2012-13 In the Game History of Hockey Cards

2012-13 In the Game History of Hockey Cards

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Over the years, In the Game has released several hockey sets that celebrate the legacy of the game. With 2012-13 In the Game History of Hockey, they're looking inward at the hobby itself. The ambitious high-end set mixes new cards and old.

Every pack of 2012-13 In the Game History of Hockey comes with an autograph, a rookie buyback, an In the Game buyback and one History of Hockey memorabilia card.

Autographs are on cards authenticated and slabbed by PSA/DNA. They come from various sets, further sticking with the historical themes that run throughout.

Rookie buybacks aren't just from In the Game products. They come from other products as well. Unlike similar buyback-focused releases from Leaf that come with third-party grading or authentication, these cards come in an ITG slab. The case notes its connection to the set and has an ITG logo. All rookie buybacks are guaranteed authentic. Rookie buybacks date back to the hobby's beginnings with such cards as a 1911 C55 Georges Vezina, 1951-52 Maurice "Rocket" Richard and 1966-67 Topps Bobby Orr. Charting the history of the hobby, they reach to more recent offerings like the 2005-06 Upper Deck Sidney Crosby.

In the Game Buybacks include autographs and game-used cards from the company's past sets dating back to 1998-99. They also come slabbed. Half are game-used cards while the other half are autographs.

2012-13 In the Game History of Hockey memorabilia cards come with a tiered structure. In total, there are 145 cards in the set. The first have original artwork from Jared Kelley done directly on the card with a memorabilia swatch added. Each is limited to nine Silver versions and one Gold card. The checklist continues with similar cards done by Mike James. These also have nine Silver cards and one Gold.

The final 85 cards in the set come with artwork and a memorabilia swatch. These are limited to 30 Silver cards and 10 Gold.

2012-13 In the Game History of Hockey has a print run of 4,000 boxes.

Product Configuration: 4 cards per pack
Price Point: High-End Hockey Card
Target Audience: Hockey Card Collectors, Autograph Collectors, Rookie Card Collectors, Vintage Card Collectors

2012-13 In the Game History of Hockey Pack Break

  • 1 Memorabilia Card
  • 1 Autograph Buyback
  • 1 Rookie Buyback
  • 1 In the Game Buyback
  • 4 Total Cards

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Ryan Cracknell  |  E-Mail Author
Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

User Reviews

  1. ITG has the best tie to the history of the game. Quality memorabilia inserted. Hall of Famers and legends from everywhere in the world.

  2. Should be a half decent product because 80 per cent of it wasn’t designed by ITG.

  3. By the looks of the early breaks the verdict is in. You’ve been had. This product is just crap, looks like most of the cards are from the flea markets in the 90’s.

    Stay far, far away.

  4. Hate to be negative all the time, but I bought 6 boxes of this freakin’ garbage and WHAT A RIP-OFF. One of the boxes had a Jeff O’Neill BAP Memorabilia autograph buy-back, a Gord Kluzak RC, a Rick Chartraw autograph and an art card. 3 of the 4 cards could have been picked up at a card show by one of Brian Price’s butt boys for a quarter each.
    As long as there are idiots like me out there, Dr. Price will keep putting out this crap.
    The NHL, which is virtually incapable of making a correct decision on anything, at least got this one right. Don’t EVER give this moron a license to produce NHL cards–it would be akin to giving him a license to steal.

  5. Oh my God. What a waste of time and money. I was told I was getting a top end product for Christmas, I’ve never ever got a box of cards more top end then SPGU before, so I was pretty pumped!! Opened my gift on Christmas morning to a box of ITG history of hockey, 4 cards per box for close to 300. I was pretty excited. Opened them up to one of the biggest disappointments in my card collecting career. Not one card worth more then $10… So so disappointed. Stay far away, there’s a reason I don’t get ITG products. Merry Christmas to me.

  6. Has anyone sent their boxes back to ITG yet and asked for a refund? Looks like a large scale ripoff.

  7. Absolutely the worst product ever produced. I thought Panini’s Classic Signatures was a joke, but this stuff is THE biggest ripoff of my money ever. The ROI is absolutely non exsistent. Price, take your shite and stuff it. Never again will I buy any single ITG productperiod.

  8. Check out all the big wholesalers now–they’re begging and bribing customers with discounts and free goods to take this over-priced crap off their hands.
    Thanks Dr. Price, you’re a prince!

  9. Might be one of the most disappointing products I have ever seen and opened. Makes Luxury Suite and Classics look good! I am a big fan of ITG products but this one is horrible; the company should be embarrased by this release.

  10. Im not sure if I got lucky or not but I love my box. I got Mike Bossy 500th goal, Mario Tremblay signed card, Jimmy Howard rookie card, and 87 Canada Cup Gretzky and Lemieux celebration!

    Hope these are worth something, checking it out now.

    Amateur hockey card collector.

  11. Product is alright. Gerry, I would be interested in your Bossy 500th goal

  12. WORST BOX EVER!!! Will never buy a ITG product again. Stay away from this junk

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