2012 Bowman Chrome Baseball Prospect Variation Short Prints Guide

2012 Bowman Chrome Baseball Prospect Variation Short Prints Guide

As you bust packs and boxes of 2012 Bowman Chrome Baseball, it could pay to keep a close eye. It's a Where's Waldo sort of chase for 20 different 2012 Bowman Chrome Baseball Prospect variations.

The variations aren't a part of the base set. Rather, they're the Prospect inserts. That means the players aren't household names. This could also make them easier to miss.

However, there are a few ways to spot a 2012 Bowman Chrome Prospect variation short print. The first is the photo. Some have only subtle differences. Most, though have the player fielding rather than batting or vice versa. A second way to spot variations is by the Bowman Chrome logo on the front. The regular versions of the Prospects have the '1st Bowman Chrome' logo on the front. Variants have the regular Bowman Chrome logo.

Finally, the fine print on the back of the card gives a hint. Of you look at the copyright info on the bottom of the back, there's a code at the end. Regular Bowman Chrome Prospect cards end with 21. Variations end with 53.

Inserted 1:475 hobby packs, 2012 Bowman Chrome variation short prints are a little tougher than 1:2 cases.

Below you'll find a complete checklist for all 20 variations as well as images, image descriptions and team info.

2012 Bowman Chrome Baseball Prospect Variations Checklist and Gallery

Please note that we're still looking for images and descriptions for Maikel Franco, Colin Walsh and Jake Buchanan.

BCP112 Maikel Franco, Philadelphia Phillies - fielding

BCP114 Will Lamb, Texas Rangers - bent over

2012 Bowman Chrome Baseball Prospect Variations Will Lamb

BCP118 Matt Dean, Toronto Blue Jays - fielding

BCP119 Kevin Pillar, Toronto Blue Jays - fielding

BCP128 Jeremy Nowak, Baltimore Orioles - white jersey

BCP130 Kyle Hendricks, Texas Rangers -red jersey

BCP137 Colin Walsh, St. Louis Cardinals - fielding

BCP138 Chris Hawkins, Toronto Blue Jays - batting

BCP144 Blair Walters, Chicago White Sox - ball in glove

2012 Bowman Chrome Prospect Variations Blair Walters

BCP145 Jordan Scott, Houston Astros - running

BCP169 Brian Pointer, Philadelphia Phillies - batting

BCP187 Joshua Magee, Houston Astros -fielding

BCP188 Michael Antonio, Kansas City Royals - with ball

BCP189 Julio Concepcion, New York Mets - fielding

BCP198 Bobby Bundy, Baltimore Orioles - cleats showing

BCP200 Eduardo Rodriguez, Baltimore Orioles - leg up

BCP205 Kenny Faulk, Detroit Tigers - ball at waist

BCP211 Domingo Tapia, New York Mets - ball over head

BCP213 Junior Lake, Chicago Cubs - fielding

BCP215 Jake Buchanan, Houston Astros - gray jersey

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  1. I’ve found a Colin Walsh variation if you’re still looking for the pictures. If’s a fielding pose. With this ratio, how many cards of each variation do you think existed?

  2. hyc (ID 76126) Thanks! We were able to a pic (but forgot to post right away – done now). Without numbering, it’s hard to say. The tough odds should keep them pretty rare, though.



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