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1994 Topps Nancy Kerrigan: My Diary Trading Cards

1994 Topps Nancy Kerrigan: My Diary Trading Cards

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In retrospect, 1994 Topps Nancy Kerrigan My Diary trading cards are one of the strangest sets every produced by a major company. You can't fault the card maker for jumping at the opportunity to make a set with the figure skater's blessing and participation. She enter the 1994 Winter Olympics with massive amount of attention from being attacked in the lead up to Lillehammer. Today, though, the approach of the set is just seems weird. At the same time, it's hard to look away.

1994 Topps Nancy Kerrigan: My Diary has an 88-card checklist. About half of it is dedicated to national and international competitions leading up to and including the 1994 Olympics. Theses cards are what you'd likely expect from a set of Nancy Kerrigan trading cards.

1994 Topps Nancy Kerrigan: My Diary Trading Cards 1 1994 Topps Nancy Kerrigan: My Diary Trading Cards 2

But things get a little strange in the other half of the set. We learn about things like Nancy's first communion.

1994 Topps Nancy Kerrigan: My Diary Trading Cards 3

We get a look at her prom dress.

1994 Topps Nancy Kerrigan: My Diary Trading Cards 4

And then there was that time Nancy hung out with Santa Claus in his sleigh -- in her skating gear.

1994 Topps Nancy Kerrigan: My Diary Trading Cards 5

It's personal candid shots like these that give the set its overall tone. You can find in-action shots in other releases. Where else are you going to get to see Nancy Kerrigan in a communion dress or getting ready for the big dance? At the same time, it offers a more intimate, down-to-earth look at the Olympic silver medalist.

Produced in direct partnership with Kerrigan, card backs are written in the first person as if Nancy were writing in an actual diary. Even the design is intended to look like a diary page, complete with tacky "hand-writing" fonts.

1994 Topps Nancy Kerrigan: My Diary Trading Cards 6

It's not surprising that Kerrigan's attack and Tonya Harding aren't directly confronted in the set.

At the time, the cards were considered more on the premium side for such a release. They're glossy with silver foil for both the header and the caption on the front.

1994 Topps Nancy Kerrigan: My Diary isn't all that common on the secondary market. It can be found, but not in mass amounts like many other sets from the era. It's also not terribly expensive as Kerrigan soon faded from the spotlight following the Olympics. The fact that there are no inserts certainly doesn't help the excitement either.

These aren't the only Nancy Kerrigan cards. In 1996 she was featured in an Olympic set from Upper Deck. Her first certified autograph was included in 2009-10 Upper Deck Series 2 Hockey's The Champions. She has several other autograph cards including 2014 Topps US Olympic Hopefuls and a dual autograph with Tonya Harding in 2013 Leaf Pop Century.

1994 Topps Nancy Kerrigan: My Diary Trading Cards 7 1994 Topps Nancy Kerrigan: My Diary Trading Cards 8

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1994 Topps Nancy Kerrigan My Diary Checklist

1 My First Christmas
2 Visiting Santa
3 Bright-eyed 2 year old
4 Kindergarten Cutie
5 Easter Sunday '74
6 Kids on Vacation
7 My First Skating Show
8 First Communion
9 2nd Grade Memories
10 I Roller Skate, Too
11 At Stoneham Arena
12 Deck the Halls
13 I Love A Parade
14 Ready...Set...Smile!
15 Practice Makes Perfect
16 Hockey, Anyone?
17 Teenager, At Last
18 Blue-Ribbon Pose
19 Sweet 16
20 Still Going Strong
21 Junior Prom
22 Senior Prom
23 Grandest Neighbors
24 At Junior Nationals
25 Nancy Ann Kerrigan
26 Goodwill Games '90
27 Family Portrait '91
28 National Championships '91
29 World Championships '91
30 World Championships '91
31 World Championships '91
32 National Championships '92
33 She shooots...she scores!
34 Gold-Medal Dad
35 Albertville '92
36 Albertville '92
37 Albertville '92
38 Albertville '92
39 Olympic Parade '92
40 Showing My Medal
41 Three Generations
42 World Championship '92
43 World Championship '92
44 World Championship '92
45 American...And Proud Of It
46 Skate America '92
47 For the Fun of It!
48 Free & Easy
49 Ho! Ho! Ho!
50 U.S. Nationals '93
51 U.S. Nationals '93
52 U.S. Nationals '93
53 U.S. Nationals '93
54 U.S. Nationals '93
55 U.S. Nationals '93
56 U.S. Nationals '93
57 U.S. Nationals '93
58 U.S. Nationals '93
59 Gold - U.S. Nationals '93
60 Gold - U.S. Nationals '93
61 World Championships '93
62 World Championships '93
63 On the Comeback Trail
64 Back on Top
65 My Best Friend
66 My "Coaches"
67 U.S. Nationals '94
68 Lillehammer '94
69 Lillehammer '94
70 Lillehammer '94
71 Lillehammer '94
72 Lillehammer '94
73 Lillehammer '94
74 Lillehammer '94
75 Lillehammer '94
76 Lillehammer '94
77 Lillehammer '94
78 Lillehammer '94
79 Lillehammer '94
80 Lillehammer '94
81 Lillehammer '94
82 Lillehammer '94
83 Lillehammer '94
84 Lillehammer '94
85 Lillehammer '94
86 Lookinng Back
87 Onward & Upward
88 Final Thoughts
1994 Topps Nancy Kerrigan: My Diary Trading Cards 9

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