2010 Bowman Sterling Baseball Refractor Rainbow

2010 Bowman Sterling Baseball Refractor Rainbow

Basically, a "Refractor Rainbow" is our way of showing you how a Topps product's refractor system works. Parallels are among the most confusing thing in cards and hopefully this helps, I'll do my best to provide a "Refractor Rainbow" for upcoming products to help alleviate future confusion.

Below is our 2010 Bowman Sterling Baseball refractor raindbow, which is relatively simple seeing as how their are only 5 different possible refractors. As noted below, the purple refractor /10, also known as the "reverse negative refractor" due to the backwards card text, is the only refractor that doesn't translate to autographs. Printing plates are not included, but I tend to look at a printing plate as a 1/4 rather than a 1/1 due to the fact that each product seeds a total of 4 of them (yellow, black, magenta and cyan).

2010 Bowman Sterling Baseball Refractor Rainbow 1

2010 Bowman Sterling Baseball Refractor Rainbow 2

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Brett is a former contributor to The Cardboard Connection.

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  1. Hey Brett,
    Another great article. For those who don’t understand about refractors your images and articles help. Thank you :-) I have a LOT of them lol :-)
    Dave in Mass

  2. Hi Again Mike n Brett,
    I was reading YET some more on your site here and I was checking out your Commando Search Tool. I didn’t know Ebay shared a percentage of thier revenue generated by sales through the use of this tool. I do A lot of buying/selling on Ebay. I’ll be sure to use your Commando Search from now on when I am searching for that card I’m looking for :-) Nice job! I LIKE!
    Dave in Mass

  3. This really helps, keep it up!
    And for the record, its “rainbow.”

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