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2009-10 Topps Puck Attax Hockey Product Review

2009-10 Topps Puck Attax Hockey Product Review

Good: Nice looking design.

Bad: Unengaging game play.

The Bottom Line: 2009-10 Topps Puck Attax is the next step in Topps' line of sports card gaming products. While there are some redeeming qualities to it, the game itself isn't much fun to play. Hardcore young hockey fans will likely enjoy Puck Attax, but its unlikely to get much use from children who are moderately or mildly interested in the sport.

Staff Rating:
2.0 / 5.0

The actual game cards are actually quite good looking, so much so that I wouldn't be surprised if player collectors buy a box or two of this product just to procure the sets cards for their collections. However, since Topps Puck Attax is a sports card game, the cards themselves take a backseat to the one thing that really matters in a game - whether or not it is fun to play. So, is it fun to play? Maybe for a small percentage of extremely passionate young hockey fans and collectors, but for the average kid the answer no.

The game play is very basic. This is good to some extent for kids games, but Topps Puck Attax is basic to the point of being unengaging. And this, regardless of ones age, is a problem. To play Topps Attax, each participant must select their own roster of players from the available pool, being sure to fill every position. The rest of the game consists of rolling the dice over and over to determine the course of the game. Each action is determined by which of the two players roll the highest number. There are a few other finer point to the game, but they only serve as enhancements for those who can come to terms with the monotony of the dice rolling that determines most everything in the game once the teams are picked.

For more details on how to play Puck Attax, check out the following video released by Topps:

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