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2004 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Baseball Cards

2004 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Baseball Cards

Set Checklist

2004 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Base Set Checklist

Packs come with 4 Bowman, 1 Bowman Gold and 2 Bowman Chrome cards. Bowman cards #1-166, Bowman Chrome cards #1-175 (166-175 are Bowman Chrome Autographs).



BDP1 Lyle Overbay
BDP2 David Newhan
BDP3 Justin Morneau
BDP4 Chad Tracey
BDP5 Humberto Quintero
BDP6 Dave Bush
BDP7 Scott Hairston
BDP8 Mike Wood
BDP9 Alexis Rios
BDP10 Sean Burnett
BDP11 David Wright
BDP12 Lew Ford
BDP13 Chris Burke
BDP14 Zack Greinke
BDP15 Bucky Jacobsen
BDP16 Kevin Youkilis
BDP17 Grady Sizemore
BDP18 Denny Bautista
BDP19 David DeJesus
BDP20 Casey Kotchman
BDP21 David Kelton
BDP22 Charles Thomas
BDP23 Kazuhito Tadano
BDP24 Justin Leone
BDP25 Juan Padilla
BDP26 Brian Dallimore
BDP27 Nick Green
BDP28 Sam McConnell
BDP29 Frank Francisco
BDP30 Andres Blanco
BDP31 Josh Fields
BDP32 Tyler Lumsden
BDP33 Jay Rainville
BDP34 Richie Robnett
BDP35 Jon Poterson
BDP36 Huston Street
BDP37 Erick San Pedro
BDP38 Gio Gonzalez
BDP39 Kurt Suzuki
BDP40 Anthony Swarzak
BDP41 Ian Desmond
BDP42 Jeff Fiorentino
BDP43 Christian Garcia
BDP44 Gaby Hernandez
BDP45 Steven Register
BDP46 Eduardo Morlan
BDP47 Collin Balester
BDP48 Joe Bauserman
BDP49 Brandon Boggs
BDP50 Rafael Gonzalez
BDP51 K.C. Herran
BDP52 Chris Iannetta
BDP53 Rob Johnson
BDP54 Louis Marson
BDP55 Matt Spring
BDP56 Jamar Walton
BDP57 Mark Lowe
BDP58 Matt Macri
BDP59 Donny Lucy
BDP60 Mike Ferris
BDP61 Mike Nickeas
BDP62 Eric Hurley
BDP63 Scott Elbert
BDP64 Billy Butler
BDP65 Matt Campbell
BDP66 J.P. Howell
BDP67 Chris Nelson
BDP68 Justin Orenduff
BDP69 Ray Liotta
BDP70 Billy Buckner
BDP71 Eric Campbell
BDP72 Yovani Gallardo
BDP73 Blake Johnson
BDP74 Seth Smith
BDP75 Wade Davis
BDP76 B.J. Szymanski
BDP77 J.A. Happ
BDP78 Craig Tatum
BDP79 Matt Tuiasosopo
BDP80 Brad Bergesen
BDP81 Javy Guerra
BDP82 Andy Baldwin
BDP83 Paul Janish
BDP84 Sean Kazmar
BDP85 Josh Johnson
BDP86 Angel Salome
BDP87 Jordan Parraz
BDP88 Chuck Lofgren
BDP89 Grant Hansen
BDP90 Matt Fox
BDP91 Trevor Plouffe
BDP92 Wes Whisler
BDP93 Wes Swackhamer
BDP94 Donnie Smith
BDP95 Luis Rivera
BDP96 Jesse Hoover
BDP97 Ryan Webb
BDP98 Chris Shaver
BDP99 Mark Robinson
BDP100 J.C. Holt
BDP101 Jason Jones
BDP102 Daryl Jones
BDP103 Eric Haberer
BDP104 Aaron Hathaway
BDP105 Eddie Prasch
BDP106 Mitch Einertson
BDP107 Kyle Waldrop
BDP108 Jeff Marquez
BDP109 Zach Jackson
BDP110 Josh Wahpepah
BDP111 Adam Lind
BDP112 Kyle Bloom
BDP113 Ben Harrison
BDP114 Taylor Tankersley
BDP115 Steven Jackson
BDP116 David Purcey
BDP117 Jacob McGee
BDP118 Lucas Harrell
BDP119 Brandon Allen
BDP120 Van Pope
BDP121 Jeff Francis
BDP122 Joe Blanton
BDP123 Wilfredo Ledezma
BDP124 Bryan Bullington
BDP125 Jairo Garcia
BDP126 Matt Cain
BDP127 Arnie Munoz
BDP128 Clint Everts
BDP129 Jesus Cota
BDP130 Gavin Floyd
BDP131 Edwin Encarnacion
BDP132 Koyie Hill
BDP133 Ruben Gotay
BDP134 Jeff Mathis
BDP135 Andy Marte
BDP136 Dallas McPherson
BDP137 Justin Mourneau
BDP138 Rickie Weeks
BDP139 Joel Guzman
BDP140 Shin Soo Choo
BDP141 Yusmeiro Petit
BDP142 Jorge Cortes
BDP143 Val Majewski
BDP144 Felix Pie
BDP145 Aaron Hill
BDP146 Jose Capellan
BDP147 Dioner Navarro
BDP148 Fausto Carmona
BDP149 Robinzon Diaz
BDP150 Felix Hernandez
BDP151 Andres Blanco
BDP152 Juan Perez
BDP153 Willy Taveras
BDP154 Merkin Valdez
BDP155 Robinson Cano
BDP156 Bill Murphy
BDP157 Chris Burke
BDP158 Kyle Sleeth
BDP159 B.J. Upton
BDP160 Tim Stauffer
BDP161 David Wright
BDP162 Conor Jackson
BDP163 Brad Thompson
BDP164 Delmon Young
BDP165 Jeremy Reed
BDP166 Matt Bush (Bowman Chrome Autograph)
BDP167 Mark Rogers (Bowman Chrome Autograph)
BDP168 Thomas Diamond (Bowman Chrome Autograph)
BDP169 Greg Golson (Bowman Chrome Autograph)
BDP170 Homer Bailey (Bowman Chrome Autograph)
BDP171 Chris Lambert (Bowman Chrome Autograph)
BDP172 Neil Walker (Bowman Chrome Autograph)
BDP173 Bill Bray (Bowman Chrome Autograph)
BDP174 Philip (Phil) Hughes (Bowman Chrome Autograph)
BDP175 Gio Gonzalez (Bowman Chrome Autograph)
2004 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Baseball Cards 1

2004 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects AFLAC All-Americans Set Checklist


  • Bowman Chrome
  • Bowman Chrome Refractor (#/500)
  • Bowman Chrome X-Fractor (#/125)
  • Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor (#/50)

1 C.J. Henry
2 John Drennen
3 Beau Jones
4 Jeff Lyman
5 Andrew McCutchen
6 Chris Volstad
7 Jon Egan
8 P.J. Phillips
9 Steven Johnson
10 Ryan Tucker
11 Cameron Maybin
12 Shane Funk

2004 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects AFLAC All-Americans Autographs Checklist

Numbered to 125. Cards were created when an error was discovered and more than 50 AFLAC Gold Refractor redemption cards were made. Affected collectors were given the option of receiving the following set of autographs instead.

AA-AM Andrew McCutchen
AA-CH C.J. Henry
2004 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Baseball Cards 2

2004 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Futures Game Jersey Relics Checklist

146 Jose Capellan
147 Dioner Navarro
148 Fausto Carmona
149 Robinzon Diaz
150 Felix Hernandez
151 Andres Blanco
152 Jason Kubel
153 Willy Taveras
154 Merkin Valdez
155 Robinson Cano
156 Bill Murphy
157 Chris Burke
158 Kyle Sleeth
159 B.J. Upton
160 Tim Stauffer
161 David Wright
162 Conor Jackson
163 Brad Thompson
164 Delmon Young
165 Jeremy Reed
2004 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Baseball Cards 3

2004 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Prospect Premiums Checklist

All cards have game-used bat pieces except for Edwin Jackson, which is a jersey.

AB Angel Berroa
BU B.J. Upton
CJ Conor Jackson
CQ Carlos Quentin
DN Dioner Navarro
DY Delmon Young
EJ Edwin Jackson
JR Jeremy Reed
KC Kevin Cash
LM Lastings Milledge
NS Nick Swisher
RH Ryan Harvey
2004 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Baseball Cards 4

2004 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Signs of the Future Checklist

AL Adam Loewen A
CC Chad Cordero B
JH James Houser B
PM Paul Maholm A
TP Tyler Pelland A
TT Terry Tiffee A
2004 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Baseball Cards 5

2004 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Baseball Cards 6Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission

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The lasting impact of 2004 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects is a quiet one. While there are some solid rookie options, none stand out as being iconic. The main draw, Bowman Chrome autographs, feature several second-tier players like Homer Bailey and Gio Gonzalez, but no superstars. Instead, those likely to go after 2004 Bowman Draft Picks the most are set builders looking to fill in their Bowman runs, and individual team and player collectors. Not much is left in the way of prospecting hopes anymore.

2004 Bowman Draft Picks mixes both Bowman and Bowman Chrome cards, updating the early-season sets. Both checklists match up for the first 165 cards. The Bowman Chrome set continues with an additional ten autographs.

The chase is led by three levels of Refractors: basic Refractors, X-Fractors (#/125) and Gold Refractors (#/50). Printing Plates and Autographed Printing Plates are also inserted. Other inserts include Signs of the Times autographs and a pair of low-end memorabilia sets.

Now a hobby mainstay, AFLAC cards debuted in 2004 Bowman Draft Picks, although the first run through turned out to be something of a mess. Distributed as a redemption set, they were delayed for months. Further issues arose when it was discovered more Gold Refactor redemptions were inserted than the 50 that were advertised. To appease collectors, Topps gave those that pulled Gold Refractor redemptions the option of taking a set of four autographs instead: Andrew McCutchen, Cameron Maybin, Justin Upton and C.J. Henry.

Hobby boxes come with 24 packs of seven cards (four Bowman, one Bowman Gold parallel and two Bowman Chrome). Hobby boxes also promise one autograph and a game-used memorabilia card.

Key 2004 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Cards:

2004 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Baseball Cards 6Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission
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