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2004 Topps Traded & Rookies Baseball Cards

2004 Topps Traded & Rookies Baseball Cards

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Set Checklist

2004 Topps Traded & Rookies Baseball Set Checklist

Base Set Checklist

PARALLEL CARDS: Gold #/2004, Blue #/1, Printing Plates #/1
Chrome - 2 per pack, Chrome Refractor (2 per hobby box), Chrome X-Fractor #/20, Chrome Blue Refractor, Chrome Printing Plates #/1

T1 Pokey Reese
T2 Tony Womack
T3 Richard Hidalgo
T4 Juan Uribe
T5 J.D. Drew
T6 Alex Gonzalez
T7 Carlos Guillen
T8 Doug Mientkiewicz
T9 Fernando Vina
T10 Milton Bradley
T11 Kelvim Escobar
T12 Ben Grieve
T13 Brian Jordan
T14 A.J. Pierzynski
T15 Billy Wagner
T16 Terrence Long
T17 Carlos Beltran
T18 Carl Everett
T19 Reggie Sanders
T20 Javy Lopez
T21 Jay Payton
T22 Octavio Dotel
T23 Eddie Guardado
T24 Andy Pettitte
T25 Richie Sexson
T26 Ronnie Belliard
T27 Michael Tucker
T28 Brad Fullmer
T29 Freddy Garcia
T30 Bartolo Colon
T31 Larry Walker
T32 Mark Kotsay
T33 Jason Marquis
T34 Dustan Mohr
T35 Javier Vazquez
T36 Nomar Garciaparra
T37 Tino Martinez
T38 Hee Seop Choi
T39 Damian Miller
T40 Jose Lima
T41 Ty Wigginton
T42 Raul Ibanez
T43 Danys Baez
T44 Tony Clark
T45 Greg Maddux
T46 Victor Zambrano
T47 Orlando Cabrera
T48 Jose Cruz Jr.
T49 Kris Benson
T50 Alex Rodriguez
T51 Steve Finley
T52 Ramon Hernandez
T53 Esteban Loaiza
T54 Ugueth Urbina
T55 Jeff Weaver
T56 Tom Gordon
T57 Jose Contreras
T58 Paul Lo Duca
T59 Junior Spivey
T60 Curt Schilling
T61 Brad Penny
T62 Braden Looper
T63 Miguel Cairo
T64 Juan Encarnacion
T65 Miguel Batista
T66 Terry Francona MG
T67 Lee Mazzilli MG
T68 Al Pedrique MG
T69 Ozzie Guillen MG
T70 Phil Garner MG
T71 Matt Bush DP, RC
T72 Homer Bailey DP, RC
T73 Greg Golson DP, RC
T74 Kyle Waldrop DP, RC
T75 Richie Robnett DP, RC
T76 Jay Rainville DP, RC
T77 Bill Bray DP, RC
T78 Philip Hughes DP, RC
T79 Scott Elbert DP, RC
T80 Josh Fields DP, RC
T81 Justin Orenduff DP, RC
T82 Danny Putnam DP, RC
T83 Chris Nelson DP, RC
T84 Blake DeWitt DP, RC
T85 J.P. Howell DP, RC
T86 Huston Street DP, RC
T87 Kurt Suzuki DP, RC
T88 Erick San Pedro DP, RC
T89 Matt Tuiasosopo DP, RC
T90 Matt Macri DP, RC
T91 Chad Tracy PROS
T92 Scott Hairston PROS
T93 Jonny Gomes PROS
T94 Chin-Feng Chen PROS
T95 Chien-Ming Wang PROS
T96 Dustin McGowan PROS
T97 Chris Burke PROS
T98 Denny Bautista PROS
T99 Preston Larrison PROS
T100 Kevin Youkilis PROS
T101 John Maine PROS
T102 Guillermo Quiroz PROS
T103 Dave Krynzel PROS
T104 David Kelton PROS
T105 Edwin Encarnacion PROS
T106 Chad Gaudin PROS
T107 Sergio Mitre PROS
T108 Laynce Nix PROS
T109 David Parrish PROS
T110 Brandon Claussen PROS
T111 Frank Francisco FY, RC
T112 Brian Dallimore FY, RC
T113 Jim Crowell FY, RC
T114 Andres Blanco FY, RC
T115 Eduardo Villacis FY, RC
T116 Kazuhito Tadano FY, RC
T117 Aarom Baldiris FY, RC
T118 Justin Germano FY, RC
T119 Joey Gathright FY, RC
T120 Franklyn Gracesqui FY, RC
T121 Chin-Lung Hu FY, RC
T122 Scott Olsen FY, RC
T123 Tyler Davidson FY, RC
T124 Fausto Carmona FY, RC
T125 Tim Hutting FY, RC
T126 Ryan Meaux FY, RC
T127 Jon Connolly FY, RC
T128 Hector Made FY, RC
T129 Jamie Brown FY, RC
T130 Paul McAnulty FY, RC
T131 Chris Saenz FY, RC
T132 Marland Williams FY, RC
T133 Mike Huggins FY, RC
T134 Jesse Crain FY, RC
T135 Chad Bentz FY, RC
T136 Kazuo Matsui FY, RC
T137 Paul Maholm FY, RC
T138 Brock Jacobsen FY, RC
T139 Casey Daigle FY, RC
T140 Nyjer Morgan FY, RC
T141 Tom Mastny FY, RC
T142 Kody Kirkland FY, RC
T143 Jose Capellan FY, RC
T144 Felix Hernandez FY, RC
T145 Shawn Hill FY, RC
T146 Danny Gonzalez FY, RC
T147 Scott Dohmann FY, RC
T148 Tommy Murphy FY, RC
T149 Akinori Otsuka FY, RC
T150 Miguel Perez FY, RC
T151 Mike Rouse FY, RC
T152 Ramon Ramirez FY, RC
T153 Luke Hughes FY, RC
T154 Howie Kendrick FY, RC
T155 Ryan Budde FY, RC
T156 Charlie Zink FY, RC
T157 Warner Madrigal FY, RC
T158 Jason Szuminski FY, RC
T159 Chad Chop FY, RC
T160 Shingo Takatsu FY, RC
T161 Matt Lemanczyk FY, RC
T162 Wardell Starling FY, RC
T163 Nick Gorneault FY, RC
T164 Scott Proctor FY, RC
T165 Brooks Conrad FY, RC
T166 Hector Gimenez FY, RC
T167 Kevin Howard FY, RC
T168 Vince Perkins FY, RC
T169 Brock Peterson FY, RC
T170 Chris Shelton FY, RC
T171 Erick Aybar FY, RC
T172 Paul Bacot FY, RC
T173 Matt Capps FY, RC
T174 Kory Casto FY, RC
T175 Juan Cedeno FY, RC
T176 Vito Chiaravalloti FY, RC
T177 Alec Zumwalt FY, RC
T178 J.J. Furmaniak FY, RC
T179 Lee Gwaltney FY, RC
T180 Don Kelly FY, RC
T181 Benji DeQuin FY, RC
T182 Brant Colamarino FY, RC
T183 Juan Gutierrez FY, RC
T184 Carl Loadenthal FY, RC
T185 Ricky Nolasco FY, RC
T186 Jeff Salazar FY, RC
T187 Rob Tejeda FY, RC
T188 Alex Romero FY, RC
T189 Yoann Torrealba FY, RC
T190 Carlos Sosa FY, RC
T191 Tim Bittner FY, RC
T192 Chris Aguila FY, RC
T193 Jason Frasor FY, RC
T194 Reid Gorecki FY, RC
T195 Dustin Nippert FY, RC
T196 Javier Guzman FY, RC
T197 Harvey Garcia FY, RC
T198 Ivan Ochoa FY, RC
T199 David Wallace FY, RC
T200 Joel Zumaya FY, RC
T201 Casey Kopitzke FY, RC
T202 Lincoln Holdzkom FY, RC
T203 Chad Santos FY, RC
T204 Brian Pilkington FY, RC
T205 Terry Jones FY, RC
T206 Jerome Gamble FY, RC
T207 Brad Eldred FY, RC
T208 David Pauley FY, RC
T209 Kevin Davidson FY, RC
T210 Damaso Espino FY, RC
T211 Tom Farmer FY, RC
T212 Michael Mooney FY, RC
T213 James Tomlin FY, RC
T214 Greg Thissen FY, RC
T215 Calvin Hayes FY, RC
T216 Fernando Cortez FY, RC
T217 Sergio Silva FY, RC
T218 Jon de Vries FY, RC
T219 Don Sutton FY, RC
T220 Leo Nunez FY, RC

Base Variations / Errors Set Checklist

T221 Barry Bonds (HTA Store Exclusive)

Future Phenoms Relics Set Checklist

AG Adrian Gonzalez BAT, A
BC Bobby Crosby BAT, A
BU B.J. Upton BAT, A
DN Dioner Navarro BAT, B
DY Delmon Young BAT, A
ED Eric Duncan BAT, B
EJ Edwin Jackson JSY, B
JH J.J. Hardy BAT, B
JM Justin Morneau BAT, A
JW Jayson Werth BAT, A
KC Kevin Cash BAT, B
KM Kazuo Matsui BAT, A
LM Lastings Milledge BAT, B
MM Mark Malaska JSY, A
NG Nick Green BAT, A
RN Ramon Nivar BAT, A
VM Victor Martinez BAT, A

Hall of Fame Relics Set Checklist

DE Dennis Eckersley JSY, B
PM Paul Molitor BAT, A

Hall of Fame Dual Relic Set Checklist

1:3388 packs

ME Molitor / Eckersley BAT, JSY

Puzzle Set Checklist

1 per pack; Forms a 110-card mosaic of the 2004 Topps set

Puzzle Piece 1 - 110

Signature Cuts Set Checklist

Serial Numbered #/1

BR Babe Ruth
CH Catfish Hunter
JM Johnny Mize
RM Roger Maris
WS Warren Spahn

Signature Moves Set Checklist

AR Alex Rodriguez A
AW Adam Wainwright B
EM Eli Marrero B
FV Fernando Vina B
IR Ivan Rodriguez A EXCH
JV Javier Vazquez A
MB Milton Bradley B
MK Mark Kotsay B
MN Mike Neu B

Transactions Relics Set Checklist

1:106 packs

AP Andy Pettitte BAT
AR Alex Rodriguez JSY
BJ Brian Jordan BAT
CE Carl Everett BAT
GS Gary Sheffield BAT
HC Hee Seop Choi BAT
IR Ivan Rodriguez BAT
JB Jeromy Burnitz BAT
JG Juan Gonzalez BAT
JL Javy Lopez BAT
KL Kenny Lofton BAT
KM Kazuo Matsui BAT
MT Miguel Tejada BAT
RA Roberto Alomar BAT
RC Roger Clemens BAT
RLS Richie Sexson BAT
RP Rafael Palmeiro BAT
RS Reggie Sanders BAT
RW Rondell White BAT
VG Vladimir Guerrero BAT

Transactions Dual Relics Set Checklist

AR Alex Rodriguez Rangers/Yankees
CS Curt Schilling D'backs/Red Sox
RP Rafael Palmeiro Orioles/Rangers

Product Details

User Rating:

For the fourth consecutive year, 2004 Topps Traded & Rookies Baseball mixes the flagship Topps and Topps Chrome brands. Packs come with eight base cards and two Chrome. Keeping with tradition, 2004 Topps Traded focuses on both players on new teams and rookies.

Although the 220-card base set has lots of rookies, few have excelled. By far, the most notable rookie in the set is Felix Hernandez, the 2010 American League Cy Young winner. Other rookies include Huston Street, Howie Kendrick, Phil Hughes and Homer Bailey. There is a card T221, Barry Bonds, but it wasn't available in packs. It was given out at participating hobby shops.

2004 Topps Traded & Rookies Baseball has a fairly simple configuration, at least once collectors get past the idea of having multiple sets in the same product. Base Topps cards have two parallels. Like the flagship line, Gold cards are numbered to 2004 and one-of-one Printing Plates. Topps Chrome cards are led by the traditional Refractors, which fall two per hobby box. Blue Refractors are limited to 20 numbered copies and Blue Refractors have just one copy each.

All other inserts are either autographs or game-used memorabilia cards.

2004 Topps Traded & Rookies autographs are led by Signature Moves. The eight-card set highlights players moving to new teams, the most notable of which is Alex Rodriguez. One-of-one Signature Cuts are the only other autographs in the product.

Game-used cards include Future Phenoms, Transactions Relics and Dual Transactions Relics. Paul Molitor and Dennis Eckersley are each featured on their own Hall of Fame Relic. They also appear together on a dual relic honoring their 2004 induction.

Key 2004 Topps Traded & Rookies Baseball Cards:

  • Felix Hernandez RC #T144
  • Phil Hughes RC #T78
  • Howie Kendrick RC #T154
  • Huston Street RC #T86
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A true bounty of star rookie cards are in this set. It might be impossible to find other rookie cards of some 2004 draftees without shelling out big bucks for an autographed rookie card such as Hughes and King Felix.

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