2011 Prestigous Lineage Case Hits & Top Prospects: The Search For Tom Gordon

2011 Prestigous Lineage Case Hits & Top Prospects: The Search For Tom Gordon

Lineage Returns this fall to deliver the final death blow to Triple Threads...

The folks behind 2010 Prestigous Lineage Football return with a product that could redefine the modern era of trading cards as we know it. With their latest Prestigous offering, Lineage tackles the world of high-end baseball cards, packing 15 cases worth of Triple Threads into a single master tin.

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User Comments

  1. LMAO. Well done sir. Well done.

  2. i would like the first 50 cases

  3. Your total will be $300,000 ($6,000 per 10-Master Tin case). No checks or trackable means of payment, they only accept cash due to the finite nature of the offering.

  4. After Tom Gordon’s amazing contributions to the Cubs, I would do ANYTHING to get my hands on one of his 1/.5’s. Even better would be a 1990 Donruss Auto! I hope he signed in red ink!

  5. This product looks pretty cool, but it would have been amazing if it would have copied off of Ginter and included some celebrities/avant garde as well. I wish one of the octogon relics would have included game-worn prison clothes from Bernie Madoff. I would have like to have seen a Charlie Sheen set SP (part of base set)- some cards of his goddesses, and various cards of him at each of his million media appearances. Finally, they could have copied off Ginter and included a Fukushima Nuclear Plant card with a piece of grass or drop of water contaminated with nuclear iodine/plutonium. Now, I’d buy that!

  6. Down with Triple Threads and Leaf!! Go Lineage!!

  7. Is Cornelius doing a Lineage break this year? I haven’t seen him since the American Idol Season 6 case break last month.

  8. I believe he said he was going to buy 3 cases to sit on, which means he’s ripping three cases the day it releases.

  9. I’d actually keep the four horseman card lol. can I get a Ric Flair WOOOOO!?

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