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2011 Leaf Best of Baseball

2011 Leaf Best of Baseball

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Last year, Leaf's Rookie Retro got a lot of hobby attention by repackaging previously released graded rookie cards. Also popular were their cut signature offerings. 2011 Leaf Best of Baseball is a tweaked combination of both. Two-card packs include one graded card (either a rookie, pre-1970 vintage card or modern autographed or memorabilia card) and one cut signature card encapsulated by BGS. The cut signature checklist is limited to 16 players and one US President, all of which are listed below. At release, expect to pay $220 to $250 per pack.

Product Configuration: One pack per box, two cards per pack.
Price Point: High-End Repackaged Baseball Card
Target Audience: Baseball Card Collectors, Graded Card Collectors, Rookie Card Collectors, Autograph Collectors, Memorabilia Card Collectors, Vintage Card Collectors, Cut Signature Collectors, Hit Seekers

Box Break

  • One PSA or BGS Graded Baseball Card Buyback
  • One Cut Signature Card
  • Two total cards

Product Highlights:

  • One graded card per pack from one of the following categories:
    • Vintage and modern rookie cards.
    • Pre-1970 vintage cards from baseball's superstars.
    • High-end autographed or memorabilia cards.
  • Each pack will also have a cut signature card encapsulated by BGS.
  • Cut signatures will come from the following list of 16 players and public figures:
    • Hank Aaron
    • Luis Aparicio
    • Jimmy Carter
    • Bobby Doerr
    • Don Drysdale
    • Bob Feller
    • Tony Gwynn
    • Ken Griffey Jr.
    • Rickey Henderson
    • George Kell
    • Ralph Kiner
    • Sandy Koufax
    • Monte Irvin
    • Greg Maddux
    • Robin Roberts
    • Babe Ruth
    • Ted Williams

Card Gallery:

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User Reviews

Mike M
Mike M

Never purchased one of these packs. Never even saw one before. First time I am grading a product I never even saw.

I give it a two, because….well…what in the heck is the point? If I am going to drop $250 on a pack of 2 cards of random autograph cards ($125 each), I want to know what the heck I am getting. For instance, I already have a Sandy Koufax and 2 Greg Maddux Autos. The Greg Maddux I have is a rookie card with him in a Cubs uniform, and one with him in a Braves uniform in ’95; the year the Braves won the WS.

I guess what I am saying is, why would I buy a repackaged buyback of two cards, instead of hitting up the secondary market? And also, how in the heck is Leaf able to purchase these cards and resell them, unless they are making a profit? My concern is, as a company, they wouldn’t do it unless they were making at least a 50% profit. Maybe 100%+ in profit. That is my assumption, anyway. That’s how retail works. If I wanted to spend that much money, I want to do it on MY terms the old-fashioned way: Negotiation / trading, and/or bidding, in order to get the lowest price possible. And I need to see what I am purchasing. Not just going to blindly dump $250 on two cards for a corporation to make an obscene profit off of it. Seems entirely silly to me.

The only other way I would drop $250, is for a box full of high-end cards, which I have never done yet since getting back into the hobby this year. Most I’ve ever spent thus far was $60 for a 2015 Topps S1 and S2 box that included a blue Ken Griffy Jr. Medallion, which I was satisfied with.

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