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DRIP – 600×100
2012 5finity Lady Death Sketch Card Series 2 Trading Cards

2012 5finity Lady Death Sketch Card Series 2 Trading Cards

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2012 5finity Lady Death Sketch Card Series 2 gives collectors a piece of original art in every pack. Building off of the success of the first set, this limited edition release comes in two waves, a Low Series and a High Series.

Based on the popular comic character, each pack of 2012 5finity Lady Death Sketch Card Series 2 has a color sketch card. Every ninth pack also has a Brian Pulido autograph card. Pulido, who is the creator of Lady Death, also has ten Gold Autographs (1:90 packs). Packs without an autograph have one of three other exclusive cards.  Each card has three foil-stamped parallels limited to 10, 5 and 1. Parallels combine to fall 1:19 packs.

A total of 25 hot packs have two or three sketch cards in them. Further adding to the chase element are rare artists who created a small number  of cards.

2012 5finity Lady Death Sketch Card Series 2 has a total print run of 900 packs. The first 600 make up the Low Series with the final 300 being the High Series.

Product Configuration: 2 cards per pack
Price Point: Mid-End Entertainment Card
Target Audience: Lady Death Fans, Sketch Card Collectors, Comic Card Collectors

2012 5finity Lady Death Sketch Card Series 2 Pack Break

  • 1 Color Sketch Card
  • 1 Additional Card
  • 2 Total Cards
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Sketch Card Artists

2012 5finity Lady Death Sketch Card Series 2 Sketch Card Artists

We have noted which types of packs each artist can be found in.

L = Low Series, H = High Series, LH = Low and High Series

Adam Cleveland (H)
Amber Stone (LH)
Andrew Black (L)
Andy Perez (L)
Arley Tucker (L)
Ashleigh Popplewell (LH)
Axebone (L)
Ben Dunn (LH)
Ben Glendenning (L)
Bianca Thompson (L)
Bill Maus (L)
Bill McKay (L)
Blond (L)
Boo (LH)
Brittany Jackson (L)
Budd Root (L)
Cassandra James (L)
Chris Foreman (L)
Daniel Leister (L)
Danielle Ellison (LH)
Danielle Gransaull (L)
David Cutler (L)
Denae Frazier (L)
Edward Pun (H)
Francois Chartier (L)
Frank Kadar (L)
Fred Hembeck (H)
Freddy Lopez (L)
Gary Kezele (L)
Hanie Mohd (H)
Irma Ahmed (LH)
Jason Jensen (L)
Jason Pedersen (L)
Jason Sobol (L)
Jeremy Treece (L)
Jerry Carr (L)
Joanna Barnum (L)
John Watkins-Chow (L)
Jon Hughes (L)
Josh Howard (L)
Juan Fontanez (L)
Kate Hayward (H)
Kelly Everaert (H)
Kristin Allen (L)
Luke Smarto
Marco D Carrillo (H)
Mary Bellamy (LH)
Mel Celestial (LH)
Michael Duron (LH)
Mike Vasquez (L)
Nei Ruffino (L)
Patrick Finch (L)
Penelope Gaylord (L)
Robin Thompson (H)
Samantha Johnson (L)
Scott Rorie (L)
Spooni (L)
Steve Lydic (L)
Tony Scott (H)
Val Hochberg (L)

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