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2010 Topps Unrivaled Review

2010 Topps Unrivaled Review

Staff Rating:
2.0 / 5.0

Good: numbered base rookie cards, hearty patch selection, decent rookie checklist, 3 hits per box

Bad: flimsy stock, cheap card design, feels thrown together and rushed, doesn't make sense why this product was made, bad box value, lacks direction

Design: 1.5/5
The cards are flimsy, cheap and as generic as it gets. The product doesn't feel like Topps, it's as though they went back in time to the late 90's and outsourced the product to Pacific. The autographs are ugly sticker drops and the foil feels like it's going to turn black at any moment. I know how this story ends, five years from now you pull out your 2010 Unrivaled to find out that all the cards somehow found a way to stick together and wreak like mold and a hint of something you can't put your finger on. The only redeeming quality of the product's card design is the relic selection, which features hearty patches. Which is why this product makes absolutely no sense, why would you put decent relics in a poor quality product like Unrivaled?

Checklist: 2.5/5
Decent Checklist, the fact that the base rookies are numbered would have been a nice touch had the product not been so bad as a whole. The parallels are un-collectible, it's almost as though the gold cards were printed on fake hits. The inserts are numbered, which is another oddity, I've never seen so much numbering on a product as bad as this.

Value: 2/5
There is absolutely no value in ripping a box of Unrivaled with far superior products like 2010 Topps Prime on the market. There are some decent cards in this product, but there's no reason to open box after box trying to pull it, buy a single on eBay or at a card store instead.

Fun Factor: 2/5
I seriously can't believe this is a Topps product, it's one of the most generic and obviously rushed products I've opened in some time. I have no clue why this product was made, it has no purpose for existing. The product's only redeeming qualities (relic selection, numbering) aren't nearly enough to overcome Unrivaled's abundance of short comings. This is the worst football product of 2010 (from one of the big three card companies).

The Bottom Line: 2/5
I'm still not quite sure what I just opened, what gives late 90's Pacific the right to create a product and put Topps' name on it in the year 2010? I'm not really sure why this product was made at all, as it might be the worst Topps product I've ripped in sometime. If you've ever been unfortunate enough to open a retail version of a hobby product (when the cards are different), that's what Unrivaled feels like. The only thing that would make less sense than Unrivaled itself would be wasting $80-$90 on a box. Please do not buy this product, let's just pretend this never happened and move on.

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Steve Hau
Steve Hau

thanks for the honest review as usual. I was on the cusp of buying a box and decided against it, then I saw a buddy rip one and it is complete garbage, I don’t know what topps was thinking on this one!?!?

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