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1995 Bowman's Best Baseball Cards

1995 Bowman’s Best Baseball Cards

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Despite the fall of some of it's biggest rookies, 1995 Bowman's Best Baseball remains one of the best and most desirable sets of the mid-1990s.

The 1995 Bowman's Best Baseball checklist is a little bit strange in that it's composed of three different subsets, each with their own numbering. Blue cards have rookies and prospects, reds are for veterans and Mirror Image cards pair a prospect and a veteran. Blue and red cards are nearly identical save for a colored stripe on the front. Both have a large team logo with a color band underneath differentiating the future from the present.

Mirror Image cards are horizontal. The prospect is on the left. They are paired with a veteran sharing similar abilities. At least they were perceived to have similar skills. Historically, nobody is going to compare Todd Greene to Ken Griffey Jr. or Ruben Rivera to Frank Thomas.

It's worth noting that the Mirror Image card pairing Juan Gonzalez and Juan Lebron actually pictures Carlos Beltran. This same wrong-photo error was repeated in 1995 Topps Traded Baseball. Lebron's card has Beltran on it and the Beltran card has Lebron.

1995 Bowman's Best Baseball Cards 1At one point, the 1995 Bowman's Best Baseball Andruw Jones was one of the most desirable modern cards in the hobby. While his career has been decent, he failed to live up to the tremendous hype surrounding him. As a result, the rookie is now only worth a fraction of what it once sold for. Similarly, the Vladimir Guerrero used to be a very strong seller. It too has softened somewhat, but not to the extent of Jones. Other rookies in 1995 Bowman's Best Baseball include Scott Rolen, Chris Carpenter, Bartolo Colon, Bobby Abreu and Hideo Nomo.

The only inserts found in packs are Refractors, which combine to fall approximately four per box. Red and Blue Refractors have the familiar rainbow background collectors are familiar with today. Mirror Image Refractors take a different approach, using diffraction foil backgrounds. The result looks like a bunch of stripes throughout the card. Refractors are noted on the back, although veteran variations can be found without the notation as well.

Jumbo Refractors were distributed in specially marked Topps retail boxes. The cards look identical to regular Refractors save for their size. They measure 4 1/4" by 5 3/4".

1995 Bowman's Best Baseball hobby boxes come with 24 packs of seven cards. Retail boxes have 20 packs with five cards each.

Key 1995 Bowman's Best Baseball Cards:

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Set Checklist

1995 Bowman's Best Baseball Checklist

Base Set Checklist - Blue

90 cards.

PARALLEL CARDS: Refractors 1:6 packs (including all subsets)

1 Derek Jeter
2 Vladimir Guerrero RC
3 Bobby Abreu RC
4 Chan Ho Park
5 Paul Wilson
6 Chad Ogea
7 Andruw Jones RC
8 Brian Barber
9 Andy Larkin
10 Richie Sexson RC
11 Everett Stull
12 Brooks Kieschnick
13 Matt Murray
14 John Wasdin
15 Shannon Stewart
16 Luis Ortiz
17 Marc Kroon
18 Todd Greene
19 Juan Acevedo RC
20 Tony Clark
21 Jermaine Dye
22 Derrek Lee
23 Pat Watkins
24 Pokey Reese
25 Ben Grieve
26 Julio Santana RC
27 Felix Rodriguez RC
28 Paul Konerko
29 Nomar Garciaparra
30 Pat Ahearne RC
31 Jason Schmidt
32 Billy Wagner
33 Rey Ordonez RC
34 Curtis Goodwin
35 Sergio Nunez RC
36 Tim Belk
37 Scott Elarton RC
38 Jason Isringhausen
39 Trot Nixon
40 Sid Roberson RC
41 Ron Villone
42 Ruben Rivera
43 Rick Huisman
44 Todd Hollandsworth
45 Johnny Damon
46 Garret Anderson
47 Jeff D'Amico
48 Dustin Hermanson
49 Juan Encarnacion RC
50 Andy Pettitte
51 Chris Stynes
52 Troy Percival
53 LaTroy Hawkins
54 Roger Cedeno
55 Alan Benes
56 Karim Garcia RC
57 Andrew Lorraine
58 Gary Rath RC
59 Bret Wagner
60 Jeff Suppan
61 Bill Pulsipher
62 Jay Payton RC
63 Alex Ochoa
64 Ugueth Urbina
65 Armando Benitez
66 George Arias
67 Raul Casanova RC
68 Matt Drews
69 Jimmy Haynes
70 Jimmy Hurst
71 C.J. Nitkowski
72 Tommy Davis RC
73 Bartolo Colon RC
74 Chris Carpenter RC
75 Trey Beamon
76 Bryan Rekar
77 James Baldwin
78 Marc Valdes
79 Tom Fordham RC
80 Marc Newfield
81 Angel Martinez
82 Brian L. Hunter
83 Jose Herrera
84 Glenn Dishman RC
85 Jacob Cruz RC
86 Paul Shuey
87 Scott Rolen RC
88 Doug Million
89 Desi Relaford
90 Michael Tucker
1995 Bowman's Best Baseball Cards 2

Base Set Checklist - Red

90 cards.

PARALLEL CARDS: Refractors 1:6 packs (including all subsets)

1 Randy Johnson
2 Joe Carter
3 Chili Davis
4 Moises Alou
5 Gary Sheffield
6 Kevin Appier
7 Denny Neagle
8 Ruben Sierra
9 Darren Daulton
10 Cal Ripken Jr.
11 Bobby Bonilla
12 Manny Ramirez
13 Barry Bonds
14 Eric Karros
15 Greg Maddux
16 Jeff Bagwell
17 Paul Molitor
18 Ray Lankford
19 Mark Grace
20 Kenny Lofton
21 Tony Gwynn
22 Will Clark
23 Roger Clemens
24 Dante Bichette
25 Barry Larkin
26 Wade Boggs
27 Kirby Puckett
28 Cecil Fielder
29 Jose Canseco
30 Juan Gonzalez
31 David Cone
32 Craig Biggio
33 Tim Salmon
34 David Justice
35 Sammy Sosa
36 Mike Piazza
37 Carlos Baerga
38 Jeff Conine
39 Rafael Palmeiro
40 Bret Saberhagen
41 Lenny Dykstra
42 Mo Vaughn
43 Wally Joyner
44 Chuck Knoblauch
45 Robin Ventura
46 Don Mattingly
47 Dave Hollins
48 Andy Benes
49 Ken Griffey Jr.
50 Albert Belle
51 Matt Williams
52 Rondell White
53 Raul Mondesi
54 Brian Jordan
55 Greg Vaughn
56 Fred McGriff
57 Roberto Alomar
58 Dennis Eckersley
59 Lee Smith
60 Eddie Murray
61 Kenny Rogers
62 Ron Gant
63 Larry Walker
64 Chad Curtis
65 Frank Thomas
66 Paul O'Neill
67 Kevin Seitzer
68 Marquis Grissom
69 Mark McGwire
70 Travis Fryman
71 Andres Galarraga
72 Carlos Perez RC
73 Tyler Green
74 Marty Cordova
75 Shawn Green
76 Vaughn Eshelman
77 John Mabry
78 Jason Bates
79 Jon Nunnally
80 Ray Durham
81 Edgardo Alfonzo
82 Esteban Loaiza
83 Hideo Nomo RC
84 Orlando Miller
85 Alex Gonzalez
86 Mark Grudzielanek RC
87 Julian Tavarez
88 Benji Gil
89 Quilvio Veras
90 Ricky Bottalico
1995 Bowman's Best Baseball Cards 3

Base Set Checklist - Mirror Image

15 cards. Card 5 is an uncorrected error. Carlos Beltran is pictured, not Juan Lebron.

PARALLEL CARDS: Refractors 1:6 packs (including all subsets)

1 Ben Davis RC, Ivan Rodriguez
2 Mark Redman RC, Manny Ramirez
3 Reggie Taylor RC, Deion Sanders
4 Ryan Jaroncyk, Shawn Green
5 Juan LeBron, Juan Gonzalez
6 Toby McKnight, Craig Biggio
7 Michael Barrett RC, Travis Fryman
8 Corey Jenkins, Mo Vaughn
9 Ruben Rivera, Frank Thomas
10 Curtis Goodwin, Kenny Lofton
11 Brian Hunter, Tony Gwynn
12 Todd Greene, Ken Griffey Jr.
13 Karim Garcia, Matt Williams
14 Billy Wagner, Randy Johnson
15 Pat Watkins, Jeff Bagwell
1995 Bowman's Best Baseball Cards 4

Jumbo Refractors Set Checklist

10 cards. Exclusive box topper to retail boxes. Cards measure 4 1/4" by 5 3/4".

1 Albert Belle
2 Ken Griffey Jr.
3 Tony Gwynn
4 Greg Maddux
5 Hideo Nomo
6 Mike Piazza
7 Cal Ripken Jr.
8 Sammy Sosa
9 Frank Thomas
10 Cal Ripken Jr.

Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

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Diana Faber
Diana Faber

I have a black and white baseball card of Brooklyn Dodger Pete Reese. The card Co. is BOWMAN GUM, Inc. copyright 1948. NOWHERE
AM I ABLE TO LOCATE this card on your site.
Very disappointed……………

Ryan Cracknell
Ryan Cracknell

Diana Faber Are you looking for some sort of information on it?

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