2011 Press Pass Racing

2011 Press Pass Racing


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The flag drops on the 2011 racing card season with the return of Press Pass this December. 2011 Press Pass brings with it an expanded 200-card base set and all-new "Burning Rubber Signature Edition" cards featuring autographed tire relics from 2010 race winners. Press Pass packs 1 memorabilia card into each 28-pack box.

Box Configuration: 28 Packs Per Box/6 Cards Per Pack
Pack Price: $2.99
Product Type: Low-End NASCAR(d)
Geared Toward: racing enthusiasts, NASCAR fans looking to get into card collecting, memorabilia card collectors, low-end set builders

What's In The Box:

  • 1 Memorabilia Card Guaranteed Per Box

Product Highlights/Details:

  • Authentic autographed cards from NASCAR's hottest drivers including Danica Patrick!
  • New expanded 200 card Base Set!
  • New Burning Rubber Signature Edition - Autographed victory tire cards from 2010 race winners!
  • Winning Ticket - Ticket shaped set-within-a-set featuring vintage short-printed versions!
  • Burner Rubber Relic Cards - Race-used victory tires from season's most memorable races!
  • Geared Up Relics - Authentic memorabilia cards featuring a wide range of race-used memorabilia!

Card Gallery:

2011 Press Pass Racing 9

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