2010 Topps Heritage Baseball Cards

2010 Topps Heritage Baseball Cards


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2010 Topps Heritage Baseball returns with a 500-card set that pays homage to 1961 Topps. 2010 Topps Heritage Baseball also commemorates the unforgettable 1961 home run chase between Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle with a slew of Multi-Relic Inserts and Cut Autographs of these MLB legends. In addition, this year's Topps Heritage set brings back Topps Player Stamps, which were first introduced in 1961 Topps.

Configuration: 12 boxes per case. 24 packs per box. 8 cards and 1 stick of gum per pack.

- One Autograph Or Relic Card Per Box
- 500 Stars Of Today And Yesterday On The 1961 Topps Design
- New Chase '61 Inserts
- New Framed Topps Stamp Inserts
- New Topps Dice Game Card Backs Inserts
- On-Card Autographs and Relics From 1961 Legends and Today's Stars
- Gum In Every Pack

BASE CARDS (500) All players on vintage paper stock featuring the classic 1961 Topps card design
- Rookies, Veterans, Legends (425)
- Short Prints (75) Inserted 1:3 Packs

CHROME PARALLEL CARDS (300 total cards)
- Black-Bordered (100) #'d to 61
- Refractor (100) #'d to 561
- Chrome (100) #'d to 1961

NEW CHASE '61 (32 total cards)
- Ruth Chase '61 (1 subj;14 cards)
*Relic Parallel (14) #'d to 3 - Hobby Exclusive
- Chase '61 Dual Relic (1) hand #'d to 5
- Chase '61 Triple Relic (1) hand #'d to 5
- Chase '61 Dual Cut (1) #'d 1 of 1 - Hobby Exclusive
- Chase '61 Triple Cut (1) #'d 1 of 1 - Hobby Exclusive

- Topps Stamps (207) #'d to 50
- Buyback Topps Stamps (TBD) Hobby Exclusive

INSERT CARDS (45 total cards) 6 PER BOX
- New Age Performers (15)
- Then and Now (10)
- Baseball Flashbacks (10)
- News Flashbacks (10)

AUTOGRAPHED RELIC- CARDS (20) One Autographed or Relic Card Per Box All Autographs Signed Directly On Each Card
- Flashback Stadium Relics (5) hand #'d to 25
- Clubhouse Collection Relics (10) hand #'d to 25
- Clubhouse Collection Dual (5) hand #'d to 10 - Hobby Exclusive

AUTOGRAPHED- CARDS (65+ total cards) One Autographed or Relic Card Per Box All Autographs Signed Directly On Each Card
- Real One (20+)
- Real One Spec Ed (Red Ink) (20+) hand #'d to 61-Hobby Exclusive
- Real One Dual Autographs (10) hand #'d to 25 - Hobby Exclusive
- Flashbacks (5) hand #'d to 25
- 1961 Cut Signatures (10) #'d 1 of 1

RELIC- CARDS (43) One Relic or Autographed Card Per Box
- Clubhouse Collection (40+)
- Clubhouse Collection Dual (5) hand #'d to 61
- Flashback Stadium Relics (10)
- Dual Flashbacks (5) hand #'d to 10

- Advertising Panels - 1:2 Boxes Alternates w/Topps Stamp Album
- Topps Stamp Album - 1:2 Boxes Alternates w/Advertising Panels
- 1961 Topps Originals - 1:2 Boxes

2010 Topps Heritage Baseball Cards 3


2010 Topps Heritage Baseball Product Review

Reviewed by Brett Lewis

Good: Strong base set, classic design, compelling checklist.

Bad: Lack of innovation.

The Bottom Line: 2010 Topps Heritage certainly doesn't reinvent the wheel, but its still an above average product that is worth checking out.

Staff Rating:
3.5 / 5.0

I'm personally a huge fan of the 1961 Topps baseball set, so 2010 Topps Heritage scored big designwise for me right out the door. As always the chrome parallels are very nice touch, especially the refractors. One of the subtle design changes in this year's set is the fact that the short printed base cards have white backs to distinguish them from the brown backed regular base cards. My true introduction to Topps Heritage was the 2007 set, and the lack of distinguishing characteristics for the short printed cards annoyed me to no end.

While I love to see Topps Heritage in the month leading up to spring training each year, one of the byproducts of the early release date that the checklist of rookies tends to be fairly weak. Such is the case with this year's release, with the notable exceptions of Madison Bumgarner and Buster Posey.

A new insert set, Chase '61, which chronicles Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, and Roger Maris' historic 1961 home run chase joins several familiar insert sets like Then and Now and New Age Performers.

Topps Heritage always wins high grades in the value department for me, simply because it is such a complete product. This year's product is no different, though

I'm personally not as high on the brand as I once was. This isn't so much a result of anything 2010 Topps Heritage did wrong persay, as it follows the formula of its predecessors perfectly. Perhaps that is the problem. How much is too much of a good thing? Topps Heritage is a great set still, don't get me wrong, but unless the brand is re-energized in 2011 I see it fading away into relative mediocrity in the near future.

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2010 Topps Heritage Baseball Cards 3

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2010 Topps Heritage Baseball Cards, reviewed by The Cardboard Connection on 2010-02-22T17:23:55-05:00 rating 3.5 out of 5

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