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2011 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions

2011 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions

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Goodwin Champions pushes on a year two since being brought back to life, this time around the product will feature an expanded multi-sport checklist rather than the MLB license it did in 2010. Back are the popular Entomology cards featuring an array of creepy creatures. 2011 Goodwin Champions is set to release sometime during the Summer of 2011, with each 20-pack hobby box delivering

Release Date: Summer 2011
Box Configuration: 20 Packs Per Box/5 Cards Per Pack
Pack Price: $3-$5
Product Type: Mid-End Multi-Sport
Geared Toward: Fans of multi-sport products, Fans of vintage redux products, Allen & Ginter fans, Collectors looking from an intriguing vintage products, Mini card collectors, Michael Jordan fans, LeBron James fans, Fans of all things weird, Set builders

What's In The Box:

  • 3 Hits Per Box (hard signed autographs, single or dual swatch relics, embroidered patch cards, printing plates)
  • 10 Goodwin Champions mini cards (with rare Magician and Presidential back parallels)
  • 1 Figures of Sports Die-Cut
  • 1 World Traveler 5x7 Box Topper
  • 1 Goodwin Citizen insert

Product Highlights/Details:

  • Every pack has either a mini, short print or insert!
  • Goodwin Masterpieces Presidential Series - All cards are original, hand-painted images of all 43 Presidents
  • Animal Kingdom Patch Cards - Embroidered patches (with short prints based on each animal's endangered species status)
    Collect the entire 100-card set!
  • Museum Collection Relics - Includes extraordinary rarities from historical icons including Abraham Lincoln, Annie Oakley, Napoleon, The White House, the Spirit of St. Louis, and more!
  • Continue the collection of unprecedented wonders with Goodwin Champions Entomology Cards! - Featuring all new beautiful butterflies and startling beetles and bugs
  • Look for Thoroughbred Hair Cut cards featuring real pieces of horse hair! Includes 2010 Kentucky Derby Winner Super Saver and 2007 Preakness Winner Curlin
  • Regular Set:
    Regular Cards (150)
    Short Prints (40)
    Super Short Prints (20)
    High Series Minis Short Prints (42)
  • Top Inserts:
    Goodwin Masterpieces (# to 10)
    Museum Collection Relics
    Animal Kingdom Patch Cards
    Entomology Cards
    Thoroughbred Hair Cuts

Preview Card Gallery:

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User Reviews


Excellent product– top-notch athlete hits, fun collectible cards (Entomology, Animal Kingdom, Thoroughbred Hair Cuts), and fun base set mixing current and retired stars. Love the lighting SPs and the “reveal card” concept. Great value.

Fun break, I would give it 3.5 stars if I could. It’s above average, but falls just short of excellent. The card backs are unimaginative and they could have done more with mini variations, but there are some solid autos and the bug cards and hand painted presidential cards add a nice twist.


The problem is that because UD doesn’t have any licenses outisde of the NHL, judging from the preview photos, none of the players are going to be features in team uniforms. OK if you are going to feature tennis and golf players, but not if you are going to features baseball, basketball, hockey, or football players.

And I didn’t see any tennis or golf players (aside from Bubba Watson) in the previews.

Abe Doctor
Abe Doctor

I disagree with “Ryan’s” comments. First off, because anyone who uses Billy Zane or the movie Titanic in an analogy loses all credibility with me immediately. Ryan, you cried during Titanic didn’t you? Secondly, who wouldn’t want to pull a card with a scorpion embedded in it? Maybe Ryan would prefer a relic card with a plain white jersey piece like so many non-Upper Deck products on the market. My thought is, most true fans of the hobby and avid collectors will always appreciate the core, sport focused products, but as their tastes begin to broaden they explore some of the more interesting products like the Goodwin’s, Gypsy’s (2011), Ginter’s etc…There is room for both in the hobby and I tip my hat (TB Rays) to UD for creating one of the most interesting products out there for the hobby’s more sophisticated collectors…those who prefer a glass of Bourbon rather than Mike’s Hard Lemonade and when making a Billy Zane reference they refer to the movie Tombstone (not Titanic) when he was killed by the cowboys.


Upper Deck is like Billy Zane from Titantic. Running around, trying to save himself while trying to screw others over. When will they realize that collectors don’t want rodeo and flyfishing cards? Please, please, please, just declare bankruptcy and move on.

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