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2001 SP Authentic Golf Cards

2001 SP Authentic Golf Cards

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One of the most popular modern golf products and home of the top Tiger Woods rookie card, 2001 SP Authentic Golf still offers a lot to collectors many years after the official release.

Hobby boxes average one relic card and two autographs. There is also the Rack Pack format for 2001 Upper Deck Golf with 2001 SP Authentic Golf Preview packs.

2001 SP Authentic Golf Set Details

The full 2001 SP Authentic Golf base set is comprised of 136 cards but covers several different subsets. First up, the true base cards occupy the first 44 cards in the set. Other base subsets, including Fairway Greats, Major Players and Ambassadors of Golf add 46 more, for a total of 90 base cards. All 90 cards are also available in a Gold parallel that is numbered to 500.

2001 SP Authentic Golf Cards 1

Getting down to one of the biggest draws of 2001 SP Authentic Golf, Authentic Stars includes most of the rookie cards and are all numbered. Six of these cards are signed, including rookie cards for Tiger Woods, David Duval and Sergio Garcia.

The unsigned cards are numbered to 2,999 copies and the signed versions are limited to 900. Notable base rookie cards include Adam Scott and Matt Kuchar. All of the Authentic Stars cards have a Gold parallel that is limited to 100 copies.

2001 SP Authentic Golf Cards 2

Obviously, the Tiger Woods rookie card is the biggest possible hit. The base rookie cards still regularly sells for thousands and that amount can be much more for high grades and the Gold parallel.

2001 SP Authentic Golf Cards 3

Several simple inserts fill out the rest of the checklist, leaving the two primary hit possibilities. Tour Swatch relics (1:23 packs) include a small event-worn shirt piece and are also available in several parallels. In addition to the base relics, which are not numbered, Green (#/500), Red (#/250), Silver (#/100) and Gold (#/25) parallels provide additional rarity.

Sign of the Time autographs fall 1:12 packs and cover an impressive assortment of current and former PGA stars. The checklist includes golfing heavyweights Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer, among many others. There is also a Gold parallel that is limited to 25 copies.

In addition to the main signed insert, there is a Red Sign of the Times set that focuses solely on Tiger Woods. The autographed cards have a different image and print run for Woods, with each documenting a notable moment.

Collectors should be aware there is a separate 2001 SP Authentic Golf Preview set that was originally available in Upper Deck Golf rack packs. It is clearly noted with "Preview" on the cards.

2001 SP Authentic Golf Cards 4

Set Checklist

2001 SP Authentic Golf Set Checklist

Base Set Checklist

90 cards.
The gap in the base set is for the numbered Authentic Stars cards below.
2001 SP Authentic Golf Cards 5

1 John Daly
2 Gene Sarazen
3 Fred Couples
4 Mark O'Meara
5 Arnold Palmer
6 Payne Stewart
7 Andy Bean
8 Raymond Floyd
9 Colin Montgomerie
10 Ian Baker-Finch
11 Tom Weiskopf
12 Billy Ray Brown
13 Hale Irwin
14 Tom Kite
15 Brandt Jobe
16 Byron Nelson
17 Chris Perry
18 Jeff Sluman
19 Craig Stadler
20 Duffy Waldorf
21 Lee Janzen
22 Dudley Hart
23 Larry Nelson
24 Frank Dully RC
25 Loren Roberts
26 Bobby Jones
27 Mark Calcavecchia
28 Gary McCord
29 Nick Price
30 Gary Player
31 Peter Jacobsen
32 Brad Faxon
33 Ian Woosnam
34 Ben Hogan
35 Greg Kraft
36 Bernhard Langer
37 Chi Chi Rodriguez
38 Jeff Maggert
39 Curtis Strange
40 Tom Lehman
41 Jack Nicklaus
42 Nick Faldo
43 Corey Pavin
44 Joey Sindelar
Fairway Greats
90 Arnold Palmer
91 Ben Hogan
92 Brad Faxon
93 Craig Stadler
94 Fred Couples
95 Gary Player
96 Gene Sarazen
97 Hale Irwin
98 Ian Woosnam
99 Jack Nicklaus
100 Ken Venturi
101 Lee Janzen
102 Mark Calcavecchia
103 Mark O'Meara
104 Raymond Floyd
105 Payne Stewart
106 Tom Kite
107 Tom Weiskopf
Major Players
108 Arnold Palmer
109 Ben Hogan
110 Corey Pavin
111 Craig Stadler
112 Fred Couples
113 Gary Player
114 Gene Sarazen
115 Hale Irwin
116 Ian Woosnam
117 Jack Nicklaus
118 Ken Venturi
119 Lee Janzen
120 John Daly
121 Mark O'Meara
122 Raymond Floyd
123 Payne Stewart
124 Tom Kite
125 Tom Weiskopf
Ambassadors of Golf
126 Arnold Palmer
127 Ben Hogan
128 Fred Couples
129 Gary Player
130 Gene Sarazen
131 Jack Nicklaus
132 Ken Venturi
133 Payne Stewart
134 Tom Weiskopf
135 Bobby Jones


Authentic Stars Set Checklist

46 cards. Several cards are signed and noted below.
2001 SP Authentic Golf Cards 6

45 Tiger Woods RC #/900 Autograph
46 David Duval RC #/900 Autograph
47 Jesper Parnevik RC #/900 Autograph
48 Adam Scott RC #/2999
49 Frank Lickliter RC #/2999
50 Mike Weir #/2999
51 Michael Kirk RC #/2999
52 Steve Sticker RC #/2999
53 Grant Waite RC #/2999
54 Paul Lawrie RC #/2999
55 Brad Elder RC #/2999
56 J.J. Henry RC #/2999
57 Robert Allenby RC #/2999
58 Joe Ogilvie RC #/2999
59 Casey Martin RC #/2999
60 Jay Williamson RC #/2999
61 Rory Sabbatini RC #/2999
62 Sergio Garcia RC #/900 Autograph
63 Chris Smith RC #/2999
64 Justin Leonard RC #/2999
65 Stewart Cink RC #/2999
66 Bob May RC #/2999
67 Greg Chalmers RC #/2999
68 Thomas Bjorn RC #/2999
69 Dennis Paulson RC #/2999
70 Robert Damron RC#/2999
71 Tim Herron RC #/2999
72 Michael Clark II RC #/2999
73 Mark Hensby RC #/2999
74 Frank Nobilo RC #/2999
75 David Berganio RC #/2999
76 Hunter Haas RC #/2999
77 Matt Kuchar RC #/2999
78 Retief Goosen RC #/900 Autograph
79 Garrett Wills RC #/2999
80 Tim Clark RC #/2999
81 Ken Venturi RC #/2999
82 Gary Nicklaus RC #/2999
83 Padraig Harrington RC #/2999
84 Chris DiMarco RC #/2999
85 Joe Durant RC #/2999
86 Shigeki Maruyama RC #/2999
87 Chris Tidland RC #/2999
88 KJ Choi RC #/2999
89 Stuart Appleby RC #/2999
136 David Toms #/900 Autograph


Focus of a Champion Set Checklist

9 cards. 1:10 packs.
2001 SP Authentic Golf Cards 7

FC1 Tiger Woods
FC2 Tiger Woods
FC3 Tiger Woods
FC4 Tiger Woods
FC5 Tiger Woods
FC6 Tiger Woods
FC7 Tiger Woods
FC8 Tiger Woods
FC9 Tiger Woods


Honor Roll Set Checklist

24 cards. 1:4 packs.
2001 SP Authentic Golf Cards 8

HR1 Tiger Woods
HR2 David Duval
HR3 Sergio Garcia
HR4 Jesper Parnevik
HR5 Justin Leonard
HR6 Fred Couples
HR7 John Daly
HR8 Tom Lehman
HR9 Mike Weir
HR10 Mark O'Meara
HR11 Craig Stadler
HR12 Raymond Floyd
HR13 Jack Nicklaus
HR14 Lee Janzen
HR15 Arnold Palmer
HR16 Nick Price
HR17 Payne Stewart
HR18 Mark Calcavecchia
HR19 Joe Durant
HR20 Shigeki Maruyama
HR21 Retief Goosen
HR22 Colin Montgomerie
HR23 Stewart Cink
HR24 Nick Faldo


Shot Makers Set Checklist

9 cards. 1:10 packs.
2001 SP Authentic Golf Cards 9

S1 Tiger Woods
S2 David Duval
S3 Sergio Garcia
S4 Jesper Parnevik
S5 Justin Leonard
S6 Fred Couples
S7 John Daly
S8 Tom Lehman
S9 Mike Weir


Sign of the Times Autographs Set Checklist

85 cards. 1:12 packs.
2001 SP Authentic Golf Cards 10

AB Andy Bean
AP Arnold Palmer
AS Adam Scott
BB Billy Ray Brown
BE Brad Elder
BF Brad Faxon
BJ Brandt Jobe
BL Bernhard Langer
BM Bob May
BN Byron Nelson
CD Chris DiMarco
CH Chris Smith
CM Colin Montgomerie
CP Corey Pavin
CR Chi Chi Rodriguez
CS Curtis Strange
CT Chris Tidland
DB David Berganio Jr.
DD David Duval
DH Dudley Hart
DP Dennis Paulson
DU Joe Durant
DW Duffy Waldorf
FC Fred Couples
FD Frank Dully
FL Frank Lickliter
FN Frank Nobilo
GC Greg Chalmers
GK Greg Kraft
GM Gary McCord
GN Gary Nicklaus
GP Gary Player
GW Garrett Willis
HH Hunter Haas
HI Hale Irwin
IF Ian Baker-Finch
IW Ian Woosnam
JD John Daly
JJ J.J. Henry
JL Justin Leonard
JM Jeff Maggert
JN Jack Nicklaus
 JO Joe Ogilvie
JP Jesper Parnevik
JS Jeff Sluman
JW Jay Williamson
KJ K.J. Choi
KV Ken Venturi
LJ Lee Janzen
LN Larry Nelson
LR Loren Roberts
MA Casey Martin
MC Mark Calcavecchia
MC2 Michael Clark II
MH Mark Hensby
MI Michael Kirk
MK Matt Kuchar
MO Mark O'Meara
MW Mike Weir
NF Nick Faldo
NP Nick Price
PE Chris Perry
PH Padraig Harrington
PJ Peter Jacobsen
PL Paul Lawrie
RA Robert Allenby
RD Robert Damron
RF Raymond Floyd
RG Retief Goosen
RS Rory Sabbatini
SA Stuart Appleby
SC Stewart Cink
SG Sergio Garcia
SI Joey Sindelar
SM Shigeki Maruyama
SS Steve Stricker
ST Craig Stadler
TB Thomas Bjorn
TC Tim Clark
TH Tim Herron
TK Tom Kite
TL Tom Lehman
TW Tiger Woods
TWE Tom Weiskopf
WA Grant Waite


Tiger Woods Red Sign of the Times Autographs Set Checklist

7 cards.
2001 SP Authentic Golf Cards 11

TW Tiger Woods - Bay Hill Invitational #/273
TW Tiger Woods - Player's Championship #/274
TW Tiger Woods - The Masters #/63
TW Tiger Woods - The Memorial #/66
TW Tiger Woods - 29th PGA Tour Victory #/29
TW Tiger Woods - Tiger Slam #/4
TW Tiger Woods - Augusta National #/65


Tour Swatch Relics Set Checklist

59 cards. 1:23 packs.
PARALLEL CARDS: Green #/500, Red #/250, Silver #/100, Gold #/25.
2001 SP Authentic Golf Cards 12

AB-TS Andy Bean
AS-TS Adam Scott
BB-TS Billy Ray Brown
BE-TS Brad Elder
BJ-TS Brandt Jobe
BL-TS Bernhard Langer
BM-TS Bob May
BN-TS Byron Nelson
CD-TS Chris DiMarco
CM-TS Casey Martin
CS-TS Curtis Strange
CSm-TS Chris Smith
DB-TS David Berganio Jr.
DH-TS Dudley Hart
DW-TS Duffy Waldorf
FC-TS Fred Couples
FN-TS Frank Nobilo
GK-TS Greg Kraft
GM-TS Gary McCord
GN-TS Gary Nicklaus
GP-TS Gary Player
GW-TS Garrett Willis
HH-TS Hunter Haas
HI-TS Hale Irwin
IF-TS Ian Baker-Finch
JD-TS John Daly
JDu-TS Joe Durant
JJ-TS J.J. Henry
JL-TS Justin Leonard
JM-TS Jeff Maggert
 JN-TS Jack Nicklaus
JP-TS Jesper Parnevik
JS-TS Joey Sindelar
JW-TS Jay Williamson
KJ-TS K.J. Choi
KV-TS Ken Venturi
LJ-TS Lee Janzen
LR-TS Loren Roberts
MC-TS Michael Clark II
MCa-TS Mark Calcavecchia
MH-TS Mark Hensby
MK-TS Matt Kuchar
MKi-TS Michael Kirk
MO-TS Mark O'Meara
MW-TS Mike Weir
NF-TS Nick Faldo
PH-TS Padraig Harrington
PJ-TS Peter Jacobsen
PS-TS Payne Stewart
RD-TS Robert Damron
SA-TS Stuart Appleby
SC-TS Stewart Cink
SG-TS Sergio Garcia
SS-TS Steve Stricker
ST-TS Craig Stadler
TH-TS Tim Herron
TK-TS Tom Kite
TW-TS Tiger Woods
TWe-TS Tom Weiskopf


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