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2011 Topps Triple Threads Football

2011 Topps Triple Threads Football

Product Review

2011 Topps Triple Threads Football Product Review

Reviewed by Jeff Woodward

Good: Chance for huge hits, all base cards are serial numbered, multiple variations of all cards in every box, small box size means not a lot of waiting to find out what you get.

Bad: Relatively high cost, potential to get a box without much bang.

The Bottom Line: Just like every year, 2011 Topps Triple Threads Football will cost you, but there are some huge hits to be found. It's always fun to bust this set. There is a lot to be said for the anticipation of opening a few packs and hopefully getting a huge hit. The break might not last long but the adrenaline rush is outstanding.

Staff Rating:
4.6 / 5.0

Card Design: 4.6/5.0

I love that you get great actions shots of all the players especially on the base cards. The serial numbers and nice parallel variations make for great collection potential. Nice design features include multiple action shots. I especially liked the stadium shots in the background of the Unity Relics. Lots of rookie cards and cutout variations make the relic cards more interesting.

Checklist: 4.3/5.0

2011 Topps Triple Threads Football, as always, has a ton of autographed and game-used rookie cards. The checklist includes pretty much anyone you would be interested in collecting. And while retired players were also included in the product, Topps didn't include many autographs from these legends. The retired stars are covered on the game-used checklist, though.

Value: 4.5/5.0

This is kind of a catch-22. If you hit something really big, the value can be out of this world. But if you don't make a big hit, some will be let down. The guaranteed hits in every pack make sure that all collectors come away with something.

The Fun Factor: 4.8/5.0

I love busting Triple Threads. The price is not for everyone, but the excitement of hitting something huge can make it a blast. For hit seekers, the guaranteed autographs and game-used cards without the base cards is exciting. The combination of serial numbers and parallels ensure every pack offers something different.

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Product Details

User Rating:

Already a high-end product, Topps is taking the hobby-exclusive 2011 Triple Threads Football up a notch by making a numbered autograph card to every pack. Now packs, which double as mini boxes, include two numbered hits, three numbered base cards and two numbered parallels. The look of 2011 Topps Threads Football doesn't change much from earlier years. Other than the extra hit per pack, also new this year are Unity cards. Each Unity card features a player on a themed background. The idea is that collectors go after all three cards with the same background, much like a puzzle card. 2011 Topps Triple Threads Football boxes have two packs/mini boxes.

Product Configuration: Two packs per box, seven cards per pack
Price Point: High-End Football Card
Target Audience: Hit Seekers, Autograph Collectors, Memorabilia Card Collectors, Football Card Collectors

Box Break

  • One Numbered Unity Autographed Relic Card
  • One Numbered Unity Relic Card
  • One Numbered Autographed Triple Relic Card
  • One Numbered Triple Relic Card
  • Four Numbered Parallels
  • Six Numbered Base Cards
  • 14 Total Cards

Product Highlights:

  • 100-card base set of current and retired players. All base cards are serial numbered.
  • Base set parallels: Sepia (/350), Emerald (/255), Gold (/99), Ruby (/25), Printing Plates, Black (/1).
  • Every pack includes either one Triple Relic (/36 or less) and one Triple Threads Autograph Unity Relic (/99 or less) or one Autographed Triple Relic (/99 or less) and one Triple Threads Unity Relic (/36 or less).
  • Cases have both a one-of-one Autographed Triple Relic and a Triple Relic Autograph (/36 or less).
  • Triple Threads Unity Autograph Relic Cards (/99) and Triple Threads Unity Relic Cards (/36) combine with other cards with the same background to create a puzzle-like combo card.
  • Unity Autograph Relic parallels: Sepia (/75), Emerald (/50), Gold (/25), Ruby (/10), Black (/1).
  • Unity Relic parallels: Sepia (/27), Emerald (/18), Gold (/9), Ruby (/3), Black (/1).
  • Rookie Autograph Relic Base Cards (/99) include both a signature and three memorabilia swatches. Parallels: Sepia (/70), Emerald (/50), Gold (/25), Ruby (/10), "White Whale" Printing Plates, Black (/1), Pigskin (/1).
  • Rookie and Rising Stars Autograph Relic Pairs (/50) feature two autographs and six relic pieces. Parallels: Sepia (/25), Emerald (/10), Black (/1).
  • Jumbo Plus Autograph Relics (/3) highlight ten players on a book card with a signature and two patches on one side of the card and a jumbo relic on the other. Parallel: Black (/1).
  • Letter Plus Autograph Relics (/3) include a signature, two patches and a letter patch. Parallel: Black (/1).
  • Cut Above Relics (ten cards, /1) and Dual Cut Above Relics (three cards, /1) pair up cut signatures of retired legends with three relic pieces.
  • 36 current and retired players are on the checklist for the Autograph Relics (/18) set, which feature signatures and three relic pieces each. Parallels: Sepia (/9), Emerald (/3), "White Whale" Printing Plates, Black (/1), Pigskin (/1).
  • Autograph Relic Pairs (six cards, /18) are book cards with two signatures and six memorabilia pieces. Parallels: Sepia (/9), Emerald (/3), Black (/1).
  • Autograph Relic Combos (16 cards, /27) combine three autographs and three relics. Parallels: Emerald (/18), Gold (/9), Ruby (/3), "White Whale" Printing Plates, Black (/1), Pigskin (/1).
  • Double Autograph Relic Combos (six cards, /3) offer up six signatures and six swatches. Parallel: Black (/1).
  • Jumbo Jersey Sleeve Patches (20 cards, /1) book cards have two patches plus an entire team patch from a jersey sleeve. NFL Shield Patches (20 cards, /1) are similar except they have an NFL Shield patch instead of the logo. The same holds true for NFL Laundry Tags (20 cards, 1) but with a laundry tag.
  • Jumbo Plus Relics (15 cards, /3) book cards have two relics on one side and a jumbo relic on the other. Parallel: Black (/1).
  • Jumbo Patch Combos (ten cards, /1) book cards feature three jumbo patches from three different players.
  • Super Bowl Legends (/18) pay tribute to 15 championship players with three relics. Parallels: Gold (/9), Ruby (/3), Black (/1).
  • Triple Relics (/36) is a massive 122-card set from 45 players. Parallels: Sepia (/27), Emerald (/18), Gold (/9), Ruby (/3), Black (/1).
  • Relic Combos (/36) feature three different players and three swatches. Forty cards make up the set. Parallels: Sepia (/27), Emerald (/18), Gold (/9), Ruby (/3), Black (/1).
  • Double Combos (/36) is a set of 15 book cards that have one, two or six players alongside six relics. Parallels: Sepia (/27), Emerald (/18), Gold (/9), Ruby (/3), Black (/1).
  • The Red Zone Rookie Autographs appear as bonus hits. The cards feature on-card signatures from the 2011 rookie class.
  • 2011 Topps Triple Threads Football Book Cards and Latin Lessons

Card Gallery:

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Set Checklist

2011 Topps Triple Threads Football Set Checklist

Base Set Checklist

Featuring 100 cards
PARALLEL CARDS: Sepia #/300, Emerald #/250, Gold #/99, Ruby #/25, Black 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1

1 Tom Brady
2 LeGarrette Blount
3 Jamaal Charles
4 Brian Urlacher
5 Matt Schaub
6 Ed Reed
7 Marshawn Lynch
8 Jay Cutler
9 Jahvid Best
10 Drew Brees
11 Frank Gore
12 Mike Williams
13 Hakeem Nicks
14 Steven Jackson
15 Rob Gronkowski
16 Roddy White
17 Mark Sanchez
18 Maurice Jones-Drew
19 LeSean McCoy
20 LaDainian Tomlinson
21 Michael Turner
22 Nnamdi Asomugha
23 Chad Ochocinco
24 Sam Bradford
25 Calvin Johnson
26 Tim Tebow
27 Fred Jackson
28 Jerome Bettis
29 Dwayne Bowe
30 Adrian Peterson
31 Brandon Lloyd
32 Junior Seau
33 Sidney Rice
34 Gale Sayers
35 Matt Hasselback
36 Ryan Mathews
37 Josh Freeman
38 Greg Jennings
39 Jonathan Stewart
40 Larry Fitzgerald
41 Brandon Marshall
42 Clay Matthews
43 Matt Forté
44 Jerod Mayo
45 Dan Marino
46 David Garrard
47 Wes Welker
48 Jerry Rice
49 Chris Johnson
50 Aaron Rodgers
51 Dez Bryant
52 DeSean Jackson
53 Anquan Boldin
54 John Elway
55 Brett Favre
56 Arian Foster
57 Jeremy Maclin
58 Percy Harvin
59 Tony Romo
60 Tony Gonzalez
61 Joe Flacco
62 Terry Bradshaw
63 Antonio Gates
64 Matt Ryan
65 Steve Johnson
66 Santana Moss
67 Jordy Nelson
68 Andre Johnson
69 Knowshon Moreno
70 Philip Rivers
71 Steve Smith
72 Vernon Davis
73 DeMarcus Ware
74 Austin Collie
75 Matthew Stafford
76 Marcedes Lewis
77 Joe Montana
78 Marques Colston
79 Reggie Wayne
80 Troy Polamalu
81 Peyton Hillis
82 Mike Wallace
83 Shonn Greene
84 Darren McFadden
85 Eli Manning
86 Pierre Thomas
87 Matt Cassel
88 Rashard Mendenhall
89 Miles Austin
90 Michael Vick
91 BenJarvus Green-Ellis
92 Ahmad Bradshaw
93 Ndamukong Suh
94 Santonio Holmes
95 Justin Tuck
96 Ben Roethlisberger
97 Joseph Addai
98 Ray Rice
99 Joe Namath
100 Peyton Manning

Rookie Autographed Relic Set Checklist

Featuring 36 cards
Serial Numbered #/99
PARALLEL CARDS: Sepia #/70, Emerald #/50, Gold #/25, Ruby #/10, Black 1/1, Pigskin 1/1, White Whale Plates 1/1

101 Torrey Smith
102 Blaine Gabbert
103 Vincent Brown
104 Daniel Thomas
105 Kyle Rudolph
106 Bilal Powell
107 Jordan Todman
108 Titus Young
109 Shane Vereen
110 Cam Newton
111 Von Miller
112 Kendall Hunter
113 Leonard Hankerson
114 Mark Ingram
115 Jerrel Jernigan
116 Greg Little
117 Jake Locker
118 Ryan Mallett
119 Alex Green
120 A.J. Green
121 Randall Cobb
122 Andy Dalton
123 Mikel Leshoure
124 Marcell Dareus
125 Edmond Gates
126 Austin Pettis
127 Jamie Harper
128 Jon Baldwin
129 Stevan Ridley
130 Julio Jones
131 Colin Kaepernick
132 Delone Carter
133 Ryan Williams
134 DeMarco Murray
135 Taiwan Jones
136 Christian Ponder

Autographed Relics Set Checklist

Featuring 72 cards
Serial Numbered #/18
PARALLEL CARDS: Sepia #/9, Emerald #/3, Black 1/1, Pigskin 1/1, White Whale Plates 1/1

TTAR-1 Mark Ingram
TTAR-2 Mark Ingram
TTAR-3 Knowshon Moreno
TTAR-4 Knowshon Moreno
TTAR-5 Jerrel Jernigan
TTAR-6 Jerrel Jernigan
TTAR-7 Art Monk
TTAR-8 Art Monk
TTAR-9 Phil Simms
TTAR-10 Phil Simms
TTAR-11 A.J. Green
TTAR-12 A.J. Green
TTAR-13 Hines Ward
TTAR-14 Hines Ward
TTAR-15 Drew Brees
TTAR-16 Drew Brees
TTAR-17 Daniel Thomas
TTAR-18 Daniel Thomas
TTAR-19 Santana Moss
TTAR-20 Santana Moss
TTAR-21 Darrelle Revis
TTAR-22 Darrelle Revis
TTAR-23 Matt Cassel
TTAR-24 Matt Cassel
TTAR-25 Christian Ponder
TTAR-26 Christian Ponder
TTAR-27 Blaine Gabbert
TTAR-28 Blaine Gabbert
TTAR-29 Earl Campbell
TTAR-30 Earl Campbell
TTAR-31 Julio Jones
TTAR-32 Julio Jones
TTAR-33 Andy Dalton
TTAR-34 Andy Dalton
TTAR-35 Jamaal Charles
TTAR-36 Jamaal Charles
TTAR-37 Colin Kaepernick
TTAR-38 Colin Kaepernick
TTAR-39 Ryan Mallett
TTAR-40 Ryan Mallett
TTAR-41 Zach Miller
TTAR-42 Zach Miller
TTAR-43 Joe Flacco
TTAR-44 Joe Flacco
TTAR-45 Jon Baldwin
TTAR-46 Jon Baldwin
TTAR-47 Ryan Williams
TTAR-48 Ryan Williams
TTAR-49 DeSean Jackson
TTAR-50 DeSean Jackson
TTAR-51 Mikel Leshoure
TTAR-52 Mikel Leshoure
TTAR-53 Alex Green
TTAR-54 Alex Green
TTAR-55 DeMarco Murray
TTAR-56 DeMarco Murray
TTAR-57 Greg Little
TTAR-58 Greg Little
TTAR-59 Kyle Rudolph
TTAR-60 Kyle Rudolph
TTAR-61 Leonard Hankerson
TTAR-62 Leonard Hankerson
TTAR-63 Marcell Dareus
TTAR-64 Marcell Dareus
TTAR-65 Randall Cobb
TTAR-66 Randall Cobb
TTAR-67 Titus Young
TTAR-68 Titus Young
TTAR-69 Torrey Smith
TTAR-70 Torrey Smith
TTAR-71 Von Miller
TTAR-72 Von Miller

Autographed Relic Pairs Set Checklist

Featuring 6 cards
Serial Numbered #/18
PARALLEL CARDS: Sepia #/9, Emerald #/3, Black 1/1

TTARP-1 Jordy Nelson
TTARP-1 Randall Cobb
TTARP-2 Adrian Peterson
TTARP-2 DeMarco Murray
TTARP-3 Greg Olsen
TTARP-3 Matt Forté
TTARP-4 Drew Brees
TTARP-4 Peyton Manning
TTARP-5 Brett Favre
TTARP-5 Aaron Rodgers
TTARP-6 Roger Staubach
TTARP-6 Tony Romo

Autographed Relic Combos Set Checklist

Featuring 16 cards
Serial Numbered #/27
PARALLEL CARDS: Emerald #/18, Gold #/9, Ruby #/3, Black 1/1, Pigskin 1/1, White Whale Plates 1/1

TTARC-1 Drew Brees
TTARC-1 Marques Colston
TTARC-1 Mark Ingram
TTARC-2 Matt Ryan
TTARC-2 Julio Jones
TTARC-2 Michael Turner
TTARC-3 Knowshon Moreno
TTARC-3 Tim Tebow
TTARC-3 Von Miller
TTARC-4 Torrey Smith
TTARC-4 Derrick Mason
TTARC-4 Todd Heap
TTARC-5 Cam Newton
TTARC-5 Von Miller
TTARC-5 Marcell Dareus
TTARC-6 Cam Newton
TTARC-6 Jake Locker
TTARC-6 Blaine Gabbert
TTARC-7 A.J. Green
TTARC-7 Julio Jones
TTARC-7 Jon Baldwin
TTARC-8 Mark Ingram
TTARC-8 Ryan Williams
TTARC-8 Shane Vereen
TTARC-9 Christian Ponder
TTARC-9 Andy Dalton
TTARC-9 Colin Kaepernick
TTARC-10 Ryan Mallett
TTARC-10 Shane Vereen
TTARC-10 Stevan Ridley
TTARC-11 Jerrel Jernigan
TTARC-11 Vincent Brown
TTARC-11 Austin Pettis
TTARC-12 Julio Jones
TTARC-12 Marcell Dareus
TTARC-12 Mark Ingram
TTARC-13 Titus Young
TTARC-13 Torrey Smith
TTARC-13 Greg Little
TTARC-14 Mikel Leshoure
TTARC-14 Daniel Thomas
TTARC-14 DeMarco Murray
TTARC-15 Colin Kaepernick
TTARC-15 Titus Young
TTARC-15 Austin Pettis
TTARC-16 Leonard Hankerson
TTARC-16 Jerrel Jernigan
TTARC-16 DeMarco Murray

Autographed Relic Double Combos Set Checklist

Featuring 6 cards
Serial Numbered #/3

TTARDC-1 Aaron Rodgers
TTARDC-1 Andre Johnson
TTARDC-1 Maurice Jones-Drew
TTARDC-1 Jake Locker
TTARDC-1 A.J. Green
TTARDC-1 Mark Ingram
TTARDC-2 Drew Brees
TTARDC-2 Marques Colston
TTARDC-2 Mark Ingram
TTARDC-2 Matt Ryan
TTARDC-2 Julio Jones
TTARDC-2 Michael Turner
TTARDC-3 Matthew Stafford
TTARDC-3 Titus Young
TTARDC-3 Mikel Leshoure
TTARDC-3 Christian Ponder
TTARDC-3 Percy Harvin
TTARDC-3 Adrian Peterson
TTARDC-4 Mark Ingram
TTARDC-4 Ryan Williams
TTARDC-4 Shane Vereen
TTARDC-4 Mikel Leshoure
TTARDC-4 Daniel Thomas
TTARDC-4 DeMarco Murray
TTARDC-5 Cam Newton
TTARDC-5 Jake Locker
TTARDC-5 Blaine Gabbert
TTARDC-5 Christian Ponder
TTARDC-5 Andy Dalton
TTARDC-5 Colin Kaepernick
TTARDC-6 A.J. Green
TTARDC-6 Julio Jones
TTARDC-6 Jon Baldwin
TTARDC-6 Titus Young
TTARDC-6 Torrey Smith
TTARDC-6 Greg Little

Jumbo Plus Relics Book Set Checklist

Featuring 15 cards
Serial Numbered #/3

TTJPR-1 Adrian Peterson
TTJPR-2 Matt Forté
TTJPR-3 Nnamdi Asomugha
TTJPR-4 Santana Moss
TTJPR-5 Chris Cooley
TTJPR-6 Cam Newton
TTJPR-7 Jake Locker
TTJPR-8 Mark Ingram
TTJPR-9 A.J. Green
TTJPR-10 Julio Jones
TTJPR-11 Torrey Smith
TTJPR-12 Jon Baldwin
TTJPR-13 DeMarco Murray
TTJPR-14 Leonard Hankerson
TTJPR-15 Jamie Harper

Jumbo Plus Autographed Relics Set Checklist

Featuring 10 cards
Serial Numbered #/3

JPAR-1 Adrian Peterson
JPAR-2 Steve Breaston
JPAR-3 Jamaal Charles
JPAR-4 Antonio Gates
JPAR-5 Peyton Hillis
JPAR-6 Michael Vick
JPAR-7 Hines Ward
JPAR-8 LeSean McCoy
JPAR-9 Mark Sanchez
JPAR-10 Marques Colston

Jumbo Patch Combos Set Checklist

Featuring 10 cards
Serial Numbered 1/1

TTJPC-1 LaDainian Tomlinson
TTJPC-1 Shonn Greene
TTJPC-1 Bial Powell
TTJPC-2 Jay Cutler
TTJPC-2 Matt Forté
TTJPC-2 Greg Olsen
TTJPC-3 Roger Staubach
TTJPC-3 Troy Aikman
TTJPC-3 Tony Romo
TTJPC-4 Santana Moss
TTJPC-4 Chris Cooley
TTJPC-4 DeAngelo Hall
TTJPC-5 Leonard Hankerson
TTJPC-5 Santana Moss
TTJPC-5 Art Monk
TTJPC-6 Shane Vereen
TTJPC-6 Ryan Mallett
TTJPC-6 Stevan Ridley
TTJPC-7 Joe Montana
TTJPC-7 Steve Young
TTJPC-7 Colin Kaepernick
TTJPC-8 Cam Newton
TTJPC-8 Jake Locker
TTJPC-8 Christian Ponder
TTJPC-9 Torrey Smith
TTJPC-9 Greg Little
TTJPC-9 Leonard Hankerson
TTJPC-10 Julio Jones
TTJPC-10 Marcell Dareus
TTJPC-10 Mark Ingram

Jumbo Sleeve Team Patches Set Checklist

Featuring 20 cards
Serial Numbered 1/1

TTJSTP-1 Michael Vick
TTJSTP-2 Chris Johnson
TTJSTP-3 Troy Polamalu
TTJSTP-4 Maurice Jones-Drew
TTJSTP-5 Mark Sanchez
TTJSTP-6 Antonio Gates
TTJSTP-7 LeSean McCoy
TTJSTP-8 Calvin Johnson
TTJSTP-9 Cam Newton
TTJSTP-10 Ryan Mallett
TTJSTP-11 Jake Locker
TTJSTP-12 Mark Ingram
TTJSTP-13 Ryan Williams
TTJSTP-14 A.J. Green
TTJSTP-15 Julio Jones
TTJSTP-16 Torrey Smith
TTJSTP-17 Kyle Rudolph
TTJSTP-18 Daniel Thomas
TTJSTP-19 DeMarco Murray
TTJSTP-20 Christian Ponder

Laundry Tag Set Checklist

Featuring 20 cards
Serial Numbered 1/1

TTLT-1 Peyton Hillis
TTLT-2 Andre Johnson
TTLT-3 Dwayne Bowe
TTLT-4 Vernon Davis
TTLT-5 Steve Breaston
TTLT-6 Marques Colston
TTLT-7 Jeremy Maclin
TTLT-8 Calvin Johnson
TTLT-9 Hines Ward
TTLT-10 Jamaal Charles
TTLT-11 Cam Newton
TTLT-12 Jake Locker
TTLT-13 Mark Ingram
TTLT-14 A.J. Green
TTLT-15 Julio Jones
TTLT-16 Torrey Smith
TTLT-17 Jon Baldwin
TTLT-18 Mikel Leshoure
TTLT-19 Ryan Williams
TTLT-20 Titus Young

Letter Plus Autographed Relics Set Checklist

Featuring 10 cards
Serial Numbered #/3

LPAR-1 Blaine Gabbert
LPAR-2 Drew Brees
LPAR-3 Tony Dorsett
LPAR-4 John Elway
LPAR-5 Andre Johnson
LPAR-6 Maurice Jones-Drew
LPAR-7 Cam Newton
LPAR-8 Ryan Mallett
LPAR-9 Von Miller
LPAR-10 Peyton Manning

NFL Shields Set Checklist

Featuring 20 cards
Serial Numbered 1/1

TTNFLS-1 Michael Vick
TTNFLS-2 Peyton Hillis
TTNFLS-3 Andre Johnson
TTNFLS-4 Dwayne Bowe
TTNFLS-5 Vernon Davis
TTNFLS-6 Chris Johnson
TTNFLS-7 Troy Polamalu
TTNFLS-8 Antonio Gates
TTNFLS-9 Calvin Johnson
TTNFLS-10 Hines Ward
TTNFLS-11 Cam Newton
TTNFLS-12 Jake Locker
TTNFLS-13 Blaine Gabbert
TTNFLS-14 Colin Kaepernick
TTNFLS-15 Titus Young
TTNFLS-16 A.J. Green
TTNFLS-17 Julio Jones
TTNFLS-18 Jon Baldwin
TTNFLS-19 Mark Ingram
TTNFLS-20 Mikel Leshoure

Relics Set Checklist

Featuring 122 cards
Serial Numbered #/36
PARALLEL CARDS: Sepia #/27, Emerald #/18, Gold #/9, Ruby #/3, Black 1/1

TTR-1 Cam Newton
TTR-2 Cam Newton
TTR-3 Cam Newton
TTR-4 Jake Locker
TTR-5 Jake Locker
TTR-6 Jake Locker
TTR-7 Mark Ingram
TTR-8 Mark Ingram
TTR-9 Mark Ingram
TTR-10 Blaine Gabbert
TTR-11 Blaine Gabbert
TTR-12 Blaine Gabbert
TTR-13 A.J. Green
TTR-14 A.J. Green
TTR-15 A.J. Green
TTR-16 Christian Ponder
TTR-17 Christian Ponder
TTR-18 Christian Ponder
TTR-19 Julio Jones
TTR-20 Julio Jones
TTR-21 Julio Jones
TTR-22 Andy Dalton
TTR-23 Andy Dalton
TTR-24 Andy Dalton
TTR-25 Colin Kaepernick
TTR-26 Colin Kaepernick
TTR-27 Colin Kaepernick
TTR-28 Ryan Mallett
TTR-29 Ryan Mallett
TTR-30 Ryan Mallett
TTR-31 Jon Baldwin
TTR-32 Jon Baldwin
TTR-33 Jon Baldwin
TTR-34 Ryan Williams
TTR-35 Ryan Williams
TTR-36 Ryan Williams
TTR-37 Mikel Leshoure
TTR-38 Mikel Leshoure
TTR-39 Mikel Leshoure
TTR-40 Titus Young
TTR-41 Titus Young
TTR-42 Titus Young
TTR-43 Marcell Dareus
TTR-44 Marcell Dareus
TTR-45 Marcell Dareus
TTR-46 DeMarco Murray
TTR-47 DeMarco Murray
TTR-48 DeMarco Murray
TTR-49 Greg Little
TTR-50 Greg Little
TTR-51 Greg Little
TTR-52 Leonard Hankerson
TTR-53 Leonard Hankerson
TTR-54 Leonard Hankerson
TTR-55 Randall Cobb
TTR-56 Randall Cobb
TTR-57 Randall Cobb
TTR-58 Torrey Smith
TTR-59 Torrey Smith
TTR-60 Torrey Smith
TTR-61 Kyle Rudolph
TTR-62 Kyle Rudolph
TTR-63 Kyle Rudolph
TTR-64 Jared Allen
TTR-65 Jared Allen
TTR-66 Jared Allen
TTR-67 Nnamdi Asomugha
TTR-68 Nnamdi Asomugha
TTR-69 Nnamdi Asomugha
TTR-70 Marion Barber
TTR-71 Marion Barber
TTR-72 Marion Barber
TTR-73 Tom Brady
TTR-74 Tom Brady
TTR-75 Tom Brady
TTR-76 Jay Cutler
TTR-77 Jay Cutler
TTR-78 Jay Cutler
TTR-79 Larry Fitzgerald
TTR-80 Larry Fitzgerald
TTR-81 Larry Fitzgerald
TTR-82 Matt Forté
TTR-83 Matt Forté
TTR-84 Matt Forté
TTR-85 David Garrard
TTR-86 David Garrard
TTR-87 David Garrard
TTR-88 Tony Gonzalez
TTR-89 Tony Gonzalez
TTR-90 Tony Gonzalez
TTR-91 Frank Gore
TTR-92 Frank Gore
TTR-93 Frank Gore
TTR-94 Matt Hasselbeck
TTR-95 Matt Hasselbeck
TTR-96 Matt Hasselbeck
TTR-97 Devin Hester
TTR-98 Devin Hester
TTR-99 Devin Hester
TTR-100 Paul Hornung
TTR-101 Paul Hornung
TTR-102 Paul Hornung
TTR-103 Chris Johnson
TTR-104 Chris Johnson
TTR-105 Chris Johnson
TTR-106 Felix Jones
TTR-107 Felix Jones
TTR-108 Felix Jones
TTR-109 Jim Plunkett
TTR-110 Jim Plunkett
TTR-111 Jim Plunkett
TTR-112 Troy Polamalu
TTR-113 Troy Polamalu
TTR-114 Troy Polamalu
TTR-115 Ed Reed
TTR-116 Ed Reed
TTR-117 Ed Reed
TTR-118 Terry Bradshaw
TTR-119 Ben Roethlisberger
TTR-120 Ben Roethlisberger
TTR-121 Ben Roethlisberger
TTR-122 LaDainian Tomlinson

Relic Combos Set Checklist

Featuring 40 cards
Serial Numbered #/36
PARALLEL CARDS: Sepia #/27, Emerald #/18, Gold #/9, Ruby #/3, Black 1/1

TTRC-1 Joe Namath
TTRC-1 Joe Montana
TTRC-1 John Elway
TTRC-2 Matt Ryan
TTRC-2 Matthew Stafford
TTRC-2 Mark Sanchez
TTRC-3 Jordy Nelson
TTRC-3 Eddie Royal
TTRC-3 DeSean Jackson
TTRC-4 Dustin Keller
TTRC-4 Mark Sanchez
TTRC-4 Jerricho Cotchery
TTRC-5 Taiwan Jones
TTRC-5 Darren McFadden
TTRC-5 Michael Bush
TTRC-6 Paul Posluszny
TTRC-6 Patrick Willis
TTRC-6 David Harris
TTRC-7 Mario Williams
TTRC-7 Reggie Bush
TTRC-7 Vince Young
TTRC-8 DeAngelo Williams
TTRC-8 Maurice Jones-Drew
TTRC-8 Joseph Addai
TTRC-9 Darren McFadden
TTRC-9 Chris Johnson
TTRC-9 Jamaal Charles
TTRC-10 Patrick Willis
TTRC-10 Ray Lewis
TTRC-10 Brian Urlacher
TTRC-11 Andre Caldwell
TTRC-11 Percy Harvin
TTRC-11 Louis Murphy
TTRC-12 Felix Jones
TTRC-12 Marion Barber
TTRC-12 DeMarco Murray
TTRC-13 Tom Brady
TTRC-13 Steve Breaston
TTRC-13 Jason Avant
TTRC-14 John Elway
TTRC-14 Tim Tebow
TTRC-14 Kyle Orton
TTRC-15 Tom Brady
TTRC-15 Peyton Manning
TTRC-15 Dan Marino
TTRC-16 Jerry Rice
TTRC-16 Emmitt Smith
TTRC-16 LaDainian Tomlinson
TTRC-17 Emmitt Smith
TTRC-17 LaDainian Tomlinson
TTRC-17 Marcus Allen
TTRC-18 Steve Young
TTRC-18 Philip Rivers
TTRC-18 Tony Romo
TTRC-19 Peyton Manning
TTRC-19 Tom Brady
TTRC-19 Steve Young
TTRC-20 Brett Favre
TTRC-20 Dan Marino
TTRC-20 John Elway
TTRC-21 Ben Roethlisberger
TTRC-21 Matt Ryan
TTRC-21 Joe Flacco
TTRC-22 Jerry Rice
TTRC-22 Thurman Thomas
TTRC-22 Emmitt Smith
TTRC-23 Emmitt Smith
TTRC-23 Franco Harris
TTRC-23 Thurman Thomas
TTRC-24 Joe Montana
TTRC-24 Brett Favre
TTRC-24 Dan Marino
TTRC-25 Cam Newton
TTRC-25 Von Miller
TTRC-25 Marcell Dareus
TTRC-26 Cam Newton
TTRC-26 Jake Locker
TTRC-26 Blaine Gabbert
TTRC-27 A.J. Green
TTRC-27 Julio Jones
TTRC-27 Jon Baldwin
TTRC-28 Mark Ingram
TTRC-28 Ryan Williams
TTRC-28 Shane Vereen
TTRC-29 Kendall Hunter
TTRC-29 Delone Carter
TTRC-29 Taiwan Jones
TTRC-30 Christian Ponder
TTRC-30 Andy Dalton
TTRC-30 Colin Kaepernick
TTRC-31 Ryan Mallett
TTRC-31 Shane Vereen
TTRC-31 Stevan Ridley
TTRC-32 Jerrel Jernigan
TTRC-32 Vincent Brown
TTRC-32 Austin Pettis
TTRC-33 Julio Jones
TTRC-33 Marcell Dareus
TTRC-33 Mark Ingram
TTRC-34 Titus Young
TTRC-34 Torrey Smith
TTRC-34 Greg Little
TTRC-35 Mikel Leshoure
TTRC-35 Daniel Thomas
TTRC-35 DeMarco Murray
TTRC-36 Delone Carter
TTRC-36 Taiwan Jones
TTRC-36 Jamie Harper
TTRC-37 Colin Kaepernick
TTRC-37 Titus Young
TTRC-37 Austin Pettis
TTRC-38 Bilal Powell
TTRC-38 Shane Vereen
TTRC-38 Daniel Thomas
TTRC-39 A.J. Green
TTRC-39 Torrey Smith
TTRC-39 Greg Little
TTRC-40 Leonard Hankerson
TTRC-40 Jerrel Jernigan
TTRC-40 DeMarco Murray

Rookie & Rising Stars Autographed Relic Pairs Set Checklist

Featuring 6 cards
Serial Numbered #/50
PARALLEL CARDS: Sepia #/25, Emerald #/10, Black 1/1

RRARP-1 Roddy White
RRARP-1 Julio Jones
RRARP-2 DeSean Jackson
RRARP-2 Shane Vereen
RRARP-3 Jeremy Maclin
RRARP-3 Blaine Gabbert
RRARP-4 LeSean McCoy
RRARP-4 Jon Baldwin
RRARP-5 Brandon Pettigrew
RRARP-5 Kyle Rudolph
RRARP-6 Shonn Greene
RRARP-6 Bilal Powell

Super Bowl Legends Set Checklist

Featuring 15 cards
Serial Numbered #/18
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold #/9, Ruby #/3, Black 1/1

TTSBL-1 Jerry Rice
TTSBL-2 Joe Namath
TTSBL-3 Roger Staubach
TTSBL-4 Tom Brady
TTSBL-5 Aaron Rodgers
TTSBL-6 Terry Bradshaw
TTSBL-7 Drew Brees
TTSBL-8 Joe Montana
TTSBL-9 Marcus Allen
TTSBL-10 Peyton Manning
TTSBL-11 Phil Simms
TTSBL-12 Troy Aikman
TTSBL-13 Emmitt Smith
TTSBL-14 Steve Young
TTSBL-15 John Elway

Unity Relics Set Checklist

Featuring 231 cards
Serial Numbered #/36
PARALLEL CARDS: Sepia #/27, Emerald #/18, Gold #/9, Ruby #/3, Black 1/1

TTUSR-1 Dan Marino
TTUSR-2 Dan Marino
TTUSR-3 Dan Marino
TTUSR-4 Cam Newton
TTUSR-5 Cam Newton
TTUSR-6 Cam Newton
TTUSR-7 Phil Simms
TTUSR-8 Phil Simms
TTUSR-9 Phil Simms
TTUSR-10 Brett Favre
TTUSR-11 Brett Favre
TTUSR-12 Brett Favre
TTUSR-13 Mark Sanchez
TTUSR-14 Mark Sanchez
TTUSR-15 Mark Sanchez
TTUSR-16 Jason Witten
TTUSR-17 Jason Witten
TTUSR-18 Jason Witten
TTUSR-19 Derrick Mason
TTUSR-20 Derrick Mason
TTUSR-21 Derrick Mason
TTUSR-22 Jordy Nelson
TTUSR-23 Jordy Nelson
TTUSR-24 Jordy Nelson
TTUSR-25 Tom Brady
TTUSR-26 Tom Brady
TTUSR-27 Tom Brady
TTUSR-28 Donnie Avery
TTUSR-29 Steven Jackson
TTUSR-30 Austin Pettis
TTUSR-31 Austin Pettis
TTUSR-32 Donnie Avery
TTUSR-33 Steven Jackson
TTUSR-34 Steven Jackson
TTUSR-35 Austin Pettis
TTUSR-36 Donnie Avery
TTUSR-37 Dustin Keller
TTUSR-38 D'Brickashaw Ferguson
TTUSR-39 Bilal Powell
TTUSR-40 Bilal Powell
TTUSR-41 Dustin Keller
TTUSR-42 D'Brickashaw Ferguson
TTUSR-43 D'Brickashaw Ferguson
TTUSR-44 Bilal Powell
TTUSR-45 Dustin Keller
TTUSR-46 Jason Campbell
TTUSR-47 Ken Stabler
TTUSR-48 Jim Plunkett
TTUSR-49 Jim Plunkett
TTUSR-50 Jason Campbell
TTUSR-51 Ken Stabler
TTUSR-52 Ken Stabler
TTUSR-53 Jim Plunkett
TTUSR-54 Jason Campbell
TTUSR-55 Fred Biletnikoff
TTUSR-56 Louis Murphy
TTUSR-57 Darrius Heyward-Bey
TTUSR-58 Darrius Heyward-Bey
TTUSR-59 Fred Biletnikoff
TTUSR-60 Louis Murphy
TTUSR-61 Louis Murphy
TTUSR-62 Darrius Heyward-Bey
TTUSR-63 Fred Biletnikoff
TTUSR-64 Champ Bailey
TTUSR-65 Eddie Royal
TTUSR-66 Von Miller
TTUSR-67 Von Miller
TTUSR-68 Champ Bailey
TTUSR-69 Eddie Royal
TTUSR-70 Eddie Royal
TTUSR-71 Von Miller
TTUSR-72 Champ Bailey
TTUSR-73 Richard Seymour
TTUSR-74 Howie Long
TTUSR-75 Rolando McClain
TTUSR-76 Rolando McClain
TTUSR-77 Richard Seymour
TTUSR-78 Howie Long
TTUSR-79 Howie Long
TTUSR-80 Rolando McClain
TTUSR-81 Richard Seymour
TTUSR-82 Andre Caldwell
TTUSR-83 Andy Dalton
TTUSR-84 A.J. Green
TTUSR-85 A.J. Green
TTUSR-86 Andre Caldwell
TTUSR-87 Andy Dalton
TTUSR-88 Andy Dalton
TTUSR-89 A.J. Green
TTUSR-90 Andre Caldwell
TTUSR-91 Michael Jenkins
TTUSR-92 Julio Jones
TTUSR-93 Harry Douglas
TTUSR-94 Harry Douglas
TTUSR-95 Michael Jenkins
TTUSR-96 Julio Jones
TTUSR-97 Julio Jones
TTUSR-98 Harry Douglas
TTUSR-99 Michael Jenkins
TTUSR-100 Jamie Harper
TTUSR-101 Chris Johnson
TTUSR-102 Jake Locker
TTUSR-103 Jake Locker
TTUSR-104 Jamie Harper
TTUSR-105 Chris Johnson
TTUSR-106 Chris Johnson
TTUSR-107 Jake Locker
TTUSR-108 Jamie Harper
TTUSR-109 Art Monk
TTUSR-110 Santana Moss
TTUSR-111 Leonard Hankerson
TTUSR-112 Leonard Hankerson
TTUSR-113 Art Monk
TTUSR-114 Santana Moss
TTUSR-115 Santana Moss
TTUSR-116 Leonard Hankerson
TTUSR-117 Art Monk
TTUSR-118 Calvin Johnson
TTUSR-119 Kevin Smith
TTUSR-120 Mikel Leshoure
TTUSR-121 Mikel Leshoure
TTUSR-122 Calvin Johnson
TTUSR-123 Kevin Smith
TTUSR-124 Kevin Smith
TTUSR-125 Mikel Leshoure
TTUSR-126 Calvin Johnson
TTUSR-127 Edmond Gates
TTUSR-128 Daniel Thomas
TTUSR-129 Jake Long
TTUSR-130 Jake Long
TTUSR-131 Edmond Gates
TTUSR-132 Daniel Thomas
TTUSR-133 Daniel Thomas
TTUSR-134 Jake Long
TTUSR-135 Edmond Gates
TTUSR-136 Stevan Ridley
TTUSR-137 Ryan Mallett
TTUSR-138 Shane Vereen
TTUSR-139 Shane Vereen
TTUSR-140 Stevan Ridley
TTUSR-141 Ryan Mallett
TTUSR-142 Ryan Mallett
TTUSR-143 Shane Vereen
TTUSR-144 Stevan Ridley
TTUSR-145 Joe Montana
TTUSR-146 Colin Kaepernick
TTUSR-147 Kendall Hunter
TTUSR-148 Kendall Hunter
TTUSR-149 Joe Montana
TTUSR-150 Colin Kaepernick
TTUSR-151 Colin Kaepernick
TTUSR-152 Kendall Hunter
TTUSR-153 Joe Montana
TTUSR-154 Jared Allen
TTUSR-155 Christian Ponder
TTUSR-156 Kyle Rudolph
TTUSR-157 Kyle Rudolph
TTUSR-158 Jared Allen
TTUSR-159 Christian Ponder
TTUSR-160 Christian Ponder
TTUSR-161 Kyle Rudolph
TTUSR-162 Jared Allen
TTUSR-163 Devery Henderson
TTUSR-164 Robert Meachem
TTUSR-165 Mark Ingram
TTUSR-166 Mark Ingram
TTUSR-167 Devery Henderson
TTUSR-168 Robert Meachem
TTUSR-169 Robert Meachem
TTUSR-170 Mark Ingram
TTUSR-171 Devery Henderson
TTUSR-172 Blaine Gabbert
TTUSR-173 Blaine Gabbert
TTUSR-174 Blaine Gabbert
TTUSR-175 Randall Cobb
TTUSR-176 Alex Green
TTUSR-177 A.J. Hawk
TTUSR-178 A.J. Hawk
TTUSR-179 Randall Cobb
TTUSR-180 Alex Green
TTUSR-181 Alex Green
TTUSR-182 A.J. Hawk
TTUSR-183 Randall Cobb
TTUSR-184 Torrey Smith
TTUSR-185 Torrey Smith
TTUSR-186 Torrey Smith
TTUSR-187 Titus Young
TTUSR-188 Titus Young
TTUSR-189 Titus Young
TTUSR-190 Greg Little
TTUSR-191 Greg Little
TTUSR-192 Greg Little
TTUSR-193 DeMarco Murray
TTUSR-194 DeMarco Murray
TTUSR-195 DeMarco Murray
TTUSR-196 Ryan Williams
TTUSR-197 Ryan Williams
TTUSR-198 Ryan Williams
TTUSR-199 Jon Baldwin
TTUSR-200 Jon Baldwin
TTUSR-201 Jon Baldwin
TTUSR-202 Jason Avant
TTUSR-203 Jason Avant
TTUSR-204 Jason Avant
TTUSR-205 Earl Bennett
TTUSR-206 Earl Bennett
TTUSR-207 Earl Bennett
TTUSR-208 Bilal Powell
TTUSR-209 Bilal Powell
TTUSR-210 Bilal Powell
TTUSR-211 Delone Carter
TTUSR-212 Delone Carter
TTUSR-213 Delone Carter
TTUSR-214 Jordan Todman
TTUSR-215 Jordan Todman
TTUSR-216 Jordan Todman
TTUSR-217 Taiwan Jones
TTUSR-218 Taiwan Jones
TTUSR-219 Taiwan Jones
TTUSR-220 Marcell Dareus
TTUSR-221 Marcell Dareus
TTUSR-222 Marcell Dareus
TTUSR-223 Jerrel Jernigan
TTUSR-224 Jerrel Jernigan
TTUSR-225 Jerrel Jernigan
TTUSR-226 Mario Williams
TTUSR-227 Mario Williams
TTUSR-228 Mario Williams
TTUSR-229 Kyle Orton
TTUSR-230 Kyle Orton
TTUSR-231 Kyle Orton

Unity Autographed Relics Set Checklist

Featuring 84 cards
Serial Numbered #/90
PARALLEL CARDS: Sepia #/75, Emerald #/50, Gold #/25, Ruby #/10, Black 1/1

TTUAR-1 Steve Breaston
TTUAR-2 Steve Breaston
TTUAR-3 Steve Breaston
TTUAR-4 Ryan Williams
TTUAR-5 Ryan Williams
TTUAR-6 Ryan Williams
TTUAR-7 Chris Cooley
TTUAR-8 DeAngelo Hall
TTUAR-9 Leonard Hankerson
TTUAR-10 Todd Heap
TTUAR-11 Derrick Mason
TTUAR-12 Torrey Smith
TTUAR-13 Titus Young
TTUAR-14 Brandon Pettigrew
TTUAR-15 Mikel Leshoure
TTUAR-16 Jamie Harper
TTUAR-17 Earl Campbell
TTUAR-18 Jake Locker
TTUAR-19 Dwayne Bowe
TTUAR-20 Matt Cassel
TTUAR-21 Jon Baldwin
TTUAR-22 Jerod Mayo
TTUAR-23 Jerod Mayo
TTUAR-24 Jerod Mayo
TTUAR-25 Marques Colston
TTUAR-26 Marques Colston
TTUAR-27 Marques Colston
TTUAR-28 Shonn Greene
TTUAR-29 Dustin Keller
TTUAR-30 Bilal Powell
TTUAR-31 Bilal Powell
TTUAR-32 Shonn Greene
TTUAR-33 Dustin Keller
TTUAR-34 Dustin Keller
TTUAR-35 Bilal Powell
TTUAR-36 Shonn Greene
TTUAR-37 Jeremy Maclin
TTUAR-38 Jeremy Maclin
TTUAR-39 Jeremy Maclin
TTUAR-40 Jordan Todman
TTUAR-41 Antonio Gates
TTUAR-42 Vincent Brown
TTUAR-43 Vernon Davis
TTUAR-44 Patrick Willis
TTUAR-45 Colin Kaepernick
TTUAR-46 Colin Kaepernick
TTUAR-47 Vernon Davis
TTUAR-48 Patrick Willis
TTUAR-49 Patrick Willis
TTUAR-50 Colin Kaepernick
TTUAR-51 Vernon Davis
TTUAR-52 DeAngelo Hall
TTUAR-53 Leonard Hankerson
TTUAR-54 Chris Cooley
TTUAR-55 Stevan Ridley
TTUAR-56 Ryan Mallett
TTUAR-57 Shane Vereen
TTUAR-58 Shane Vereen
TTUAR-59 Stevan Ridley
TTUAR-60 Ryan Mallett
TTUAR-61 Ryan Mallett
TTUAR-62 Shane Vereen
TTUAR-63 Stevan Ridley
TTUAR-64 A.J. Green
TTUAR-65 A.J. Green
TTUAR-66 A.J. Green
TTUAR-67 Earl Campbell
TTUAR-68 Jake Locker
TTUAR-69 Jamie Harper
TTUAR-70 Adrian Peterson
TTUAR-71 Christian Ponder
TTUAR-72 Kyle Rudolph
TTUAR-73 Kyle Rudolph
TTUAR-74 Adrian Peterson
TTUAR-75 Christian Ponder
TTUAR-76 Tim Brown
TTUAR-77 Tim Brown
TTUAR-78 Tim Brown
TTUAR-79 Tony Dorsett
TTUAR-80 Tony Dorsett
TTUAR-81 Tony Dorsett
TTUAR-82 Christian Ponder
TTUAR-83 Kyle Rudolph
TTUAR-84 Adrian Peterson

Red Zone Rookie Autographs Set Checklist

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Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

User Reviews


I love how there are multi patches/jerseys in each card!


Product’s prices are dropping like crazy, now it’s way below price than it was just 2 weeks ago.


I love this product. It is my favorite Triple Threads set yet.


Opened 5 boxes. Each box just got worse and worse. Another overpriced product from Topps.They have just killed another of there best products. Saturated this product with plain Rc jersey’s and mostly mid line players. Base cards look like old Stadium Club. Not impressed. DO NOT WASTE YOU TIME AND MONEY!!!!!


Just an okay product, if you compare baseball to football , baseball triple threads is the bang for your buck. just way too many rookie autos. Should be autos of the hall of famers added too. instead of just jerseys, they should of added some leather, like what baseball did with bats and knobs. not too impressed, the card to get is truly only cam newton.

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