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1995 Topps Animaniacs Trading Cards

1995 Topps Animaniacs Trading Cards

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Ah, the good old days when great cartoons didn't look like Pokemon rip-offs. Animaniacs ranks as one of the top shows of the 1990s, bringing updated zany humor in the tradition of Bugs Bunny and the Looney Tunes gang. A similar style of humor carries over to 1995 Topps Animaniacs trading cards. It's a simple set that showcases the show's humor.

The base set has 72 cards, which is broken down into several subsets, most of which are character-focused. Not surprisingly, Yakko, Wakko and Dot get the most attention. Pinky, the Brain, the Goodfeathers and Chicken Boo are among the other memorable faces in the base set. Card fronts take images from the show with short write-ups on the back.

Every pack includes one of 12 different foil stickers. These capture characters at their most memorable moments. Because they're relatively easy to find, these are sometimes packaged with base sets on the secondary market.

The only other insert set in 1995 Topps Animaniacs are four Vinyl Mini-Cels. These are inserted 1:18 packs.

1995 Topps Animaniacs boxes have 36 packs of eight cards plus one sticker.

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Set Checklist

1995 Topps Animaniacs Checklist

Base Set Checklist

1 Checklist
2 There's Baloney In Our Slacks
3 Miss Interpreting
4 Miss Understanding
5 Miss Terious
6 Eating With The Proper Tools
7 I'm Cute
8 On The Road Again
9 The Warner Cafe
10 Wacko's Gizmo
11 Dot's Poetry Corner
12 Singing With A Rope
13 Dot's Pet
14 The Most Important Question
15 The Wheel Of Morality
16 At The Dawn Of Time
17 The Garden Of Eden
18 Ancient Egypt
19 The Middle Ages
20 The French Revolution
21 In Czarist Russia
22 During WWII
23 Woodstock
24 Shakespeare
25 Camelot
26 Frankenstein
27 Moby Dick
28 Dracula
29 Renaissance Painting
30 Modern Art
31 Modern Dance
32 Country Western Music
33 Pinky And The Brain
34 Sometimes You make My Head Hurt, Pinky
35 Citizen Brain
36 Pinky And The Brain's Brains
37 A Super Plan
38 I'm In Considerable pain
39 A Plan To Take Over The Card Set
40 Sweet Aunt Slappy
41 An Old Friend
42 Slappy Bombs
43 Ironing Out
44 Babe's Best Friend
45 Mindy's Red Balloon
46 History Of The Dog
47 Okay Lady, Love Ya! Bye-Bye!
48 The Goodfeathers
49 Pecking Order
50 The Godpigeon
51 Ah, Go Flap Yourselves Unconscious
52 Rita And Runt
53 Lean On Me, Pal!
54 Meeting Of The Minds
55 The View From Up Here
56 Strange Santa
57 The Good, The Boo And The Ugly
58 We're Big Boned, Not Fat!
59 What Goes Up
60 The Fear Of Discovery
61 The Fear Of No Bathroom
62 The Fear Of Clowns
63 The Fear Of Trees
64 Cartoons don't just happen, you know.
65 Some guy once said...
66 Most folks don't realize...
67 To: Everyone
68 Warners Latest Makes No Sense
69 I'll never forget...
70 Ah, in the good old days...
71 We were so proud...
72 Our fame had reached such a high point...
1995 Topps Animaniacs Trading Cards 1

Foil Stickers Checklist

12 cards. Inserted 1 per pack.

1 Yakko
2 Wakko
3 Dot
4 Dr. Scratchansniff
5 CEO Plotz
6 The Brain
7 Pinky
8 The Hip Hippos
9 Slappy Squirrel
10 Mindy and Buttons
11 Rita and Runt
12 Goodfeathers
1995 Topps Animaniacs Trading Cards 2

Vinyl Mini-Cels Checklist

4 cards. Inserted 1:18 packs.

SC1 Wakko
SC2 Yakko
SC3 Dot
SC4 Brain
1995 Topps Animaniacs Trading Cards 3

Promo Card Checklist

1995 Topps Animaniacs Trading Cards 4

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