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2008-09 Upper Deck Exquisite Collection Basketball Cards

2008-09 Upper Deck Exquisite Collection Basketball Cards


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2008-09 Upper Deck Exquisite Collection Basketball is one of the brand's best sets. As usual, the super premium set is loaded with autographs and memorabilia from the game's top players and legends. But so does every Exquisite set. What sets this one apart is its rookie crop, which has one of the NBA's most popular players, a pair of second-tier superstars and a handful of solid picks.

2008-09 Upper Deck Exquisite Collection Basketball Derrick Rose RCThe 2008-09 Upper Deck Exquisite Collection Basketball base set has 60 cards, all numbered to 225. On top of those are 40 autographed rookie cards. All but six have a patch as well. Rookie cards are numbered to either 225 or 99.

By far, the standout of the rookie crop is Derrick Rose, the youngest player ever to be named the NBA's MVP. Not only is the Derrick Rose rookie card considered the best in this set, but it's one of the top rookies in any Exquisite set. Kevin Love and Russell Westbrook also have autographed patch rookie cards in the release. Other first-year players include O.J. Mayo, Eric Gordon and Michael Beasley. Every single-pack box of 2008-09 Upper Deck Exquisite Collection Basketball has one rookie card.

Most of the autograph and memorabilia inserts in the release are numbered to 25 or less. Popular returning sets include Emblems of Endorsement (#/10), Enshrinements Autographs (#/25) and Noble Nameplates #/25). All autographs are signed on-card.

2008-09 Upper Deck Exquisite Collection Basketball boxes have five cards including an autographed rookie card, an autographed patch card, one autograph, and autograph or memorabilia card and a base card. The final card is either another base, a parallel, an autograph or memorabilia card.

Random boxes feature only cards of a single player. A total of 15 stars make the list, including Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

Key 2008-09 Upper Deck Exquisite Collection Basketball Cards:

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Set Checklist

2008-09 Upper Deck Exquisite Collection Basketball Set Checklist

Base Set Checklist

Serial Numbered #/125
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold #/50, Black #/1, Masterpieces #/1 (Black, Blue, Red, Yellow)

1 Kevin Garnett
2 LeBron James
3 Dwight Howard
4 Kobe Bryant
5 Carmelo Anthony
6 Tim Duncan
7 Yao Ming
8 Dwyane Wade
9 Dirk Nowitzki
10 Jason Kidd
11 Allen Iverson
12 Tracy McGrady
13 Steve Nash
14 Ray Allen
15 Amar'e Stoudemire
16 Vince Carter
17 Shaquille O`Neal
18 Chris Bosh
19 Gilbert Arenas
20 Chauncey Billups
21 Paul Pierce
22 Chris Paul
23 Michael Jordan
24 Carlos Boozer
25 Manu Ginobili
26 Shawn Marion
27 Tony Parker
28 Baron Davis
29 Kevin Durant
30 Josh Howard
31 Marcus Camby
32 Michael Redd
33 Caron Butler
34 Richard Hamilton
35 Andrea Bargnani
36 Tyson Chandler
37 Andrew Bogut
38 Joe Johnson
39 T.J. Ford
40 Rashard Lewis
41 Pau Gasol
42 David Lee
43 Andre Iguodala
44 Greg Oden
45 Corey Maggette
46 Andrew Bynum
47 Mo Williams
48 Elton Brand
49 Ben Gordon
50 Danny Granger
51 Richard Jefferson
52 Al Horford
53 Gerald Wallace
54 Rudy Gay
55 Deron Williams
56 Corey Brewer
57 Monta Ellis
58 Kevin Martin
59 Luol Deng
60 Brandon Roy

Rookie Auto Patch Set Checklist

Serial Numbered #/225 or as noted
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold #/25, Black #/1, Masterpieces #/1 (Black, Blue, Red, Yellow)

61 Kevin Love
62 Joe Alexander
63 D.J. Augustin
64 Brook Lopez
65 Jason Thompson
66 Brandon Rush
67 Anthony Randolph
68 Robin Lopez
69 Marreese Speights
70 Roy Hibbert
71 Javale McGee
72 J.J. Hickson
73 Ryan Anderson
74 Courtney Lee
75 Kosta Koufos
76 George Hill
77 Darrell Arthur
78 Donte Greene
79 D.J. White #/55
80 J.R. Giddens
81 Walter Sharpe
82 Joey Dorsey
83 Mario Chalmers
84 DeAndre Jordan
85 Kyle Weaver
86 Sonny Weems
87 Chris Douglas-Roberts
88 Rudy Fernandez
89 Marc Gasol #/150
90 O.J. Mayo #/99
91 Michael Beasley #/99
92 Derrick Rose #/99
93 Russell Westbrook
94 Eric Gordon

Rookie Auto Set Checklist

Serial Numbered #/99
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold #/25, Black #/1, Masterpieces #/1 (Black, Blue, Red, Yellow)

95 Nicolas Batum
96 Mike Taylor
97 Alexis Ajinca
98 Luc Mbah A Moute
99 Sean Singletary
100 Danilo Gallinari

Base Jersey Parallel Set Checklist

Serial Numbered #/35

1 Kevin Garnett
2 LeBron James
3 Dwight Howard
4 Kobe Bryant
5 Carmelo Anthony
6 Tim Duncan
7 Yao Ming
9 Dirk Nowitzki
10 Jason Kidd
11 Allen Iverson
12 Tracy McGrady
13 Steve Nash
14 Ray Allen
15 Amar'e Stoudemire
16 Vince Carter
17 Shaquille O`Neal
18 Chris Bosh
19 Gilbert Arenas
20 Chauncey Billups
21 Paul Pierce
22 Chris Paul
23 Michael Jordan
24 Carlos Boozer
25 Manu Ginobili
26 Shawn Marion
27 Tony Parker
28 Baron Davis
29 Kevin Durant
30 Josh Howard
31 Marcus Camby
32 Michael Redd
33 Caron Butler
34 Richard Hamilton
35 Andrea Bargnani
36 Tyson Chandler
37 Andrew Bogut
38 Joe Johnson
39 T.J. Ford
40 Rashard Lewis
41 Pau Gasol
42 David Lee
43 Andre Iguodala
45 Corey Maggette
46 Andrew Bynum
47 Mo Williams
48 Elton Brand
49 Ben Gordon
50 Danny Granger
51 Richard Jefferson
52 Al Horford
53 Gerald Wallace
54 Rudy Gay
55 Deron Williams
56 Corey Brewer
57 Monta Ellis
58 Kevin Martin
59 Luol Deng
60 Brandon Roy

Base Auto Patch Parallel Set Checklist

Serial Numbered #/1

1 Kevin Garnett
2 LeBron James
3 Dwight Howard
4 Kobe Bryant
7 Yao Ming
10 Jason Kidd
12 Tracy McGrady
13 Steve Nash
14 Ray Allen
15 Amar'e Stoudemire
16 Vince Carter
20 Chauncey Billups
21 Paul Pierce
22 Chris Paul
23 Michael Jordan
24 Carlos Boozer
27 Tony Parker
28 Baron Davis
29 Kevin Durant
36 Tyson Chandler
42 David Lee
43 Andre Iguodala
45 Corey Maggette
46 Andrew Bynum
47 Mo Williams
49 Ben Gordon
50 Danny Granger
51 Richard Jefferson
52 Al Horford
53 Gerald Wallace
54 Rudy Gay
55 Deron Williams
56 Corey Brewer
60 Brandon Roy

Rookie Auto Patch Parallel Set Checklist

61 Kevin Love #/ 42
62 Joe Alexander #/ 11
63 D.J. Augustin #/ 14
64 Brook Lopez #/ 11
65 Jason Thompson #/ 34
66 Brandon Rush #/ 25
67 Anthony Randolph #/ 4
68 Robin Lopez #/ 15
69 Marreese Speights #/ 16
71 Javale McGee #/ 34
72 J.J. Hickson #/ 21
73 Ryan Anderson #/ 20
74 Courtney Lee #/ 11
75 Kosta Koufos #/ 41
76 George Hill #/ 3
77 Darrell Arthur #/1
78 Donte Greene #/ 10
79 D.J. White #/ 3
80 J.R. Giddens #/ 4
81 Walter Sharpe #/ 42
82 Joey Dorsey #/ 15
83 Mario Chalmers #/ 6
84 DeAndre Jordan #/ 6
85 Kyle Weaver #/ 20
86 Sonny Weems #/ 13
87 Chris Douglas-Roberts #/ 8
88 Rudy Fernandez #/ 5
89 Marc Gasol #/ 33
90 O.J. Mayo #/ 32
91 Michael Beasley #/ 30
92 Derrick Rose #/ 1
93 Russell Westbrook #/
94 Eric Gordon #/ 10

Rookie Auto Parallel Set Checklist

95 Nicolas Batum #/ 12
96 Mike Taylor #/ 6
97 Alexis Ajinca #/ 21
98 Luc Mbah A Moute #/ 12
99 Sean Singletary #/ 44
100 Danilo Gallinari #/ 12

Autographs Set Checklist

Serial Numbered #/35 or as noted

AUTO-AD Adrian Dantley
AUTO-AG Artis Gilmore
AUTO-AH Al Horford
AUTO-AM Alonzo Mourning
AUTO-BB Bobby Brown
AUTO-BL Bill Laimbeer
AUTO-BO Bob Lanier
AUTO-BW Bill Walton
AUTO-CB Carlos Boozer
AUTO-CL Clyde Drexler
AUTO-DC Daequan Cook
AUTO-DE Derrick Rose
AUTO-DF Derek Fisher
AUTO-DH Dwight Howard
AUTO-DO Dominique Wilkins
AUTO-DW Deron Williams
AUTO-EG Eric Gordon
AUTO-FE Rudy Fernandez
AUTO-GG George Gervin
AUTO-GW Gerald Wallace
AUTO-JB Jose Barea
AUTO-JH John Havlicek
AUTO-KB Kobe Bryant #/24
AUTO-KD Kevin Durant
AUTO-KG Kevin Garnett
AUTO-LJ LeBron James #/23
AUTO-LO Lamar Odom
AUTO-MB Michael Beasley
AUTO-MC Mike Conley
AUTO-MG Marc Gasol
AUTO-OR Oscar Robertson
AUTO-RD Dennis Rodman
AUTO-RF Randy Foye
AUTO-RO Brandon Roy
AUTO-RP Robert Parish
AUTO-RS Rodney Stuckey
AUTO-RW Russell Westbrook
AUTO-SI Jack Sikma
AUTO-SM Sidney Moncrief
AUTO-WF Walt Frazier

Big Auto Jersey Set Checklist

Serial Numbered #/10

BIG-BD Baron Davis
BIG-DH Dwight Howard
BIG-DR Derrick Rose
BIG-KB Kobe Bryant
BIG-KD Kevin Durant
BIG-KG Kevin Garnett
BIG-LJ LeBron James
BIG-OM O.J. Mayo
BIG-RS Rodney Stuckey
BIG-SN Steve Nash

Dual Auto Jersey Set Checklist

Serial Numbered #/5

ED-AD LaMarcus Aldridge
ED-AD Kevin Durant
ED-AR Brandon Roy
ED-AR LaMarcus Aldridge
ED-BB Andrew Bynum
ED-BB Kobe Bryant
ED-BH Al Horford
ED-BH Mike Bibby
ED-BJ Michael Jordan
ED-BJ Kobe Bryant
ED-BL Kevin Love
ED-BL Corey Brewer
ED-BP Kobe Bryant
ED-BP Paul Pierce
ED-BR Michael Beasley
ED-BR Derrick Rose
ED-BS Amar'e Stoudemire
ED-BS Andrew Bynum
ED-BW Kobe Bryant
ED-BW Jerry West
ED-CD Chris Douglas-Roberts
ED-CD Vince Carter
ED-CJ Vince Carter
ED-CJ Antawn Jamison
ED-CM O.J. Mayo
ED-CM Mike Conley
ED-CW Vince Carter
ED-CW Dominique Wilkins
ED-DA Kevin Durant
ED-DA D.J. Augustin
ED-DG Baron Davis
ED-DG Eric Gordon
ED-DW Dominique Wilkins
ED-DW Clyde Drexler
ED-EA Julius Erving
ED-EA Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
ED-FA D.J. Augustin
ED-FA Raymond Felton
ED-FR Rajon Rondo
ED-FR Jordan Farmar
ED-GC Rudy Gay
ED-GC Mike Conley
ED-GM Rudy Gay
ED-GM Jamario Moon
ED-GP Kevin Garnett
ED-GP Paul Pierce
ED-GR Kevin Garnett
ED-GR Bill Russell
ED-JA Carmelo Anthony
ED-JA LeBron James
ED-JB Larry Bird
ED-JB Michael Jordan
ED-JF Michael Jordan
ED-JF Walt Frazier
ED-JJ Michael Jordan
ED-JJ Magic Johnson
ED-JL Al Jefferson
ED-JL Kevin Love
ED-JW LeBron James
ED-JW Mo Williams
ED-KJ Kevin Durant
ED-KJ Jeff Green
ED-KK Kevin Durant
ED-KK Kevin Garnett
ED-KW Jason Kidd
ED-KW Deron Williams
ED-LA Andrew Bynum
ED-LA Luke Walton
ED-LH Courtney Lee
ED-LH Dwight Howard
ED-LM Larry Bird
ED-LM Magic Johnson
ED-MB Marco Belinelli
ED-MB Corey Maggette
ED-MC Vince Carter
ED-MC Tracy McGrady
ED-MD Corey Maggette
ED-MD Baron Davis
ED-MI Andre Iguodala
ED-MI Andre Miller
ED-ML Michael Jordan
ED-ML LeBron James
ED-MM Tracy McGrady
ED-MM Yao Ming
ED-NF Steve Nash
ED-NF Rudy Fernandez
ED-NK Steve Nash
ED-NK Steve Kerr
ED-NS Steve Nash
ED-NS Amar'e Stoudemire
ED-PG J.R. Giddens
ED-PG Paul Pierce
ED-PH Tony Parker
ED-PH George Hill
ED-PR Brandon Roy
ED-PR Paul Pierce
ED-RF Rudy Fernandez
ED-RF Brandon Roy
ED-SA Arron Afflalo
ED-SA Rodney Stuckey
ED-SP Rodney Stuckey
ED-SP Tayshaun Prince
ED-TN Tyrus Thomas
ED-TN Joakim Noah
ED-WA Gerald Wallace
ED-WA D.J. Augustin
ED-WB Deron Williams
ED-WB Carlos Boozer
ED-WP Chris Paul
ED-WP David West
ED-WW Dominique Wilkins
ED-WW Spud Webb
ED-YC Yao Ming
ED-YC Carl Landry

Dual Logo Auto Set Checklist

Serial Numbered #/1

DLOG-AJ Joe Alexander
DLOG-AJ Richard Jefferson
DLOG-BC Vince Carter
DLOG-BC Kobe Bryant
DLOG-BF Chauncey Billups
DLOG-BF Raymond Felton
DLOG-BG Rudy Gay
DLOG-BG Michael Beasley
DLOG-BH Andrew Bynum
DLOG-BH Dwight Howard
DLOG-BJ Kobe Bryant
DLOG-BJ LeBron James
DLOG-BK Kobe Bryant
DLOG-BK Jason Kidd
DLOG-BO Kobe Bryant
DLOG-BO Lamar Odom
DLOG-BW Carlos Boozer
DLOG-BW Deron Williams
DLOG-CH Dwight Howard
DLOG-CH Vince Carter
DLOG-CJ Vince Carter
DLOG-CJ Antawn Jamison
DLOG-CM Vince Carter
DLOG-CM Tracy McGrady
DLOG-DG Baron Davis
DLOG-DG Eric Gordon
DLOG-GD Kevin Durant
DLOG-GD Kevin Garnett
DLOG-GH Kevin Garnett
DLOG-GH Dwight Howard
DLOG-GM Rudy Gay
DLOG-GP Paul Pierce
DLOG-GP Kevin Garnett
DLOG-HG Kirk Hinrich
DLOG-HG Ben Gordon
DLOG-JI Andre Iguodala
DLOG-JI Richard Jefferson
DLOG-JK Kevin Durant
DLOG-JK Jeff Green
DLOG-JL Kevin Love
DLOG-JL Al Jefferson
DLOG-KJ Jason Kidd
DLOG-KJ LeBron James
DLOG-KP Jason Kidd
DLOG-KP Chris Paul
DLOG-KS Jason Kidd
DLOG-KS John Stockton
DLOG-LL Brook Lopez
DLOG-LL Robin Lopez
DLOG-LW Russell Westbrook
DLOG-LW Kevin Love
DLOG-MH Dwight Howard
DLOG-MH Yao Ming
DLOG-MM Yao Ming
DLOG-MM Tracy McGrady
DLOG-ND Steve Nash
DLOG-ND Baron Davis
DLOG-NH Al Horford
DLOG-NH Joakim Noah
DLOG-NK Jason Kidd
DLOG-NK Steve Nash
DLOG-NS Steve Nash
DLOG-NS Amar'e Stoudemire
DLOG-OK Chris Kaman
DLOG-OK Jermaine O`Neal
DLOG-PD Glen Davis
DLOG-PD Paul Pierce
DLOG-PG Paul Pierce
DLOG-PG J.R. Giddens
DLOG-RB Jerryd Bayless
DLOG-RB Brandon Roy
DLOG-RC Brandon Rush
DLOG-RC Mario Chalmers
DLOG-RD Chris Douglas-Roberts
DLOG-RD Derrick Rose
DLOG-RL David Lee
DLOG-RL Quentin Richardson
DLOG-YA Yao Ming
DLOG-YA Alonzo Mourning

Emblems of Endorsement Set Checklist

Serial Numbered #/10 or as noted

EE-AB Andrew Bynum
EE-AH Al Horford
EE-BD Baron Davis
EE-CP Chris Paul
EE-DE Derrick Rose
EE-DR Derrick Rose
EE-DW Deron Williams
EE-GG George Gervin #/1
EE-GH George Hill
EE-IT Isiah Thomas
EE-JB Jerryd Bayless
EE-JG Jeff Green
EE-JK Jason Kidd
EE-JS John Stockton
EE-JW Jerry West
EE-KB Kobe Bryant
EE-KD Kevin Durant
EE-KG Kevin Garnett
EE-LJ LeBron James
EE-MB Michael Beasley
EE-MC Mike Conley
EE-MJ Michael Jordan
EE-OJ O.J. Mayo
EE-OM O.J. Mayo
EE-PP Paul Pierce
EE-RF Rudy Fernandez
EE-RO David Robinson
EE-RS Rodney Stuckey
EE-SW Sonny Weems
EE-VC Vince Carter

Enshrinements Autograph Set Checklist

Serial Numbered #/25 or as noted

EN-BR Bill Russell
EN-CP Chris Paul
EN-DR David Robinson
EN-DW Dominique Wilkins
EN-HO Hakeem Olajuwon
EN-IT Isiah Thomas
EN-JE Julius Erving
EN-JO Magic Johnson
EN-JS John Stockton
EN-JW Jerry West
EN-KA Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
EN-KB Kobe Bryant #/24
EN-KG Kevin Garnett
EN-LB Larry Bird
EN-LJ LeBron James #/23
EN-MJ Michael Jordan #/23
EN-OR Oscar Robertson
EN-RP Robert Parish
EN-VC Vince Carter
EN-WF Walt Frazier

Enshrinements Dual Autograph Set Checklist

Serial Numbered #/25

END-BA Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
END-BA Bob McAdoo
END-BJ Kobe Bryant
END-BJ LeBron James
END-BP Paul Pierce
END-BP Kobe Bryant
END-CK Mitch Kupchak
END-CK Michael Cooper
END-CW Vince Carter
END-CW Dominique Wilkins
END-GA George Gervin
END-GA Adrian Dantley
END-JB Larry Bird
END-JB Magic Johnson
END-JJ LeBron James #/23
END-JJ Michael Jordan
END-JR Michael Jordan
END-JR Dennis Rodman
END-KM Kobe Bryant
END-KM Michael Jordan
END-MG Kevin Garnett
END-MG Alonzo Mourning
END-MM Yao Ming
END-MM Tracy McGrady
END-NK Steve Nash
END-NK Jason Kidd
END-OR Hakeem Olajuwon
END-OR David Robinson
END-RH Bill Russell
END-RH John Havlicek
END-RJ LeBron James
END-RJ Oscar Robertson
END-SH Dwight Howard
END-SH Amar'e Stoudemire
END-TP Chris Paul
END-TP Isiah Thomas
END-WG Gail Goodrich
END-WG Jerry West
END-WS John Stockton
END-WS Deron Williams

Flawless Autograph Set Checklist

FLAW-AB Andrew Bynum #/ 50
FLAW-AH Al Horford #/ 50
FLAW-AM Alonzo Mourning #/ 25
FLAW-BD Baron Davis #/ 50
FLAW-BR Bill Russell #/ 25
FLAW-CD Clyde Drexler #/ 25
FLAW-CP Chris Paul #/ 25
FLAW-DF Derek Fisher #/ 50
FLAW-DW Deron Williams #/ 25
FLAW-IT Isiah Thomas #/ 25
FLAW-JE Julius Erving #/ 25
FLAW-JN Joakim Noah #/ 50
FLAW-JW Jerry West #/ 25
FLAW-KA Kareem Abdul-Jabbar #/ 25
FLAW-KB Kobe Bryant #/ 24
FLAW-KD Kevin Durant #/ 50
FLAW-KG Kevin Garnett #/ 50
FLAW-LJ LeBron James #/ 23
FLAW-MC Michael Cooper #/ 50
FLAW-MJ Michael Jordan #/ 23
FLAW-MK Mitch Kupchak #/ 25
FLAW-OR Oscar Robertson #/ 25
FLAW-PP Paul Pierce #/ 50
FLAW-RB Rick Barry #/ 25
FLAW-RO Brandon Roy #/ 50
FLAW-RP Robert Parish #/ 50
FLAW-RS Rodney Stuckey #/ 50
FLAW-TM Tracy McGrady #/ 50
FLAW-VC Vince Carter #/ 50

Foursome Patch Set Checklist

Serial Numbered #/5

EF-MVP Allen Iverson
EF-MVP Kevin Garnett
EF-MVP LeBron James
EF-MVP Kobe Bryant
EF-USA Kobe Bryant
EF-USA LeBron James
EF-USA Chris Paul
EF-USA Carmelo Anthony
EF-ASPG Chris Paul
EF-ASPG Baron Davis
EF-ASPG Jason Kidd
EF-ASPG Steve Nash
EF-GOAT LeBron James
EF-GOAT Kobe Bryant
EF-GOAT Michael Jordan
EF-GOAT Kevin Garnett
EF-RC07 Kevin Durant
EF-RC07 Joakim Noah
EF-RC07 Jeff Green
EF-RC07 Al Horford

Hinged Card Set Checklist

Serial Numbered #/1 or as noted

KB-1 Kobe Bryant
KB-2 Kobe Bryant
KB-3 Kobe Bryant
KB-4 Kobe Bryant
KB-5 Kobe Bryant
KG-1 Kevin Garnett #/10
KG-2 Kevin Garnett #/10
KG-3 Kevin Garnett #/10
LJ-1 LeBron James #/10
LJ-2 LeBron James #/10
LJ-3 LeBron James #/10
LJ-4 LeBron James #/10
LJ-5 LeBron James #/10
MJ-1 Michael Jordan
MJ-2 Michael Jordan
MJ-3 Michael Jordan
MJ-4 Michael Jordan
MJ-5 Michael Jordan
MJ-6 Michael Jordan
MJ-7 Michael Jordan
MJ-8 Michael Jordan
MJ-9 Michael Jordan
MJ-10 Michael Jordan
MJ-11 Michael Jordan
MJ-12 Michael Jordan
MJ-13 Michael Jordan
MJ-14 Michael Jordan
MJ-15 Michael Jordan
MJ-16 Michael Jordan
MJ-17 Michael Jordan
MJ-18 Michael Jordan
MJ-19 Michael Jordan
MJ-20 Michael Jordan
MJ-21 Michael Jordan
MJ-22 Michael Jordan
MJ-23 Michael Jordan

Inscriptions Autograph Set Checklist

SCRIPT-AD Adrian Dantley #/ 25
SCRIPT-AH Al Horford #/ 50
SCRIPT-AI Andre Iguodala #/ 25
SCRIPT-AM Alonzo Mourning #/ 25
SCRIPT-AS Amar'e Stoudemire #/ 25
SCRIPT-BD Baron Davis #/ 50
SCRIPT-BL Bill Laimbeer #/ 50
SCRIPT-BM Bob McAdoo #/ 50
SCRIPT-BR Brandon Roy #/ 50
SCRIPT-CB Chauncey Billups #/ 50
SCRIPT-CP Chris Paul #/ 25
SCRIPT-DC Daequan Cook #/ 50
SCRIPT-DG Darrell Griffith #/ 25
SCRIPT-DH Dwight Howard #/ 50
SCRIPT-DR Dennis Rodman #/ 25
SCRIPT-DW Dominique Wilkins #/ 25
SCRIPT-GG George Gervin #/ 50
SCRIPT-GW Gerald Wallace #/ 50
SCRIPT-HA Hilton Armstrong #/ 50
SCRIPT-HO Hakeem Olajuwon #/ 25
SCRIPT-JG Jeff Green #/ 50
SCRIPT-JK Jason Kidd #/ 50
SCRIPT-JS Jack Sikma #/ 50
SCRIPT-JW Jerry West #/ 25
SCRIPT-KB Kobe Bryant #/ 24
SCRIPT-KD Kevin Durant #/ 50
SCRIPT-KG Kevin Garnett #/ 50
SCRIPT-MC Mike Conley #/ 50
SCRIPT-MW Marvin Williams #/ 50
SCRIPT-OR Oscar Robertson #/ 25
SCRIPT-PA Tony Parker #/ 50
SCRIPT-PP Paul Pierce #/ 50
SCRIPT-RP Robert Parish #/ 50
SCRIPT-SM Sidney Moncrief #/ 20
SCRIPT-SN Steve Nash #/ 50
SCRIPT-TM Tracy McGrady #/ 50
SCRIPT-TP Tayshaun Prince #/ 25
SCRIPT-VC Vince Carter #/ 50
SCRIPT-YM Yao Ming #/ 50

Inscriptions Dual Autograph Set Checklist

Serial Numbered #/10

DIN-BJ Kobe Bryant
DIN-BJ LeBron James
DIN-BK Kevin Garnett
DIN-BK Bill Russell
DIN-BW Carlos Boozer
DIN-BW Deron Williams
DIN-CH Dwight Howard
DIN-CH Tyson Chandler
DIN-CL Eddy Curry
DIN-CL David Lee
DIN-CM Tracy McGrady
DIN-CM Vince Carter
DIN-DG Kevin Durant
DIN-DG Jeff Green
DIN-GR George Gervin
DIN-GR David Robinson
DIN-HN Joakim Noah
DIN-HN Kirk Hinrich
DIN-JW LeBron James
DIN-JW Mo Williams
DIN-KB Jose Barea
DIN-KB Jason Kidd
DIN-KM Kobe Bryant
DIN-KM Michael Jordan
DIN-NK Steve Nash
DIN-NK Jason Kidd
DIN-NS Amar'e Stoudemire
DIN-NS Steve Nash
DIN-PG Paul Pierce
DIN-PG Kevin Garnett
DIN-PW David West
DIN-PW Chris Paul
DIN-RD Brandon Roy
DIN-RD Kevin Durant
DIN-SP Rodney Stuckey
DIN-SP Tayshaun Prince
DIN-WJ Magic Johnson
DIN-WJ Jerry West
DIN-WP Chris Paul
DIN-WP Deron Williams

Limited Logos Auto Patch Set Checklist

Serial Numbered #/25 or as noted

LL-AH Al Horford
LL-AI Andre Iguodala
LL-BD Baron Davis
LL-CP Chris Paul
LL-DH Dwight Howard
LL-DL David Lee
LL-DR Derrick Rose
LL-DW David West
LL-EG Eric Gordon
LL-GH George Hill
LL-JG Jeff Green
LL-JK Jason Kidd
LL-JR J.R. Giddens
LL-JS John Stockton
LL-KB Kobe Bryant #/24
LL-KD Kevin Durant
LL-KG Kevin Garnett
LL-KL Kevin Love
LL-LJ LeBron James #/23
LL-MB Michael Beasley
LL-MJ Michael Jordan
LL-PP Paul Pierce
LL-RF Rudy Fernandez
LL-RJ Richard Jefferson
LL-RP Robert Parish
LL-RS Rodney Stuckey
LL-SB Shane Battier
LL-SN Steve Nash #/24
LL-TC Tom Chambers
LL-VC Vince Carter
LL-VD Vlade Divac
LL-WI Deron Williams

Limited Throwback Logos Auto Patch Set Checklist

Serial Numbered #/25 or as noted

LT-AR Anthony Randolph
LT-BL Brook Lopez
LT-BR Brandon Rush #/22
LT-CD Chris Douglas-Roberts
LT-CL Courtney Lee
LT-DA Darrell Arthur
LT-DG Donte Greene
LT-DJ D.J. Augustin
LT-DR Derrick Rose
LT-EG Eric Gordon
LT-GH George Hill
LT-JA Joe Alexander
LT-JB Jerryd Bayless
LT-JD Joey Dorsey
LT-JG J.R. Giddens
LT-JH J.J. Hickson
LT-JM Javale McGee
LT-JT Jason Thompson
LT-KK Kosta Koufos
LT-KL Kevin Love
LT-MB Michael Beasley
LT-MC Mario Chalmers
LT-MS Marreese Speights
LT-OM O.J. Mayo
LT-RA Ryan Anderson
LT-RL Robin Lopez
LT-SW Sonny Weems
LT-WS Walter Sharpe

Nameplates Auto Patch Set Checklist

NA-AH Al Horford #/ 25
NA-AJ Al Jefferson #/ 25
NA-AL Joe Alexander #/ 25
NA-AM Alonzo Mourning #/ 25
NA-AR Anthony Randolph #/ 25
NA-AT Al Thornton #/ 25
NA-BA Jose Barea #/ 25
NA-BD Baron Davis #/ 25
NA-BG Ben Gordon #/ 25
NA-BI Mike Bibby #/ 25
NA-BR Corey Brewer #/ 25
NA-CB Chauncey Billups #/ 25
NA-CP Chris Paul #/ 25
NA-DA D.J. Augustin #/ 25
NA-DH Dwight Howard #/ 25
NA-DR Derrick Rose #/ 25
NA-DW David West #/ 25
NA-EG Eric Gordon #/ 25
NA-FE Raymond Felton #/ 10
NA-FG Francisco Garcia #/ 25
NA-GH George Hill #/ 25
NA-GP Gabe Pruitt #/ 25
NA-HA Al Harrington #/ 18
NA-JB Jerryd Bayless #/ 25
NA-JG Jeff Green #/ 25
NA-JJ J.J. Hickson #/ 25
NA-JK Jason Kidd #/ 25
NA-JM Jamario Moon #/ 25
NA-JO Jermaine O`Neal #/ 25
NA-JT Jason Thompson #/ 25
NA-KB Kobe Bryant #/ 24
NA-KD Kevin Durant #/ 25
NA-KG Kevin Garnett #/ 25
NA-KL Kevin Love #/ 25
NA-KW Kyle Weaver #/ 25
NA-LJ LeBron James #/ 23
NA-MC Mario Chalmers #/ 14
NA-MG Marc Gasol #/ 8
NA-MI Mike Conley #/ 25
NA-MJ Michael Jordan #/ 18
NA-MP Morris Peterson #/ 25
NA-OM O.J. Mayo #/ 25
NA-PP Paul Pierce #/ 25
NA-RA Ray Allen #/ 25
NA-RF Rudy Fernandez #/ 25
NA-RJ Richard Jefferson #/ 25
NA-RS Rodney Stuckey #/ 20
NA-RY Ryan Anderson #/ 25
NA-SB Shane Battier #/ 20
NA-SH Spencer Hawes #/ 25
NA-SN Steve Nash #/ 8
NA-TC Tyson Chandler #/ 25
NA-TM Tracy McGrady #/ 25
NA-TP Tayshaun Prince #/ 25
NA-VC Vince Carter #/ 5
NA-WI Deron Williams #/ 25

NBA All-Access Triple Logo Set Checklist

Serial Numbered #/1

TRIP-ABC Darrell Arthur
TRIP-ABC Michael Beasley
TRIP-ABC Mario Chalmers
TRIP-AJW Luke Walton
TRIP-AJW Richard Jefferson
TRIP-AJW Gilbert Arenas
TRIP-ASR Josh Smith
TRIP-ASR Carmelo Anthony
TRIP-ASR Rajon Rondo
TRIP-BGB Pau Gasol
TRIP-BGB Kobe Bryant
TRIP-BGB Andrew Bynum
TRIP-BMB Andrea Bargnani
TRIP-BMB Chris Bosh
TRIP-BMB Shawn Marion
TRIP-BSB Raja Bell
TRIP-BSB Bruce Bowen
TRIP-BSB DeShawn Stevenson
TRIP-CGW Julian Wright
TRIP-CGW Jeff Green
TRIP-CGW Daequan Cook
TRIP-CLC Carmelo Anthony
TRIP-CLC Chris Bosh
TRIP-CLC LeBron James
TRIP-CRH Vince Carter
TRIP-CRH Jason Richardson
TRIP-CRH Dwight Howard
TRIP-CWP Chris Paul
TRIP-CWP David West
TRIP-CWP Tyson Chandler
TRIP-DGR Tim Duncan
TRIP-DGR David Robinson
TRIP-DGR George Gervin
TRIP-DGW Jeff Green
TRIP-DGW Kevin Durant
TRIP-DGW Russell Westbrook
TRIP-DNG Luol Deng
TRIP-DNG Joakim Noah
TRIP-DNG Ben Gordon
TRIP-DTG Baron Davis
TRIP-DTG Al Thornton
TRIP-DTG Eric Gordon
TRIP-EAW Dominique Wilkins
TRIP-EAW Julius Erving
TRIP-EAW Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
TRIP-GBW Jerryd Bayless
TRIP-GBW Eric Gordon
TRIP-GBW Russell Westbrook
TRIP-HMS Jeff Hornacek
TRIP-HMS Karl Malone
TRIP-HMS John Stockton
TRIP-JAB Gilbert Arenas
TRIP-JAB Antawn Jamison
TRIP-JAB Caron Butler
TRIP-JBJ LeBron James
TRIP-JBJ Kobe Bryant
TRIP-JBJ Michael Jordan
TRIP-JBL Corey Brewer
TRIP-JBL Al Jefferson
TRIP-JBL Kevin Love
TRIP-JJB Larry Bird
TRIP-JJB Magic Johnson
TRIP-JJB Michael Jordan
TRIP-JRA Michael Redd
TRIP-JRA Richard Jefferson
TRIP-JRA Joe Alexander
TRIP-JSH Joe Johnson
TRIP-JSH Josh Smith
TRIP-JSH Al Horford
TRIP-JWG Daniel Gibson
TRIP-JWG Mo Williams
TRIP-JWG LeBron James
TRIP-KNH Josh Howard
TRIP-KNH Jason Kidd
TRIP-KNH Dirk Nowitzki
TRIP-LRT Isiah Thomas
TRIP-LRT Dennis Rodman
TRIP-LRT Bill Laimbeer
TRIP-MBP Kevin McHale
TRIP-MBP Larry Bird
TRIP-MBP Robert Parish
TRIP-MBR Michael Beasley
TRIP-MBR Derrick Rose
TRIP-MPR Dennis Rodman
TRIP-MPR Michael Jordan
TRIP-MPR Scottie Pippen
TRIP-NDH Al Horford
TRIP-NDH Kevin Durant
TRIP-NDH Joakim Noah
TRIP-NKD Jason Kidd
TRIP-NKD Baron Davis
TRIP-NKD Steve Nash
TRIP-NPW Steve Nash
TRIP-NPW Deron Williams
TRIP-NPW Chris Paul
TRIP-NSO Amar'e Stoudemire
TRIP-NSO Steve Nash
TRIP-NSO Shaquille O`Neal
TRIP-OER Patrick Ewing
TRIP-OER David Robinson
TRIP-OER Hakeem Olajuwon
TRIP-PAG Kevin Garnett
TRIP-PAG Paul Pierce
TRIP-PAG Ray Allen
TRIP-PNR Rajon Rondo
TRIP-PNR Steve Nash
TRIP-PNR Chris Paul
TRIP-WDW Clyde Drexler
TRIP-WDW Dominique Wilkins
TRIP-WDW Spud Webb

Player Box Set Checklist

PB-HO Hakeem Olajuwon #/ 34
PB-JE Julius Erving #/ 6
PB-JO Magic Johnson #/ 32
PB-JS John Stockton #/ 12
PB-KB Kobe Bryant #/ 24
PB-KG Kevin Garnett #/ 5
PB-LB Larry Bird #/ 33
PB-LJ LeBron James #/ 23
PB-MB Michael Beasley #/ 30
PB-MJ Michael Jordan #/ 23
PB-OM O.J. Mayo #/ 32

Player Box Mem Set Checklist

PBM-HO Hakeem Olajuwon #/ 34
PBM-JE Julius Erving #/ 6
PBM-JO Magic Johnson #/ 32
PBM-JS John Stockton #/ 12
PBM-KB Kobe Bryant #/ 24
PBM-KG Kevin Garnett #/ 5
PBM-LB Larry Bird #/ 33
PBM-LJ LeBron James #/ 23
PBM-MB Michael Beasley #/ 30
PBM-MJ Michael Jordan #/ 23
PBM-OM O.J. Mayo #/ 32

Player Box Auto Set Checklist

PBA-HO Hakeem Olajuwon #/ 34
PBA-JE Julius Erving #/ 6
PBA-JO Magic Johnson #/ 32
PBA-JS John Stockton #/ 12
PBA-KB Kobe Bryant #/ 24
PBA-KG Kevin Garnett #/ 5
PBA-LB Larry Bird #/ 33
PBA-LJ LeBron James #/ 23
PBA-MB Michael Beasley #/ 30
PBA-MJ Michael Jordan #/ 23
PBA-OM O.J. Mayo #/ 32
PBA-RO David Robinson #/ 50

Player Box Auto Patch Set Checklist

PBAM-DR Derrick Rose #/ 50
PBAM-HO Hakeem Olajuwon #/ 34
PBAM-JE Julius Erving #/ 6
PBAM-JO Magic Johnson #/ 32
PBAM-JS John Stockton #/ 12
PBAM-KB Kobe Bryant #/ 24
PBAM-KG Kevin Garnett #/ 5
PBAM-LB Larry Bird #/ 33
PBAM-LJ LeBron James #/ 23
PBAM-MB Michael Beasley #/ 30
PBAM-MJ Michael Jordan #/ 23
PBAM-OM O.J. Mayo #/ 32
PBAM-RO David Robinson #/ 1

Prime Set Checklist

Serial Numbered #/50 or as noted

PRM-AB Andrew Bynum
PRM-AI Allen Iverson
PRM-AM Adam Morrison
PRM-AN Andrew Bogut
PRM-AT Al Thornton
PRM-BC Carlos Boozer
PRM-BD Baron Davis
PRM-BE Marco Belinelli
PRM-BL Brook Lopez
PRM-BO Chris Bosh
PRM-BU Caron Butler
PRM-BY Michael Beasley
PRM-CB Chauncey Billups
PRM-CM Corey Maggette
PRM-CO Corey Brewer
PRM-CP Chris Paul
PRM-DA D.J. Augustin
PRM-DE Derrick Rose
PRM-DH Dwight Howard #/39
PRM-DN Dirk Nowitzki
PRM-DR Derrick Rose
PRM-EB Elton Brand
PRM-EG Eric Gordon
PRM-GH Grant Hill
PRM-HI George Hill
PRM-JA Joe Alexander
PRM-JB Jerryd Bayless
PRM-JK Jason Kidd
PRM-JT Jason Thompson
PRM-KB Kobe Bryant
PRM-KD Kevin Durant
PRM-KG Kevin Garnett
PRM-KL Kevin Love
PRM-KM Kevin Martin
PRM-LJ LeBron James
PRM-MA Stephon Marbury
PRM-MB Mike Bibby
PRM-MG Manu Ginobili
PRM-MI Michael Beasley
PRM-MS Marreese Speights
PRM-OJ O.J. Mayo
PRM-OM O.J. Mayo #/46
PRM-PA Tony Parker
PRM-PG Pau Gasol
PRM-PP Paul Pierce
PRM-RF Rudy Fernandez
PRM-RJ Richard Jefferson
PRM-RL Rashard Lewis
PRM-RO Brandon Roy #/43
PRM-RS Rodney Stuckey
PRM-RW Rasheed Wallace
PRM-SB Shane Battier
PRM-SM Shawn Marion
PRM-SO Shaquille O`Neal
PRM-TC Tyson Chandler
PRM-TD Tim Duncan
PRM-TP Tayshaun Prince
PRM-TS Thabo Sefolosha
PRM-WI Deron Williams
PRM-ZR Zach Randolph

Scripted Swatch Set Checklist

Serial Numbered #/25 or as noted

SCRP-AB Andrew Bynum
SCRP-AD Adrian Dantley #/12
SCRP-AH Al Horford
SCRP-AL Al Jefferson
SCRP-AR Anthony Randolph
SCRP-AS Amar'e Stoudemire
SCRP-BE Michael Beasley
SCRP-BI Chauncey Billups
SCRP-BL Brook Lopez
SCRP-BR Brandon Roy
SCRP-BY Michael Beasley
SCRP-CL Courtney Lee
SCRP-CM Corey Maggette
SCRP-CP Chris Paul
SCRP-DA Darrell Arthur
SCRP-DE Derrick Rose
SCRP-DH Dwight Howard
SCRP-DJ D.J. Augustin
SCRP-DL David Lee
SCRP-DO DeAndre Jordan
SCRP-DR Derrick Rose
SCRP-EG Eric Gordon
SCRP-GO Eric Gordon
SCRP-GR Danny Granger
SCRP-HA Hilton Armstrong
SCRP-HI George Hill
SCRP-HR Al Harrington
SCRP-ID Ike Diogu
SCRP-JB Jose Barea
SCRP-JD Joey Dorsey
SCRP-JK Jason Kidd
SCRP-JO Jermaine O`Neal
SCRP-JR J.R. Smith
SCRP-JT Jason Thompson
SCRP-KB Kobe Bryant #/24
SCRP-KD Kevin Durant
SCRP-KG Kevin Garnett
SCRP-KL Kevin Love
SCRP-LB Larry Bird
SCRP-LH Larry Hughes
SCRP-LJ LeBron James #/23
SCRP-MA Desmond Mason
SCRP-MC Mario Chalmers #/21
SCRP-MJ Michael Jordan #/16
SCRP-RA Ryan Anderson
SCRP-RF Rudy Fernandez
SCRP-RJ Richard Jefferson
SCRP-RO David Robinson
SCRP-RS Ramon Sessions
SCRP-RW Russell Westbrook
SCRP-SB Shane Battier
SCRP-SN Steve Nash
SCRP-ST John Stockton
SCRP-VC Vince Carter
SCRP-VD Vlade Divac

Trio Patch Set Checklist

Serial Numbered #/10

TP-AWO Ron Artest
TP-AWO Ben Wallace
TP-AWO Jermaine O`Neal
TP-BBB Elton Brand
TP-BBB Carlos Boozer
TP-BBB Shane Battier
TP-BMB Shawn Marion
TP-BMB Chris Bosh
TP-BMB Andrea Bargnani
TP-BNI Allen Iverson
TP-BNI Steve Nash
TP-BNI Kobe Bryant
TP-CCH Marcus Camby
TP-CCH Tyson Chandler
TP-CCH Dwight Howard
TP-CDG Eric Gordon
TP-CDG Baron Davis
TP-CDG Marcus Camby
TP-CMA Tracy McGrady
TP-CMA Vince Carter
TP-CMA Gilbert Arenas
TP-DBP Bruce Bowen
TP-DBP Tim Duncan
TP-DBP Tony Parker
TP-DGW Tim Duncan
TP-DGW Rasheed Wallace
TP-DGW Kevin Garnett
TP-DIC Allen Iverson
TP-DIC Tim Duncan
TP-DIC Vince Carter
TP-DNB Tim Duncan
TP-DNB Andrea Bargnani
TP-DNB Dirk Nowitzki
TP-DSH Kevin Durant
TP-DSH Al Horford
TP-DSH Rodney Stuckey
TP-GGM Rudy Gay
TP-GGM Gerald Green
TP-GGM Jamario Moon
TP-HKS Jason Kapono
TP-HKS Peja Stojakovic
TP-HKS Richard Hamilton
TP-IJJ LeBron James
TP-IJJ Joe Johnson
TP-IJJ Allen Iverson
TP-JBJ LeBron James
TP-JBJ Kobe Bryant
TP-JBJ Michael Jordan
TP-KDP Baron Davis
TP-KDP Chris Paul
TP-KDP Jason Kidd
TP-MAM Ron Artest
TP-MAM Tracy McGrady
TP-MAM Yao Ming
TP-MGM Dikembe Mutombo
TP-MGM Kevin Garnett
TP-MGM Alonzo Mourning
TP-MNH Al Horford
TP-MNH Joakim Noah
TP-MNH Mike Miller
TP-NSG Peja Stojakovic
TP-NSG Manu Ginobili
TP-NSG Steve Nash
TP-NSO Steve Nash
TP-NSO Shaquille O`Neal
TP-NSO Amar'e Stoudemire
TP-PAG Kevin Garnett
TP-PAG Ray Allen
TP-PAG Paul Pierce
TP-PRD Kevin Durant
TP-PRD Brandon Roy
TP-PRD Chris Paul
TP-SHS Amar'e Stoudemire
TP-SHS Josh Smith
TP-SHS Dwight Howard

Triple Auto Jersey Set Checklist

Serial Numbered #/3

ET-AFK Ray Allen
ET-AFK Rudy Fernandez
ET-AFK Steve Kerr
ET-ARB LaMarcus Aldridge
ET-ARB Jerryd Bayless
ET-ARB Brandon Roy
ET-BFV Jordan Farmar
ET-BFV Kobe Bryant
ET-BFV Sasha Vujacic
ET-BJI Richard Jefferson
ET-BJI Mike Bibby
ET-BJI Andre Iguodala
ET-BMW Carlos Boozer
ET-BMW Deron Williams
ET-BMW Paul Millsap
ET-CMM O.J. Mayo
ET-CMM Vince Carter
ET-CMM Tracy McGrady
ET-CWP Tyson Chandler
ET-CWP David West
ET-CWP Chris Paul
ET-DAW Baron Davis
ET-DAW Arron Afflalo
ET-DAW Russell Westbrook
ET-DBA Vlade Divac
ET-DBA Andrew Bynum
ET-DBA Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
ET-DGW Jeff Green
ET-DGW Kevin Durant
ET-DGW Russell Westbrook
ET-DHB Michael Beasley
ET-DHB Kevin Durant
ET-DHB Al Horford
ET-IGM Andre Iguodala
ET-IGM Jamario Moon
ET-IGM Rudy Gay
ET-JBJ Michael Jordan
ET-JBJ LeBron James
ET-JBJ Kobe Bryant
ET-JBL Kevin Love
ET-JBL Al Jefferson
ET-JBL Corey Brewer
ET-JDB Kevin Durant
ET-JDB LeBron James
ET-JDB Michael Beasley
ET-JJB Michael Jordan
ET-JJB Magic Johnson
ET-JJB Larry Bird
ET-JWH LeBron James
ET-JWH Mo Williams
ET-JWH J.J. Hickson
ET-LRT Isiah Thomas
ET-LRT Dennis Rodman
ET-LRT Bill Laimbeer
ET-MBM Shane Battier
ET-MBM Yao Ming
ET-MBM Tracy McGrady
ET-MSH Yao Ming
ET-MSH Amar'e Stoudemire
ET-MSH Dwight Howard
ET-NBP Chris Paul
ET-NBP Chauncey Billups
ET-NBP Steve Nash
ET-NST Steve Nash
ET-NST Amar'e Stoudemire
ET-NST Alando Tucker
ET-OMR Alonzo Mourning
ET-OMR David Robinson
ET-OMR Hakeem Olajuwon
ET-OWB Andrew Bynum
ET-OWB Luke Walton
ET-OWB Lamar Odom
ET-PAG Paul Pierce
ET-PAG Ray Allen
ET-PAG Kevin Garnett
ET-PBR Chauncey Billups
ET-PBR Rajon Rondo
ET-PBR Morris Peterson
ET-PRB Paul Pierce
ET-PRB Larry Bird
ET-PRB Bill Russell
ET-PRD Brandon Roy
ET-PRD Chris Paul
ET-PRD Kevin Durant

Triple Patch Set Checklist

Serial Numbered #/10

ETP-AI Allen Iverson
ETP-AS Amar'e Stoudemire
ETP-CA Carmelo Anthony
ETP-DH Dwight Howard
ETP-DN Dirk Nowitzki
ETP-DR Derrick Rose
ETP-GA Gilbert Arenas
ETP-JK Jason Kidd
ETP-KB Kobe Bryant
ETP-KG Kevin Garnett
ETP-KM Kevin Martin
ETP-LJ LeBron James
ETP-LW Luke Walton
ETP-MB Michael Beasley
ETP-OM O.J. Mayo
ETP-PP Paul Pierce
ETP-RA Ray Allen
ETP-SN Steve Nash
ETP-TD Tim Duncan
ETP-VC Vince Carter

Year One Autograph Set Checklist

Serial Numbered #/10

ONE-BL Brook Lopez
ONE-BR Brandon Rush
ONE-DA D.J. Augustin
ONE-DG Donte Greene
ONE-DR Derrick Rose
ONE-EG Eric Gordon
ONE-JA Joe Alexander
ONE-JB Jerryd Bayless
ONE-JD Joey Dorsey
ONE-JH J.J. Hickson
ONE-KL Kevin Love
ONE-LM Luc Mbah A Moute
ONE-MB Michael Beasley
ONE-MC Mario Chalmers
ONE-MG Marc Gasol
ONE-MS Marreese Speights
ONE-NB Nicolas Batum
ONE-OM O.J. Mayo
ONE-RF Rudy Fernandez
ONE-RW Russell Westbrook

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Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

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