2012 Bowman Football Variations Guide

2012 Bowman Football Variations Guide

Topps has confirmed the list of 2012 Bowman Football variations. In total, 50 base set rookies have a short print variants. No details were given on how rare the variations are. The 50 2012 Bowman Football variations represent half of the rookies in the set. They include all of the top first-year players like Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Trent Richardson.

Below you will find a full checklist of variations. We've also added images and descriptions to help you identify potential variations.

2012 Bowman Football Variations Checklist

103 Chris Polk
104 Ryan Lindley
107 Kellen Moore
109 Jarius Wright
110 Ryan Tannehill
111 Isaiah Pead
113 Coby Fleener
114 Tommy Streeter
116 Russell Wilson
117 Nick Toon
119 Robert Turbin
120 Trent Richardson
123 Jeff Fuller
124 Jordan White
129 Kendall Wright
130 Justin Blackmon
132 LaMichael James
137 Alshon Jeffery
139 Jacory Harris
140 Michael Floyd
142 Chandler Harnish
145 Kirk Cousins
149 Bernard Pierce
150 Andrew Luck
151 A.J. Jenkins
152 Mohamed Sanu
153 David Wilson
155 Doug Martin
160 Morris Claiborne
161 Brandon Weeden
163 Bobby Rainey
165 Cyrus Gray
168 Brian Quick
170 Quinton Coples
171 Nick Foles
172 T.Y. Hilton
174 Lamar Miller
176 Dwayne Allen
180 Melvin Ingram
181 DeVier Posey
182 Rueben Randle
185 Dre Kirkpatrick
186 Austin Davis
187 Jermaine Kearse
189 Marvin McNutt
191 Dwight Jones
196 Case Keenum
197 Ryan Broyles
198 Joe Adams
200 Robert Griffin III

2012 Bowman Football Variations and Descriptions

Below is a breakdown of what to look for when checking for variations. Whenever possible, we have included images of the variation as well.

103 Chris Polk - arms forward, both legs out to side

104 Ryan Lindley - two hands on ball

107 Kellen Moore - light helmet, arm up

109 Jarius Wright - tape on left arm

110 Ryan Tannehill - one hand on ball, arms up

111 Isaiah Pead -eyes visible, arms to side

113 Coby Fleener - no visor, tie on arm

114 Tommy Streeter - yelling

116 Russell Wilson - turned to side

117 Nick Toon - with ball, looking to side

119 Robert Turbin - head down, can't see eyes

120 Trent Richardson - turned to side

123 Jeff Fuller - dark jersey, catching ball

124 Jordan White - catching ball

129 Kendall Wright - turned to side

130 Justin Blackmon - light jersey

132 LaMichael James - dark jersey

137 Alshon Jeffery - getting ready to catch

139 Jacory Harris - arms down, with arm band

140 Michael Floyd - ball at shoulders, legs to side

142 Chandler Harnish - white jersey, two hands on ball

145 Kirk Cousins - tongue out, ball behind

149 Bernard Pierce - catching ball

150 Andrew Luck - no ball

151 A.J. Jenkins - looking up

152 Mohamed Sanu - no ball

153 David Wilson - white helmet

155 Doug Martin - grey jersey

160 Morris Claiborne - bent over

161 Brandon Weeden - dark helmet

163 Bobby Rainey - dark pants, leaning

165 Cyrus Gray -dark jersey

168 Brian Quick - no ball

170 Quinton Coples - light shirt, looking forward

171 Nick Foles - white helmet

172 T.Y. Hilton - turned sideways

174 Lamar Miller - ball in right hand, close-up

176 Dwayne Allen - with ball

180 Melvin Ingram - facing right side of card

181 DeVier Posey - with ball

182 Rueben Randle - holding ball up

185 Dre Kirkpatrick - close-up, eyes closed

186 Austin Davis - running with ball

187 Jermaine Kearse - with ball

189 Marvin McNutt - catching ball

191 Dwight Jones - arms down

196 Case Keenum - dark jersey

197 Ryan Broyles - white jersey

198 Joe Adams - turned to side

200 Robert Griffin III - running with ball

2012 Bowman Football Variations Robert Griffin III

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  1. Hi, Just a question : why some teams are presented as “(city) and name” and some other just with the name?

  2. football checklist (ID 44151) Likely because it is how the team designed the trademarked logo/font.

  3. two questions really one i have two andrew luck bowman cards each with two different background colors is that normal or is that a variation. second are the cards listed above the variations or what the normal ones look like ? Im guessing the variations are the rareties?

  4. jimmy (ID 47611) The different colored backgrounds are parallels not variations. We’ve provided images and descriptions of the variations, which are rarer than the regular base cards. If the picture on your card doesn’t match the photo or description we’ve provided, it’s the regular card.

  5. Has there been any news on an actual print run for the short printed variations?

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