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2003 Upper Deck Disney Treasures Series 1 Trading Cards

2003 Upper Deck Disney Treasures Series 1 Trading Cards

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The history of Disney animation is vast. 2003 Upper Deck Disney Treasures Series 1 is the first of three releases from the card maker to tackle the films and characters that made Mickey Mouse a global icon and helped launch an empire.

The base set has 89 cards. It's like the first part of a character encyclopedia, profiling both major and minor characters from dozens of animated shorts and features. Card fronts have a large character image taking up about two-thirds of the space. A thick name plate runs up the right side. It has their name, the film they're from as classifies everyone as "Heroes" and "Villains." Five small images of Mickey Mouse are also integrated into this area. Backs have a second image and a short write-up. The name plate is repeated.

The majority of inserts in 2003 Upper Deck Disney Treasures Series 1 go into more depth in certain areas of Disney history. Mickey Mouse Filmography is a 45-card set that highlights the iconic character's short films. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs takes ten cards to recap the first animated feature ever made. Walt Disney Perspective (ten cards) honors the company's visionary creator.

Every box of 2003 Upper Deck Disney Treasures Series 1 comes with a Reel Piece of History card. Each of the ten cards has a pair of frames from a print of the featured film. This leads to lots of variety as no two frames are exactly alike. Sometimes, cards that have key scenes or particular characters can draw a premium.

There are a few major chase cards in the product. The first are Sketch Cards. Ten Disney artists each contributed ten cards (100 sketch cards across the entire product run). They're exceptionally rare and command big prices on the rare occasions they surface.

Finally, there's a one-of-one Walt Disney Cut Signature.

Boxes come with 24 packs of five cards. The set also has retail boxes that have four packs and one of four mini Mickey Mouse bobblehead figures.

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2003 Upper Deck Disney Treasures Series 1 Checklist

Base Set Checklist

1 Aladar
2 Aladdin
3 Alice
4 Ariel
5 Ben Buzzard
6 Big Bad Wolf
7 Brer Bear
8 Brer Rabbit
9 Buzz Lightyear
10 Captain Hoot
11 Chernabog
12 Chip ’n Dale
13 Clara Cluck
14 Clarabelle Cow
15 Clayton
16 Cri-Kee
17 Daisy Duck
18 Dopey
19 Eyore
20 Ferdy and Morty
21 Flik
22 Genie
23 Goofy
24 Grasshopper
25 Hades
27 Headless Horseman
28 Horace Horsecollar
29 Huey, Dewey and Louie
30 Ichabod Crane
31 J. Thaddeus Toad
32 J. Worthington Foulfellow
33 Jack Skellington
34 Jafar
35 Jasmine
36 Jim Hawkins
37 John Silver
38 Jose Carioca
39 Judge Claude Frollo
40 Kaa
41 Kron
42 Lady Tremaine
43 Little Hiawatha
44 Lucifer
45 Magic Mirror
46 Merlock
47 Mickey Mouse
50 Mowgli
51 Mufasa
52 Mulan
53 Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
54 Pain and Panic
55 Pecos Bill
56 Peg Leg Pete
57 Peter
58 Peter Pan
59 Pluto
60 Pongo
61 Princess Aurora/Briar Rose
62 Prosecutor
63 Quasimodo
64 Rafiki
65 Raja
66 Roxanne
67 Sally
68 Scrooge McDuck
69 Sebastian
70 Shere Khan
71 Sid Phillips
72 Singing Harp
73 Slinky Dog
74 Snow White
75 Stitch
76 Stromboli
77 Tarzan
78 Three Blind Mouseketeers
79 Thumper
80 Timothy Mouse
81 Tinkerbell
82 Tweedledum and Tweedledee
83 Ursula
84 Wart
85 Willie the Giant
86 Winnie the Pooh
87 Wolf
88 Yen Sid
89 Yzma
2003 Upper Deck Disney Treasures Series 1 Trading Cards 22

Mickey Mouse Filmography Checklist

45 cards.

MM-1 Steamboat Willie
MM-2 Plane Crazy
MM-3 The Haunted House
MM-4 The Karnival Kid
MM-5 The Birthday Party
MM-6 The Delivery Boy
MM-7 Mickey's Revue
MM-8 The Klondike Kid
MM-9 The Mad Doctor
MM-10 Giantland
MM-11 Gulliver Mickey
MM-12 Two-Gun Mickey
MM-13 Mickey's Fire Brigade
MM-14 Mickey's Service Station
MM-15 On Ice
MM-16 Mickey's Grand Opera
MM-17 Mickey's Rival
MM-18 Thru the Mirror
MM-19 Magician Mickey
MM-20 Lonesome Ghosts
MM-21 Boat Builders
MM-22 Mickey's Trailer
MM-23 Brave Little Tailor
MM-24 Brave Little Tailor
MM-25 Brave Little Tailor
MM-26 Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip
MM-27 Fantasia
MM-28 Fantasia
MM-29 Fantasia
MM-30 The Nifty Nineties
MM-31 Canine Caddy
MM-32 The Orphan's Benefit
MM-33 Symphony Hour
MM-34 All Together
MM-35 Squatter's Rights
MM-36 Mickey's Delayed Date
MM-37 Fun and Fancy Free
MM-38 Mickey Down Under
MM-39 Mickey and the Seal
MM-40 Pueblo Pluto
MM-41 Plutopia
MM-42 The Simple Things
MM-43 Mickey's Christmas Carol
MM-44 The Prince and the Pauper
MM-45 Runaway Brain
2003 Upper Deck Disney Treasures Series 1 Trading Cards 23

Reel Piece of History Checklist

10 cards. Inserted 1:24 packs.

PH1 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
PH2 Fantasia
PH3 Pinocchio
PH4 Fun and Fancy Free
PH5 Alice in Wonderland
PH6 One Hundred and One Dalmatians
PH7 The Jungle Book
PH8 Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too
PH9 Beauty and the Beast
PH10 The Lion King
2003 Upper Deck Disney Treasures Series 1 Trading Cards 24

Sketch Cards Checklist

Each artist did ten cards.

SC1 Ryan Astamendi
SC2 Terrell Gentry
SC3 Dorota Kotarba-Mendez
SC4 Lee Loetz
SC5 George McClements
SC6 Tuck Morgan
SC7 Kelvin Nguyen
SC8 Peter Palijo
SC9 Rich Tuzon
SC10 Jim Valeri
2003 Upper Deck Disney Treasures Series 1 Trading Cards 25

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Checklist

10 cards. Inserted 1:10 packs.

SW1 The Spirit of Innovation
SW2 Figure Practice
SW3 Fluid Motion
SW4 Technological Advances
SW5 Cut Scenes
SW6 Legendary Animators
SW7 Early Inspiration
SW8 Musical Highlights
SW9 Box Office Gold
SW10 The Legend Continues
2003 Upper Deck Disney Treasures Series 1 Trading Cards 26

Walt Disney Retrospective Checklist

10 cards.

WD-1 Fun Loving Walt
WD-2 Oscar Loves Walt
WD-3 Mickey and Walt
WD-4 Walt's Vision
WD-5 Inspiration
WD-6 The Early Studio Days
WD-7 Live Action
WD-8 A World of Toys
WD-9 Disneyland
WD-10 Walt Disney
2003 Upper Deck Disney Treasures Series 1 Trading Cards 27

Cut Signature Checklist

1 card. One copy exists.

Walt Disney

Promo Cards Checklist

P01 Pinocchio Reel Piece of History
P02 Mickey Mouse Filmography
P03 Captain Hook
P04 Scrooge McDuck #/5000
2003 Upper Deck Disney Treasures Series 1 Trading Cards 28

Mini Bobblehead Checklist

One included in each four-pack retail box.

Bandleader Mickey
Mickey the Tailor
Millennium Mickey
Steamboat Willie Mickey

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