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2011 SP Game-Used Soccer Cards

2011 SP Game-Used Soccer Cards

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Although soccer fans have seen a solid number of card sets over the past few years, they've been primarily targeted at set collectors and more value-driven content. That changes with 2011 SP Game-Used Soccer from Upper Deck. The high-end release includes an autograph or memorabilia card in every three-card pack as well as a rookie card numbered to either 499 or 99. Among the highlight hits are game-used name plate letter patches, multi-autograph cards, and dual- and triple-memorabilia cards. This extremely limited set boasts a checklist with many of soccer's biggest names, including Landon Donovan and David Beckham. It also has the cardboard debuts of Charlie Davies, Pavel Pardo and Benny Feilhaber.

Estimated Release Date: 11/15/11
Product Configuration: Six packs per box, three cards per pack
Price Point: High-End Soccer Card
Target Audience: Soccer Fans, Soccer Card Collectors, Memorabilia Collectors, Autograph Collectors, Hit Seekers

2011 SP Game-Used Soccer Box Break

  • Three Autographed and/or Memorabilia Cards
  • Three Numbered Rookie Cards
  • 18 Total Cards

2011 SP Game-Used Soccer Product Highlights:

  • 60-card base set with 16 Authentic Newcomers numbered to 499 and eight Authentic Newcomers numbered to 99.
  • Charlie Davies, Pavel Pardo, Benny Feilhaber, Juan Agudelo and Alex Morgan among the featured rookie cards.
  • SIGnificance autographs have up to three signatures.
  • Inked Fabrics mix game-used memorabilia and autographs.
  • Memorabilia highlights include By the Letter Game-Used Name Plates, Career Legacy dual and triple memorabilia cards and Supreme Fabrics with jumbo patch swatches.

Card Gallery:

2011 SP Game-Used Soccer Cards 7Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission

Set Checklist

2011 SP Game Used Soccer Set Checklist

Base Set Checklist

Featuring 60 cards
PARALLEL CARDS: Printing Plates 1/1

1 Patrick Nyarko
2 Marco Pappa
3 Sean Johnson
4 Jimmy Conrad
5 Alejandro Moreno
6 Justin Braun
7 Matt Pickens
8 Omar Cummings
9 Conor Casey
10 Marvell Wynne
11 Andres Mendoza
12 Jeff Cunningham
13 William Hesmer
14 Dwayne DeRosario
15 Chris Pontius
16 Josh Wolff
17 David Ferreira
18 Kevin Hartman
19 Brek Shea
20 Tally Hall
21 Brad Davis
22 Brian Ching
23 David Beckham
24 Landon Donovan
25 Juan Pablo Angel
26 Donovan Ricketts
27 Kevin Alston
28 Matt Reis
29 Shalrie Joseph
30 Dane Richards
31 Dax McCarty
32 Bouna Coundoul
33 Sebastien Le Toux
34 Carlos Ruiz
35 Danny Mwanga
36 Kenny Cooper
37 Troy Perkins
38 Jack Jewsbury
39 Nick Rimando
40 Javier Morales
41 Kyle Beckerman
42 Jon Busch
43 Steven Lenhart
44 Chris Wondolowski
45 Kasey Keller
46 Steve Zakuani
47 Fredy Montero
48 Kei Kamara
49 Roger Espinoza
50 Teal Bunbury
51 Maicon Santos
52 Stefan Frei
53 Alan Gordon
54 Jay Nolly
55 Atiba Harris
56 Kelly Smith
57 Amy Rodriguez
58 Christine Sinclair
59 Abby Wambach
60 Marta

Authentic Rookies Level 1 Set Checklist

Featuring 16 cards
Serial Numbered #/499

61 Will Bruin
62 Diego Chaves
63 Calleb Forlan
64 Perry Kitchen
65 Joao Plata
66 Faryd Mondragon
67 Davide Chiumento
68 Pavel Pardo
69 Luke Rodgers
70 Simon Dawkins
71 Mauro Rosales
72 Omar Bravo
73 Javier Martina
74 Eric Hassli
75 Camilo Sanvezzo
76 Alex Morgan

Authentic Rookies Level 2 Set Checklist

Featuring 8 cards
Serial Numbered #/99

77 Andy Najar
78 Charlie Davies
79 Rafael Marquez
80 Juan Agudelo
81 Thierry Henry
82 Alvaro Saborio
83 Jay Demrit
84 Benny Feilhaber

Authentic Fabrics Set Checklist

Featuring 32 cards
PARALLEL CARDS: Premium #/50 or #/35

AF-AW Abby Wambach
AF-BC Brian Ching
AF-CC Conor Casey
AF-CO Bobby Convey
AF-CS Christine Sinclair
AF-CW Chris Wondolowski
AF-DA Davy Arnaud
AF-DB David Beckham
AF-DD Dwayne DeRosario
AF-DF David Ferreira
AF-GS Gonzalo Segares
AF-HE Thierry Henry
AF-HP Heath Pearce
AF-JA Juan Pablo Angel
AF-JB Justin Braun
AF-JK Jovan Kirovski
AF-JO Jamison Olave
AF-KB Kyle Beckerman
AF-KE Kasey Keller
AF-KK Kei Kamara
AF-LD Landon Donovan
AF-MP Marco Pappa
AF-MR Matt Reis
AF-MW Marvell Wynne
AF-NR Nick Rimando
AF-OC Omar Cummings
AF-RM Rafael Marquez
AF-SF Stefan Frei
AF-SJ Shalrie Joseph
AF-SZ Steve Zakuani
AF-TH Tally Hall
AF-WH William Hesmer

Authentic Fabrics Duals Set Checklist

Featuring 18 cards
Serial NUmbered #/99
PARALLEL CARDS: Premium #/35 or #/25

AF2-ARG Pablo Mastroeni
AF2-ARG Javier Morales
AF2-CAN Dwayne DeRosario
AF2-CAN Julian de Guzman
AF2-COL1 Juan Pablo Angel
AF2-COL1 Jamison Olave
AF2-COL2 Fredy Montero
AF2-COL2 David Ferreira
AF2-FRA Thierry Henry
AF2-FRA Sebastien Le Toux
AF2-GAX David Beckham
AF2-GAX Sean Franklin
AF2-GUA Carlos Ruiz
AF2-GUA Marco Pappa
AF2-HON Andy Najar
AF2-HON Roger Espinoza
AF2-JAM Donovan Ricketts
AF2-JAM Omar Cummings
AF2-LAG David Beckham
AF2-LAG Landon Donovan
AF2-PH Matt Pickens
AF2-PH Kevin Hartman
AF2-PHI Carlos Ruiz
AF2-PHI Sebastien Le Toux
AF2-RAP Omar Cummings
AF2-RAP Conor Casey
AF2-REV Matt Reis
AF2-REV Shalrie Joseph
AF2-RSL Kyle Beckerman
AF2-RSL Nick Rimando
AF2-SKC Davy Arnaud
AF2-SKC Roger Espinoza
AF2-USA Landon Donovan
AF2-USA Tim Ream
AF2-VEN Emilio Renteria
AF2-VEN Alejandro Moreno

Authentic Fabrics Triples Set Checklist

Featuring 12 cards
Serial NUmbered #/50
PARALLEL CARDS: Premium #/15

AF3-CHV Zach Thornton
AF3-CHV Justin Braun
AF3-CHV Alejandro Moreno
AF3-CMB Jeff Cunningham
AF3-CMB William Hesmer
AF3-CMB Chad Marshall
AF3-GBOOT Chris Wondolowski
AF3-GBOOT Jeff Cunningham
AF3-GBOOT Landon Donovan
AF3-INT Seabastian Le Toux
AF3-INT Thierry Henry
AF3-INT David Beckham
AF3-MVP Carlos Ruiz
AF3-MVP Landon Donovan
AF3-MVP David Ferreira
AF3-NYRB Thierry Henry
AF3-NYRB Tim Ream
AF3-NYRB Rafael Marquez
AF3-PHI Danny Mwanga
AF3-PHI Sebastien Le Toux
AF3-PHI Carlos Ruiz
AF3-REV Matt Reis
AF3-REV Shalrie Joseph
AF3-REV Kheli Dube
AF3-RKYR Omar Gonzalez
AF3-RKYR Andy Najar
AF3-RKYR Sean Franklin
AF3-RSL Jamison Olave
AF3-RSL Kyle Beckerman
AF3-RSL Nick Rimando
AF3-TKPR Jon Busch
AF3-TKPR Donovan Ricketts
AF3-TKPR Zach Thornton
AF3-WMN Abby Wambach
AF3-WMN Amy Rodriguez
AF3-WMN Shannon Boxx

Authentic Fabrics Quads Set Checklist

Featuring 7 cards
Serial Numbered #/25
PARALLEL CARDS: Premium #/10

AF4-CHAMP Omar Cummings
AF4-CHAMP Conor Casey
AF4-CHAMP Matt Pickens
AF4-CHAMP Marvell Wynne
AF4-GOL1 Kasey Keller
AF4-GOL1 Jon Busch
AF4-GOL1 Kevin Hartman
AF4-GOL1 Matt Reis
AF4-GOL2 Nick Rimando
AF4-GOL2 William Hesmer
AF4-GOL2 Matt Pickens
AF4-GOL2 Donovan Ricketts
AF4-INT Carlos Ruiz
AF4-INT David Beckham
AF4-INT Thierry Henry
AF4-INT Rafael Marquez
AF4-MLSAS Juan Pablo Angel
AF4-MLSAS Landon Donovan
AF4-MLSAS Brian Ching
AF4-MLSAS Sebastien Le Toux
AF4-USWN Shannon Boxx
AF4-USWN Lori Lindsey
AF4-USWN Abby Wambach
AF4-USWN Heather O'Reilly
AF4-WPSAS Christine Sinclair
AF4-WPSAS Abby Wambach
AF4-WPSAS Kelly Smith

By the Number Set Checklist

Featuring 15 cards

BL-AN Andy Najar #/ 5
BL-AW Abby Wambach #/ 7
BL-BC Brian Ching #/ 5
BL-CD Charlie Davies #/ 7
BL-CW Chris Wondolowski #/ 11
BL-DB David Beckham #/ 7
BL-KB Kyle Beckerman #/ 9
BL-KH Kevin Hartman #/ 7
BL-KK Kasey Keller #/ 6
BL-LD Landon Donovan #/ 7
BL-MA Marta #/ 5
BL-OC Omar Cummings #/ 8
BL-RM Rafael Marquez #/ 7
BL-SJ Shalrie Joseph #/ 6
BL-TH Thierry Henry #/ 5

Career Legacy Duals Set Checklist

Featuring 8 cards
Serial Numbered #/75
PARALLEL CARDS: Premium #/25

CL2-BC Brian Ching
CL2-BD Brad Davis
CL2-CR Carlos Ruiz
CL2-EG Eddie Gaven
CL2-JA Juan Pablo Angel
CL2-JC Jeff Cunningham
CL2-JW Josh Wolff
CL2-LD Landon Donovan

Career Legacy Triple Set Checklist

Featuring 2 cards
Serial Numbered #/25
PARALLEL CARDS: Premium #/10

CL3-DR Dwayne DeRosario
CL3-JC Joe Cannon

Inked Fabrics Set Checklist

Featuring 10 cards
Serial Numbered #/15

IF-AW Abby Wambach
IF-BC Brian Ching
IF-CW Chris Wondolowski
IF-DM Danny Mwanga
IF-JA Juan Pablo Angel
IF-KK Kasey Keller
IF-LD Landon Donovan
IF-NR Nick Rimando
IF-RM Rafael Marquez
IF-SL Sebastien Le Toux

SIGnificance Autographs Set Checklist

Featuring 35 cards
Serial Numbered #/25

SIG-AN Andy Najar
SIG-AS Alvaro Saborio
SIG-BC Bobby Convey
SIG-BD Brad Davis
SIG-CB Chad Barrett
SIG-CC Conor Casey
SIG-CH Brian Ching
SIG-CO Jimmy Conrad
SIG-DA Davy Arnaud
SIG-DD Dwayne DeRosario
SIG-DR Donovan Ricketts
SIG-FE Fabian Espindola
SIG-FR Stefan Frei
SIG-HP Heath Pearce
SIG-JB Justin Braun
SIG-JO Jamison Olave
SIG-JPA Juan Pablo Angel
SIG-KA Kevin Alston
SIG-KB Kyle Beckerman
SIG-KE Kasey Keller
SIG-KH Kevin Hartman
SIG-KK Kei Kamara
SIG-MP Matt Pickens
SIG-MS Michael Stephens
SIG-MW Marvell Wynne
SIG-NR Nick Rimando
SIG-PM Pablo Mastroeni
SIG-PN Patrick Nyarko
SIG-RE Matt Reis
SIG-RJ Ryan Johnson
SIG-RM Rafael Marquez
SIG-RR Robbie Rogers
SIG-SF Sean Franklin
SIG-SZ Steve Zakuani
SIG-ZS Zack Schilawski

SIGnificance SPs Autographs Set Checklist

Featuring 9 cards
Serial Numbered #/10

SIG-AM Alex Morgan
SIG-CW Chris Wondolowski
SIG-DF David Ferreira
SIG-DM Danny Mwanga
SIG-JA Juan Agudelo
SIG-LD Landon Donovan
SIG-OC Omar Cummings
SIG-OS Omar Salgado
SIG-SL Sebastien Le Toux

Extra SIGnificance Dual Autographs Set Checklist

Featuring 10 cards
Serial Numbered #/10

XSG-ARG Javier Morales
XSG-ARG Fabian Espindola
XSG-CMB Juan Pablo Angel
XSG-CMB Juan Agudelo
XSG-CUP Kevin Hartman
XSG-CUP Matt Pickens
XSG-JAM1 Jeff Cunningham
XSG-JAM1 Ryan Johnson
XSG-JAM2 Omar Cummings
XSG-JAM2 Donovan Ricketts
XSG-LAG Landon Donovan
XSG-LAG Juan Pablo Angel
XSG-NYR Juan Agudelo
XSG-NYR Rafael Marquez
XSG-PHI Sebastien Le Toux
XSG-PHI Danny Mwanga
XSG-USA Chris Wondolowski
XSG-USA Landon Donovan
XSG-WMC Mia Hamm
XSG-WMC Brandi Chastain

Triple SIGnificance Autographs Set Checklist

Featuring 5 cards
Serial Numbered #/5

TSG-GOL Nick Rimando
TSG-GOL Kevin Hartman
TSG-GOL Donovan Ricketts
TSG-LAG Donovan Ricketts
TSG-LAG Chad Barrett
TSG-LAG Landon Donovan
TSG-NYR Rafael Marquez
TSG-NYR Juan Agudelo
TSG-NYR John Rooney
TSG-SCR Dwayne DeRosario
TSG-SCR Chris Wondolowski
TSG-SCR Omar Cummings
TSG-YGS Danny Mwanga
TSG-YGS Andy Najar
TSG-YGS Juan Agudelo

SIGnificant Numbers Autographs Set Checklist

Featuring 9 cards

SN-AW Abby Wambach #/ 20
SN-CW Chris Wondolowski #/ 8
SN-DF David Ferreira #/ 10
SN-DM Danny Mwanga #/ 10
SN-KK Kasey Keller #/ 18
SN-LD Landon Donovan #/ 10
SN-OC Omar Cummings #/ 14
SN-JPA Juan Pablo Angel #/ 9
SN-SLT Sebastien Le Toux #/ 9

Supreme Fabrics Set Checklist

Featuring 44 cards
Serial Numbered #/15

SF-AN Juan Pablo Angel
SF-AW Abby Wambach
SF-BC Bobby Convey
SF-BD Brad Davis
SF-CB Chad Barrett
SF-CC Conor Casey
SF-CD Charlie Davies
SF-CH Brian Ching
SF-CM Chad Marshall
SF-CS Christine Sinclair
SF-DA Davy Arnaud
SF-DB David Beckham
SF-DD Dwayne DeRosario
SF-DF David Ferreira
SF-FM Fredy Montero
SF-GS Gonzalo Segares
SF-HE Thierry Henry
SF-HP Heath Pearce
SF-JB Justin Braun
SF-JC Jeff Cunningham
SF-JG Julian de Guzman
SF-JM Javier Morales
SF-JO Jamison Olave
SF-KA Kevin Alston
SF-KB Kyle Beckerman
SF-KE Kei Kamara
SF-KK Kasey Keller
SF-LD Landon Donovan
SF-MP Matt Pickens
SF-MR Matt Reis
SF-NR Nick Rimando
SF-OA Osvaldo Alonso
SF-OC Omar Cummings
SF-PA Marco Pappa
SF-PM Pablo Mastroeni
SF-RE Roger Espinoza
SF-RM Rafael Marquez
SF-SF Sean Franklin
SF-SJ Shalrie Joseph
SF-SL Sebastien Le Toux
SF-SZ Steve Zakuani
SF-TH Tally Hall
SF-WH William Hesmer
SF-ZT Zach Thornton

Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

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