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1995 SkyBox Disney Premium Trading Cards

1995 SkyBox Disney Premium Trading Cards

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With much of the hobby headed in a more high-end direction, 1995 SkyBox Disney Premium trading cards went in a similar direction. Although the cards are attractive, it never really caught on. The cards may cost a little more than many other Disney sets, but it's by no means expensive today.

1995 SkyBox Disney Premium has an 80-card base set. Card fronts stand out with thick gold foil borders. The name, logo and thin inner border are also done with gold foil. Adding to the high-end feel, at least for the time, is thicker card stock.

The first 65 cards in the set use Disney's rich history of animated shorts. Most fronts name the pictured character while the back gives a write-up about the short it comes from. There are also subsets for posters and cover art, and a pair of checklists.

1995 SkyBox Disney Premium Trading Cards 1 1995 SkyBox Disney Premium Trading Cards 2

Chase cards are interesting. They're actually numbered as part of the base set. In that regard, they're more like short prints than traditional inserts.

Silver Screen cards are done in foil and spotlight villains. Carrying over a trend from the sports card realm at the time, the cards are covered with a protective clear layer that can be peeled off. The set has nine cards and are inserted 1:4 packs.

1995 SkyBox Disney Premium also has a pair of Holobossed cards to close out the checklist. Inserted 1:18 packs, these are basic holograms with a slightly embossed color group shot on the front.

Sealed 1995 SkyBox Premium boxes come with 36 packs of six cards.

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1995 SkyBox Disney Premium Checklist

Base Set Checklist

1 Steamboat Willie
2 The Delivery Boy
3 The Band Concert
4 Thru the Mirror
5 Brave Little Tailor
6 The Little Whirlwind
7 The Simple Things
8 Plane Crazy
9 Blue Rhythm
10 Building a Building
11 Mickey's Rival
12 The Nifty Nineties
13 First Aiders
14 Figaro and Frankie
15 The Wise Little Hen
16 Orphan's Benefit
17 Moose Hunters
18 Good Scouts
19 Truant Officer Donald
20 No Hunting
21 Donald in Mathmagic Land
22 Don Donald
23 Mr. Duck Steps Out
24 Donald's Crime
25 Cured Duck
26 Donald's Double Trouble
27 Donald's Dream Voice
28 Donald's Diary
29 Mickey's Revue
30 Mickey's Service Station
31 Lonesome Ghosts
32 Goofy and Wilbur
33 The Art of Skiing
34 How To Play Football
35 Aquamania
36 The Chain Gang
37 The Moose Hunt
38 The Pointer
39 Lend a Paw
40 Private Pluto
41 Pluto's Blue Note
42 Pluto's Christmas Tree
43 Butch
44 Clara Cluck
45 Clarabelle Cow
46 Figaro
47 George Geef
48 Horace Horsecollar
49 Humphrey Bear
50 Morty and Ferdy
51 Pete
52 The Skeleton Dance
53 Flowers and Trees
54 Father Noah's Ark
55 Three Little Pigs
56 Old King Cole
57 The Night Before Christmas
58 Wynken, Blynken and Nod
59 The Laugh-o-Gram Series
60 Alice Chops the Suey
61 Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom
62 Ben and Me
63 Paul Bunyan
64 Mickey's Christmas Carol
65 The Prince and the Pauper
66 Klondike Kid
67 Ye Olden Days
68 Orphan's Benefit
69 Society Dog Show
70 Goofy and Wilbur
71 Private Pluto
72 Silly Symphony
73 Mickey Mouse - 1935
74 Minnie Mouse - 1936
75 Donald Duck - 1937
76 Goofy - 1953
77 Pluto - 1937
78 Mickey and Friends - 1939
79 Checklist
80 Checklist
1995 SkyBox Disney Premium Trading Cards 24

Silver Screen Checklist

9 cards. Inserted 1:4 packs.

81 Big Bad Wolf
82 Bogeymen
83 The Giant
84 The Witch
85 The Spider
86 Captain Katt
87 Lonesome Ghosts
88 The Shark
89 Horace Horseccollar
1995 SkyBox Disney Premium Trading Cards 25

Holobossed Checklist

2 cards. Inserted 1:18 packs.

90 Three Generations of Fun
91 The Best of Friends
1995 SkyBox Disney Premium Trading Cards 26

Promo Card Checklist

1995 SkyBox Disney Premium Trading Cards 27

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User Reviews

lou tracy
lou tracy

I have a box of Disney Collector Cards
(15 cards per pack)
the packs are black front with Mickey’s
picture on it – the packs are
family portraits, world tour, favorite
stories) have 32 packs that have not
been opened and 4 that have been – probably in the 1990?
what is asking price – lou


Hi I have Skybox trading cards partial snowwhite collection some have walt drawinf and some sketches all are in good condition are they worth anything.


I have two Singed Pocahontas Cards they are SkyBox. the name is hard to read… Looks like Frank something and Lou Saul and then something they were singed on Pocahontas animation discovery adventure cards…
looking to see what they are worth?

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