1996-97 Upper Deck Space Jam Trading Cards

1996-97 Upper Deck Space Jam Trading Cards

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Michael Jordan has no shortage of cards. You might have his basketball cards. You may even have a handful of Michael Jordan baseball cards and golf cards tucked away. But the strangest might very well be from 1996-97 Upper Deck Space Jam trading cards.

Released in two series, the cards revolve around the infamous movie that saw Jordan team up with Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and the Looney Tunes gang to play basketball against some animated aliens. The base set is not hard to complete. Series 1 has just 65 cards while Series 2 adds another 40 cards. Besides Jordan, other basketball stars appearing in the set include Charles Barkley and Muggsy Bogues.

1996-97 Upper Deck Space Jam Trading Cards 1 1996-97 Upper Deck Space Jam Trading Cards 2

While 1996-97 Upper Deck Space Jam has no autographs or memorabilia cards, there are several inserts. Aimed at young audiences, several of these have interactive elements. When put together, Marvin's Flip Cards create short animated bursts. Space Jam Scratchers doubled as contest cards. Cosmic Showdown are stickers with a design reminiscent of 1970s and '80s Topps sticker inserts.

Among the top inserts in 1996-97 Upper Deck Space Jam are the lenticular Animotion cards from Series 1 and Series 2's Silver Screen, which are highlighted by etched foil borders.

Because of their connection to Michael Jordan, Space Jam trading cards have some added appeal. Most of the cards don't command massive amounts, but some can sell for more than comparable entertainment sets from the era.

In addition to basic packs and boxes, Upper Deck distributed cards a couple of different ways. Packs can be found alongside Space Jam action figures. There's also a box set that has 20 All-Star Cast cards, a base set subset.

1996-97 Upper Deck Space Jam Trading Cards 3


1996-97 Upper Deck Space Jam Checklist

Base Set Checklist

105 cards. Series 1 - #1-60, Series 2 - #61-105. Shop for sets on eBay.

Series 1

1996-97 Upper Deck Space Jam Trading Cards 24
1 Bugs Bunny
2 Lola Bunny
3 Daffy Duck
4 Porky Pig
5 Elmer Fudd
6 Tasmanian Devil
7 Sylvester
8 Tweety
9 Granny
10 Wile E. Coyote
11 Road Runner
12 Pepe Le Pew
13 Marvin the Martian
14 Yosemite Sam
15 Speedy Gonzales
16 Foghorn Leghorn
17 Sniffles
18 Witch Hazel
19 Stan Podolak
20 Minion
21 Charles Barkley
22 Muggsy Bogues
23 Michael Jordan
24 Bertie & Hubie
25 Swackhammer
26 Bang
27 Bupkus
28 Blanko
29 Pound
30 Nawt
31 "Bugs' Latest Creation"
32 "The Ducktor"
33 "Trying to be Terrible"
34 "The Rabbit is Revealed"
35 "The Book of Bugs"
36 "Daffy the Demolisher"
37 "An Alien Crash Landing"
38 "The Monstars Meet Their Match"
39 "The Mean Team"
40 "Analyzing the Competition"
41 "Porky Solicits a Souvenir"
42 "A Paranormal Experience"
43 "Michael Gets a Physical"
44 "It's Monstar Time"
45 "Half-Time Heartbreak"
46 Bang
47 Bupkus
48 Blanko
49 Pound
50 Nawt
51 Jordan with "The Ducktor"
52 From Golf Clubs to Fan Club
53 Jordan in "The Ducktor's" Chair
54 Double Agent
55 A High-Flyin', Monstars-Cryin' Jam!
56 A Scary Stare from Air
57 Bugs Bunny Busses a Bull
58 Pepe Kisses One off the Glass
59 "Nice Butt!"
60 Jordan Lends a Hand

Series 2

1996-97 Upper Deck Space Jam Trading Cards 25
61 Bugs Bunny
62 Lola Bunny
63 Daffy Duck
64 Porky Pig
65 Elmer Fudd
66 Tasmanian Devil
67 Sylvester
68 Tweety
69 Granny
70 Wile E. Coyote
71 Road Runner
72 Pepe Le Pew
73 Marvin the Martian
74 Yosemite Sam
75 Speedy Gonzales
76 Foghorn Leghorn
77 Sniffles
78 Witch Hazel
79 Stan Podolak
80 Minion
81 Michael Jordan
82 Muggsy Bogues
83 Michael Jordan
84 Hubie & Bertie
85 Swackhammer
86 Bang
87 Bupkus
88 Blanko
89 Pound
90 Nawt
91 "Pondering Their Plight"
92 "The Monstars Toss an 'Airball'"
93 "Hopping to the Hoop"
94 "Anybody in There?"
95 "Bottom's Up!"
96 "Checking Out the Competition"
97 "We're Going to Be Slaves!"
98 "Snooping for Some Sneakers"
99 "Looking for Something Looney!"
100 "We Gotta Believe in Ourselves!"
101 "Naughty Little Nerdlucks"
102 "Boo!"
103 "The Ultimate Game"
104 "Taking Back Their Talent"
105 "Love Is in the Hare"

Animotion 3-D Motion Checklist

4 cards. Inserted 1:72 Series 1 packs, 1:36 value packs.

AN1 Enlisting a Legend
AN2 Don't Mess with the Mean Team
AN3 Sylvester Grabs a Snack
AN4 Daffy Salutes the Team
1996-97 Upper Deck Space Jam Trading Cards 26

Cosmic Showdown Stick-Ons Checklist

30 cards. Inserted one per Series 2 pack.

CS1 Bugs Bunny
CS2 Bugs Bunny
CS3 Bugs Bunny
CS4 Bugs Bunny
CS5 Michael Jordan
CS6 Michael Jordan
CS7 Michael Jordan
CS8 Michael Jordan
CS9 Michael Jordan
CS10 Lola Bunny
CS11 Lola Bunny
CS12 Lola Bunny
CS13 Daffy Duck
CS14 Daffy Duck
CS15 Porky Pig
CS16 Taz
CS17 Elmer Fudd
CS18 Sylvester
CS19 Tweety
CS20 Road Runner
CS21 Wile E. Coyote
CS22 Marvin the Martian
CS23 Stan Podolak
CS24 Alien
CS25 Alien
CS26 Alien
CS27 Alien
CS28 Alien
CS29 Swackhammer
CS30 Aliens
1996-97 Upper Deck Space Jam Trading Cards 27

Jordan's Tune Squad Checklist

10 cards. Inserted 1:13 Series 1 packs.

T1 Bugs Bunny
T2 Lola Bunny
T3 Daffy Duck
T4 Porky Pig
T5 Tweety
T6 Sylvester
T7 Tasmanian Devil
T8 Marvin the Martian
T9 Pepe Le Pew
T10 Foghorn Leghorn
1996-97 Upper Deck Space Jam Trading Cards 28

Marvin's Flip Cards Checklist

30 cards. Inserted one per Series 1 pack, two per value pack.

1996-97 Upper Deck Space Jam Trading Cards 29

Silver Screen Cards Checklist

15 cards. Inserted in Series 2 packs.

1996-97 Upper Deck Space Jam Trading Cards 30

Space Jam Scratchers Checklist

9 cards. Inserted 1:12 Series 1 packs, 1:3 value packs.

1996-97 Upper Deck Space Jam Trading Cards 31

Promo Cards Checklist

SJ1 Over-Sized Card (Series 1)
1996-97 Upper Deck Space Jam Trading Cards 32

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  1. Yes hi I have a 1996 upper deck space jam card it a purple xard with a silver refactory boarder it has michael jordons autograph on the front side and it is numbered 3204 of 5000 can u help me out with information on it thank u

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