BSAP-KG Kevin Gausman, Baltimore Orioles

BSAP-KP Kevin Plawecki, New York Mets

BSAP-KZ Kyle Zimmer, Kansas City Royals

BSAP-LB Lewis Brinson, Texas Rangers

BSAP-LBA Luke Bard, Minnesota Twins

BSAP-LS Lucas Sims, Atlanta Braves

BSAP-MF Max Fried, San Diego Padres

Pictured: Refractor #/199

BSAP-MH Mitch Haniger, Milwaukee Brewers

Pictured: Black Refractor #/25

BSAP-MN Mitch Nay, Toronto Blue Jays

BSAP-MO Matthew Olson, Oakland Athletics

BSAP-MS Marcus Stroman, Toronto Blue Jays

BSAP-MSM Matthew Smoral, Toronto Blue Jays

BSAP-MZ Mike Zunino, Seattle Mariners

BSAP-NC Nick Castellanos, Detroit Tigers

BSAP-NF Nolan Fontana, Houston Astros

BSAP-NT Nicholas Travieso, Cincinnati Reds

BSAP-PB Paul Blackburn, Chicago Cubs

BSAP-PJ Pierce Johnson, Chicago Cubs

BSAP-PL Pat Light, Boston Red Sox - Redemption

BSAP-PO Peter O'Brien, New York Yankees

BSAP-PW Patrick Wisdom, St. Louis Cardinals

BSAP-RL Rymer Liriano, San Diego Padres

BSAP-RS Richard Shaffer, Tampa Bay Rays

BSAP-SB Steve Bean, St. Louis Cardinals

BSAP-SN Sean Nolin, Toronto Blue Jays

BSAP-SP Stephen Piscotty,St. Louis Cardinals

BSAP-ST Stryker Trahan, Arizona Diamondbacks

BSAP-TH Ty Hensley, New York Yankees

BSAP-TJ Travis Jankowski, San Diego Padres

BSAP-TN Tyler Naquin, Cleveland Indians

BSAP-TRE Tony Renda, Washington Nationals

BSAP-TS Tyler Skaggs, Arizona Diamondbacks

BSAP-TT Tyrone Taylor, Milwaukee Brewers

BSAP-TW Taijuan Walker, Seattle Mariners

BSAP-VR Victor Roache, Milwaukee Brewers

2012 Bowman Sterling Baseball Prospect Autographs Victor Roache

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  1. Is that it or just what they released? Where are Jose Fernandez, Christian Yelich, Oscar Tevaras, Will Meyers just to name a few? Still no Carrea? Or as @toppscards told me with The Draft picks and Rookies set, ” You’ll probably see more of them in Bowman Baseball”. I’m guessing alot of redemps or just aren’t releasing everyone. If that’s not the case this is awful.

  2. Scott B. This is it for prospects. There are also rookies in a separate part of the set including Harper. Correa has an AFLAC autograph in Bowman Draft. It looks as though he and a couple of other high picks in the 2012 draft are being held back for 2013 Bowman.

  3. can you please give me an idea of the value of an Austin Aune gold bowman refractor from2012 bowman draft picks and prospects the card is numbered
    BCA-AAUREFRACTOR serialnumbered
    12/50 thank you in advance my friend
    dick bennett

  4. One sold on eBay a couple of days ago for $20.

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