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2011 Topps Finest Football

2011 Topps Finest Football

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As the days of Summer collapse like a poorly protected pocket, soon giving way to the Autumn wind that is a pirate, blustering in from the seas, with a rollicking song he sweeps along, swaggering boisterously, proclaiming "the return of Finest Football in near, each hobby box delivers 2 hits, 2 atomic refractors, 2 Finest moments inserts and a total of 60 cards".

2011 Topps Finest Football  2Box Configuration: 2-Mini Boxes Per Master Box/6-Packs Per Mini Box/5-Cards Per Pack
Product Type: Mid-End Football Card
Geared Toward: Collectors who prefer smaller boxes (less packs), Set builders, Refractor fanatics, Rookie card seekers, Fans of Topps' chrome/finest card stock

What's In The Box:

  • 1 Numbered Rookie Autograph Patch Card
  • 1 Numbered Autograph Jumbo Relic Card
  • 2 Atomic Die-Cut Refractor Rookie Cards
  • 2 Finest Moments Insert Cards
  • 60 Total Cards

Product Highlights/Details:

  • All Rookies will be pictured in their NFL uniforms.
  • Rookie Patch Autographs - 35 top Rookies from the base set displayed with a multi-color player-worn
    jersey patch and an autograph. Each card is numbered (1:2 Mini-Boxes).
  • Rookie Jumbo Patch Autographs - 20 Rookies are featured, each with an over-sized jersey patch piece on cards numbered to 5.
  • Autograph Jumbo Relic Cards - The same 35 top Rookies as above plus 15 star Veterans from the base set
    appear with a JUMBO relic and an autograph. Each card is numbered.
  • Dual Auto Dual Relic Cards - 2 players, 2 relics and 2 autographs numbered to 10.
  • Triple Auto Triple Relic Cards - 3 players, 3 relics and 3 autographs numbered to 10.
  • On-Card Rookie Auto Refractor Variation Cards - 35 Rookies have signed their names directly to each of their cards at the 2011 NFL Rookie Premiere Photo Shoot. Each player's numbered card displays a new photo, and the same number as his base Rookie card.
  • Finest Moments Autographed Cards - 25 top Rookies and Veterans are featured and highlighted with their signature.
  • Rookie Finest Atomic Refractor Cards - 25 top-tier Rookies on Refractor cards with a die-cut. (1-per mini box)
  • 125 Card Base Set - 35 NFL Rookies and 90 Veterans.
  • Base Set Refractology - Super-Fractor 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1, Mosaic Refractor /10, Red Refractor /25, Gold Refractor /50, Black /99, X-Fractor /399, Refractor

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2011 Topps Finest Football  11Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission

Product Review

2011 Topps Finest Football Product Review

Reviewed By Chuck Vanderbilt

Good: 2011 Topps Finest is a mid-end set geared towards fans of chrome and refractors, the rookie card-driven set also includes many of today's NFL stars, each mini box has either an autographed patch rookie card or an autographed jumbo relic rookie card.

Bad: The drawback that most collectors will point out is the overall "weak" rookie class, not all refractors are numbered, collectors will be hard-pressed to pull a card that will command top-dollar on the open market.

The Bottom Line: 2011 Topps Finest will appeal most to collectors who like chrome and refractor cards, with the Atomic Die-Cut Refractors really standing out. While many critics point out the overall draft class lacks luster, collectors need to keep in mind that the art of prospecting often involves patience. The set gives collectors a chance to add autographed jumbo relics rookie cards and autographed patch rookie cards to their collections. As stars emerge from the 2011 rookie class, this set is bound to have some of their most visually attractive cards.

Staff Rating:
3.1 / 5.0

Card Design: 3.5/5.0

Base cards feature a clean chrome design and an interesting textured looked. Though the autographed patch cards have sticker signatures, the patches themselves add a great element to the design. Both the Autographed Jumbo Relic Cards and die-cut Finest Atomic Rookies really pop. However, the Finest Moments inserts have a more classic design that doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the set.

Checklist: 3/5.0

The checklist is centered around football's biggest rookies and stars. Cam Newton, Julio Jones, and Christian Ponder are some the key rookies collectors should look for. For rookie collectors, the set offers a variety of options including Autographed Patch Cards, Autographed Jumbo Relics, Atomic Die-Cut rookie cards, Refractors and base cards.

Value: 2.5/5.0

At a retail price close to $100, collectors will be looking for high-value cards. While the look of the cards fit the price tag, the big-name hits are too sparse to justify the cost. Though the cards look high-end, the resale value simply isn't there.

The Fun Factor: 3.5/5.0

Between base cards, die-cuts, autographs and patches, 2011 Topps Finest gives collectors a lot of variety with their rookie card offerings. The chase of a big-name rookies like Cam Newton and Julio Jones add a lot of excitement to opening the product.

2011 Topps Finest Football  11Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission

User Reviews

I really like this set. In addition to Cam Newton, you’ve got Julio Jones, AC Green, Christian Ponder, Jake Locker, Andy Dalton, Randall Cobb, and Mark Ingram to make things interesting. And the patch autographs are overall great, high end looking looking cards.

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