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2000 Topps Traded and Rookies Baseball Cards

2000 Topps Traded and Rookies Baseball Cards

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2000 Topps Traded and Rookies Baseball marked the second consecutive year where the set came packaged with a rookie autograph.

Sticking with the same design as the flagship set, 2000 Topps Traded and Rookies Baseball has a simple design that's distinct for its silver borders. Cards are numbered with a T to differentiate them from the main set released earlier in the year.

The 2000 Topps Traded and Rookies Baseball checklist is definitely not lacking in the rookie department. Although many of the players failed to live up to their expectations, Miguel Cabrera is one of best of his generation. Adrian Gonzalez and Michael Young are the set's other key rookie cards.

Besides the plentiful rookies, the 135-card checklist also tracks regular season player movement, showing stars in their new uniforms. Curt Schilling, Hideo Nomo, Will Clark and Dwight Gooden are among those featured.

For many collectors, the biggest draw in 2000 Topps Traded and Rookies Baseball are the autographs. Inserted one per box, the take on the same design as the autographs from 2000 Topps Baseball. The 80-card checklist is only rookies and young stars. By far, the top card is Miguel Cabrera, which regularly trades for hundreds of dollars.

Key 2000 Topps Traded and Rookies Baseball Cards:

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Set Checklist

2000 Topps Traded and Rookies Baseball Checklist

Base Set Checklist

135 cards.

T1 Mike MacDougal
T2 Andy Tracy RC
T3 Brandon Phillips RC
T4 Brandon Inge RC
T5 Robbie Morrison RC
T6 Josh Pressley RC
T7 Todd Moser RC
T8 Rob Purvis
T9 Chance Caple
T10 Ben Sheets
T11 Russ Jacobson RC
T12 Brian Cole RC
T13 Brad Baker
T14 Alex Cintron RC
T15 Lyle Overbay RC
T16 Mike Edwards RC
T17 Sean McGowan RC
T18 Jose Molina
T19 Marcos Castillo RC
T20 Josue Espada RC
T21 Alex Gordon RC
T22 Rob Pugmire RC
T23 Jason Stumm
T24 Ty Howington
T25 Brett Myers
T26 Maicer Izturis RC
T27 John McDonald
T28 Wilfredo Rodriguez RC
T29 Carlos Zambrano RC
T30 Alejandro Diaz RC
T31 Geraldo Guzman RC
T32 J.R. House RC
T33 Elvin Nina RC
T34 Juan Pierre RC
T35 Ben Johnson RC
T36 Jeff Bailey RC
T37 Miguel Olivo RC
T38 Francisco Rodriguez RC
T39 Tony Pena Jr. RC
T40 Miguel Cabrera RC
T41 Asdrubal Oropeza RC
T42 Junior Zamora RC
T43 Jovanny Cedeno RC
T44 John Sneed
T45 Josh Kalinowski
T46 Mike Young RC
T47 Rico Washington RC
T48 Chad Durbin RC
T49 Junior Brignac RC
T50 Carlos Hernandez RC
T51 Cesar Izturis RC
T52 Oscar Salazar RC
T53 Pat Strange RC
T54 Rick Asadoorian
T55 Keith Reed
T56 Leo Estrella RC
T57 Wascar Serrano RC
T58 Richard Gomez RC
T59 Ramon Santiago RC
T60 Jovanny Sosa RC
T61 Aaron Rowand RC
T62 Junior Guerrero RC
T63 Luis Terrero RC
T64 Brian Sanches RC
T65 Scott Sobkowiak RC
T66 Gary Majewski RC
T67 Barry Zito
T68 Ryan Christianson
T69 Cristian Guerrero RC
T70 Tomas De La Rosa RC
T71 Andrew Beinbrink RC
T72 Ryan Knox RC
T73 Alex Graman RC
T74 Juan Guzman RC
T75 Ruben Salazar RC
T76 Luis Matos RC
T77 Tony Mota RC
T78 Doug Davis
T79 Ben Christensen
T80 Mike Lamb
T81 Adrian Gonzalez RC
T82 Mike Stodolka RC
T83 Adam Johnson RC
T84 Matt Wheatland RC
T85 Corey Smith RC
T86 Rocco Baldelli RC
T87 Keith Bucktrot RC
T88 Adam Wainwright RC
T89 Scott Thorman RC
T90 Tripper Johnson RC
T91 Jim Edmonds Cards
T92 Masato Yoshii
T93 Adam Kennedy
T94 Darryl Kile
T95 Mark McLemore
T96 Ricky Gutierrez
T97 Juan Gonzalez
T98 Melvin Mora
T99 Dante Bichette
T100 Lee Stevens
T101 Roger Cedeno
T102 John Olerud
T103 Eric Young
T104 Mickey Morandini
T105 Travis Lee
T106 Greg Vaughn
T107 Todd Zeile
T108 Chuck Finley
T109 Ismael Valdes
T110 Reggie Sanders
T111 Pat Hentgen
T112 Ryan Klesko
T113 Derek Bell
T114 Hideo Nomo
T115 Aaron Sele
T116 Fernando Vina
T117 Wally Joyner
T118 Brian Hunter
T119 Joe Girardi
T120 Omar Daal
T121 Brook Fordyce
T122 Jose Valentin
T123 Curt Schilling
T124 B.J. Surhoff
T125 Henry Rodriguez
T126 Mike Bordick
T127 David Justice
T128 Charles Johnson
T129 Will Clark
T130 Dwight Gooden
T131 David Segui
T132 Denny Neagle
T133 Jose Canseco
T134 Bruce Chen
T135 Jason Bere
2000 Topps Traded and Rookies Baseball Cards 1

Autographs Set Checklist

80 cards. Inserted one per sealed set.

TTA1 Mike MacDougal
TTA2 Andy Tracy
TTA3 Brandon Phillips
TTA4 Brandon Inge
TTA5 Robbie Morrison
TTA6 Josh Pressley
TTA7 Todd Moser
TTA8 Rob Purvis
TTA9 Chance Caple
TTA10 Ben Sheets
TTA11 Russ Jacobson
TTA12 Brian Cole
TTA13 Brad Baker
TTA14 Alex Cintron
TTA15 Lyle Overbay
TTA16 Mike Edwards
TTA17 Sean McGowan
TTA18 Jose Molina
TTA19 Marcos Castillo
TTA20 Josue Espada
TTA21 Alex Gordon
TTA22 Rob Pugmire
TTA23 Jason Stumm
TTA24 Ty Howington
TTA25 Brett Myers
TTA26 Maicer Izturis
TTA27 John McDonald
TTA28 Wilfredo Rodriguez
TTA29 Carlos Zambrano
TTA30 Alejandro Diaz
TTA31 Geraldo Guzman
TTA32 J.R. House
TTA33 Elvin Nina
TTA34 Juan Pierre
TTA35 Ben Johnson
TTA36 Jeff Bailey
TTA37 Miguel Olivo
TTA38 Francisco Rodriguez
TTA39 Tony Pena Jr.
TTA40 Miguel Cabrera
TTA41 Asdrubal Oropeza
TTA42 Junior Zamora
TTA43 Jovanny Cedeno
TTA44 John Sneed
TTA45 Josh Kalinowski
TTA46 Mike Young
TTA47 Rico Washington
TTA48 Chad Durbin
TTA49 Junior Brignac
TTA50 Carlos Hernandez
TTA51 Cesar Izturis
TTA52 Oscar Salazar
TTA53 Pat Strange
TTA54 Rick Asadoorian
TTA55 Keith Reed
TTA56 Leo Estrella
TTA57 Wascar Serrano
TTA58 Richard Gomez
TTA59 Ramon Santiago
TTA60 Jovanny Sosa
TTA61 Aaron Rowand
TTA62 Junior Guerrero
TTA63 Luis Terrero
TTA64 Brian Sanches
TTA65 Scott Sobkowiak
TTA66 Gary Majewski
TTA67 Barry Zito
TTA68 Ryan Christianson
TTA69 Cristian Guerrero
TTA70 Tomas De La Rosa
TTA71 Andrew Beinbrink
TTA72 Ryan Knox
TTA73 Alex Graman
TTA74 Juan Guzman
TTA75 Ruben Salazar
TTA76 Luis Matos
TTA77 Tony Mota
TTA78 Doug Davis
TTA79 Ben Christensen
TTA80 Mike Lamb
2000 Topps Traded and Rookies Baseball Cards 2

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