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2011 TriStar Pursuit Baseball

2011 TriStar Pursuit Baseball

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Pursuit returns this April for another season of baseball card prospecting. Early names on the checklist include Mike Trout, Manny Machado, Jameson Taillon and Wil Myers. Each $75 hobby box delivers 6 autographs, 5 numbered cards, 5 short prints and 2 Obak Preview cards.

Release Date: 4/15/11
Box Configuration: NA
Pack Price: $3-$4
Product Type: Low-Mid End Baseball Card
Geared Toward: Prospectors, Minor League Baseball fans, Prospect Junkies, Collectors looking for something off the beaten path

What's In The Box:

  • 6 Autographs (#'d to 111 or less)
  • 5 Parallels (#'d to 99 or less)
  • 5 Short Prints
  • 2 Obak Preview cards

Product Highlights/Details:

  • 92 card base set that includes 18 short prints (76-92).
  • Each box delivers all 75 non-short print base cards and a total of 90 cards.
  • Early Prospect Checklist Includes: Mike Trout, Manny Machado, Jameson Taillon, Brandon Belt, Dustin Ackley, Wil Myers, Christian Colon, Jonathan Singleton
  • Obak Preview cards featuring: Whitey Ford, Jameson Taillon, Goose Gossage, Cap Anson, Bobby Thompson and Billy "White Shoes" Johnson.
  • All Obak Preview Autographs will be on-card!
  • Five Autograph cards featuring unifying themes including: "Catching Stars" (Bench, Cervelli, Posey, Carlos Santan, Wieters) and "Outfield Futures" (John Mayberry, Jay Bruce, J-Hey, A-Jax, Desmond Jennings).
  • Limited Print Run - Only 75 serial numbered cases will be sold in order to protect the value of your investment!
  • Due to TriStar's lack of an MiLB license, player uniforms will be airbrushed or feature a high school uniform.

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Dave Karpinski
Dave Karpinski

I’ve always been a big Tristar fan. I like the format one set with six autographs, and short print cards. Once again a fantastic selection of cards. Here’s my problem with this set. I’m a set builder and if theirs not really a chance to complete the set I won’t try. The set advertised that only Machado, and Tate did not sign for the set. So figured no problem. They made 1800 sets but after doing the math and going by what they said they would of had to make to make 3200. So I figured between 20 and 24 players did not sign for the set. I still can not find an accurate checklist that says who did and who did not sign. Back to the cards, in the end though you get quite a bang for your buck and at $48.00 a set you can not go wrong. Trout, Hamilton, Myers get checklist. Thanks

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