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2010 Topps Allen & Ginter Set Building Strategy Guide

2010 Topps Allen & Ginter Set Building Strategy Guide

1. Different Cards, Different Packs

2010 Topps Allen & Ginter Set Building Strategy Guide 1For some time now, I've believed in something I call an "intelligent print run". An "intelligent print run" is strategically inserting more of a certain base card, short print, or mini card into each channel of distribution. For example, a hobby pack will have a higher frequency of a certain base card, SP, or Mini than a retail pack and vice versa. What this does is encourage collectors to purchase each type of pack on the market. The nice thing this does for collectors is create a higher demand for certain cards. Below are the four different types of Allen & Ginter packs offered:

  • Hobby Box Packs (best version, $4.99 a pack)
  • Retail Rack Packs (2 in 1 pack, only 1 mini, $4.99 a pack)
  • Retail Packs (regular retail pack, $2.99 a pack)
  • Retail Blaster Box Packs (comes in $19.99 retail 8 pack "blaster" box)

2. Buy Lots On eBay Instead Of Singles

Whether it be a lot of Base Set Short Prints or Mini's, the best way to piece a set together is through lots. Often times it is easier to simply buy the card you need for $3-$5, but if you pay attention to auction lots, there's a good chance you'll get the card you need plus several other cards you don't need for $3-$5. After several times of doing this, you will have enough doubles to form your own lot to sell, giving you more funds to finish your set.

3. Card Stores and Shows

Card Stores and Shows are excellent resources when it comes to Allen & Ginter, seeing as how it's a popular product, there is bound to be plenty of cards you need for the set(s) you are putting together. Unlike eBay, you can trade doubles and other cards for the cards you need without spending any money.

4. Mini's Are The Way To Go

2010 Topps Allen & Ginter Set Building Strategy Guide 2Putting together the regular sized 350 card base Allen & Ginter set isn't very hard or exciting. Without trying I just realized I put together the entire set through ripping packs. The better investment is in the Mini's, they are far more collectible and popular, the resale value is infinitely higher on them as well. Below are the different ways Mini's can be collected:

  • 350 Card Regular Mini Set
  • 400 Card Regular Mini Set With Mini Extensions (they come out of rip cards)
  • 401 Card Regular Mini Set With Mini Extensions and card #401 Strasburg (not recommended)
  • 350 Card Allen & Ginter Back Mini Set
  • 350 Card Black Mini Set
  • 350 Card Bazooka Back Mini Set
  • 350 Card Mini No Number Set (Not Recommended)
  • Insert Sets: Mini Celestial Stars, Mini Creatures Of Legend Myth & Joy, Mini Lords Of Olympus, Mini Monsters Of The Mesozoic, Mini National Animals, Mini Sailors of the Seven Seas, Mini Saltiest Sailors, Mini World's Biggest (I believe that these only come out of retail packs based on experience), Mini World's Greatest Wordsmiths

5. The Following Are The Best Ways To Sell Off  Doubles or Cards You Aren't Collecting on eBay:

  • Lot of more than 10-15 Base Short Prints2010 Topps Allen & Ginter Set Building Strategy Guide 3
  • Lot of more than 40 Regular Mini Cards
  • Lot of more than 30 Allen & Ginter Backs
  • Lot of more than 10 Black Mini's
  • Lot of more than 30 different mini inserts (excluding Celestial Stars & Saltiest Sailors)
  • By far the best way to sell inserts is to complete the set, this is easier than you think, as they are often thrown into the lots I spoke of above.
  • Sell No Numbers, Rip Cards, Mini Extensions, High Quality Auto's, Short Printed Relics, Celestial Stars, and Saltiest Sailor Individually.
  • Sell low dollar relics & autographs in lots
  • Sell Cabinets Cards & N43 Box Toppers Individually if at all, these are hard to sell unless they have an auto, relic, or a great player.
  • Mini Bazooka Backs can be sold individually or in lots, it depends on the quality of the player.

Other Tips:

  • Use a checklist and carry it in your wallet.
  • Try to avoid selling lots with a lot of doubles.
  • This is Allen & Ginter, so if you pull an extremely "odd" card it could be extremely valuable.
  • Decide what you are going to try and put together and try to stick to the plan.
  • Check "Newly Listed" for "Buy It Nows" and Ending Soonest For "Auctions".
  • Try and resist "over-ripping" Allen & Ginter to build a set.
2010 Topps Allen & Ginter Set Building Strategy Guide 4Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission
Brett is a former contributor to The Cardboard Connection.

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david lowe
david lowe

the 2010 allen ginter no number mini set is not recommended, why not?

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