2011 FCW Summer Slamarama Wrestling Cards

2011 FCW Summer Slamarama Wrestling Cards

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2011 FCW Summer Slamarama wrestling cards are already worth a lot more than their big league counterparts. Over time, the differences could be even more extreme. Featuring the first cards of several young superstars that appear poised to lead the industry in the years ahead, this is a set that that has everything going for it.

Cards were only available at live events during FCW summer tour in 2011. Before becoming what's known now as NXT, FCW was the feeder federation for WWE. Basically, these are the wrestling equivalent of minor league cards. So house shows aren't nearly as big and it's easy to see just how rare these cards are.

The 2011 FCW Summer Slamarama card set has 23 cards. That doesn't stop sets from selling for several hundred dollars. Professionally graded singles can also command huge amounts.

The checklist is loaded with debut cards from many top stars, although not necessarily under the names you know them now. AJ Lee, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns (as Roman Leakee) are among those appearing in the set. It also has Bray Wyatt (as Husky Harris), although he had cards in 2010 Topps WWE products thanks to his time on the original NXT.

2011 FCW Summer Slamarama Wrestling Cards 1 2011 FCW Summer Slamarama Wrestling Cards 2

Besides being tough to find, 2011 FCW cards are condition sensitive. Good luck finding any in top shape. Add to that, many who got the cards had them signed as well. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it's another challenge for those who want a set or specific cards in their original condition.

More cards came out the following year, some of which feature the same wrestlers. 2011 FCW cards have an orange nameplate on the front for male wrestlers. Ladies have a blue nameplate with purple borders outlining it. All 2012 FCW cards have blue and yellow nameplates.

2011 FCW Summer Slamarama Wrestling Cards 3 2011 FCW Summer Slamarama Wrestling Cards 4

2011 FCW Summer Slamarama cards are definitely a set to watch in the future. The combination of an impressive checklist, legitimate rarity and condition sensitivity make it a landmark modern issue.

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2011 FCW Summer Slamarama Wrestling Checklist

23 cards.

Bo Rotundo
Brad Maddox
Briley Pierce
Brodus Clay
Calvin Raines
Conor O'Brian
Damien Sandow
Dean Ambrose
Husky Harris
Jinder Mahal
Kenneth Cameron
Leo Kruger
Mason Ryan
Peter Orlov
Raquel Diaz
Richie Steamboat
Roman Leakee
Seth Rollins
Titus O'Neill
Xavier Woods
2011 FCW Summer Slamarama Wrestling Cards 5

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