2004 Artbox Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Trading Cards

2004 Artbox Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Trading Cards


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Although the third film in the franchise, 2004 Artbox Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is the first set from the company for the boy wizard. The set is also one of the most popular of all modern entertainment trading cards. Boasting an excellent mix of autographs, costume cards and prop cards, the set quickly sold out and prices soared.

The 2004 Artbox Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban base set has 90 cards. It starts with a header card and is followed by 17 character cards. A total of 71 story cards follow. The set concludes with a checklist. Images focus largely on the main characters and do not include a lot of the special effects shots as it was released in time for the film's theatrical run. The design set the stage for most of Artbox's future Harry Potter sets. Story cards have a relatively simple horizontal design. The image takes up about three quarters of the front. A ribbon at the bottom of the card includes a foil Harry Potter logo and a caption. Card backs offer a much more in-depth description of the image.

Hobby boxes promise at least one hit, with many having two. Every box has either a costume or prop card. All are numbered with many being quite rare.

Autographs fall every other box. Emma Watson, who plays Hermione Granger, is the key signature. She is also believed to be the rarest. Other key signers include Gary Oldman, Julie Christie and Michael Gambon. Christie is a redemption card, which has now expired.

Unopened boxes of 2004 Artbox Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban are very rare today. As a result, prices can be quite high. Collectors who come across boxes should make sure that they know there are both hobby and retail versions. Hobby boxes are the ones with the autographs, prop and costume cards. There is also an update set is much more plentiful and has a completely different checklist.

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User Comments

  1. I got a box from Ebay for $52 including shipping.
    It didn’t have an autograph card, only a Harry Potter red cloth quiddich costume card and five puzzle cards.
    Until I read your article, I didn’t know autographs were every other box.. oops.
    P.S. Mine was an Update Set box. I don’t know if that made the odds better or worse.

  2. Paul V Autographs are about 1:4.5 boxes for Update. Update has a completely different configuration. It was printed in much greater quantities than the first set but still some solid finds (including a Daniel Radcliffe autograph and a triple autograph with Harry, Ron and Hermione).

  3. I started collecting Artbox Harry Potter with the POA sets but got extremely annoyed when a sealed case of Update had six boxes with no auto, no prop, no costume cards inside. Complained to Artbox and they responded that there was no guarantee as to special cards, just a percentage based on the total production run. I stopped collecting them and I am now in the process of selling them all.

  4. Got one for 39 with 3 shipping got 3 hits! A daniel radcliffe costume card, a double film cell and a uncle vernon/richard griffiths rdemption to bad you cant redeem them. Costume cards are evry box autos props and film cell are every boxes

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