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1994 SkyBox Lion King Trading Cards

1994 SkyBox Lion King Trading Cards

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1994 SkyBox Lion King is one of the biggest entertainment trading card releases of the decade. It certainly helped that the film was a massive success that led to plenty of spinoff merchandise. Cards were also given out in Burger King Kids Meals, which is about a big a stage a product could ask for. While this hasn't translated into lasting values, it's still a fun set that has a little bit of everything given the era it comes from.

The set is split between two series. The 1994 SkyBox Lion King Series 1 base set has 90 cards that retells the story, covers key characters and more. It continues much the same for the 80 Series 2 cards, offering even more depth. Card fronts are basic. They have a full-bleed image and no caption. Backs provide the details, giving the writeup and a second image.

Most of the inserts are meant to be handled and played with. The toughest are the two Series 1 Lenticular cards (1:180 packs) and Series 2's Foil Border cards (1:90 packs). Other insert themes include Embossed Foil, Pop-Ups and Thermographic. Walmart packs have a pair of exclusive inserts that are easy to find as they both landed one per pack. Series 1 has Coloring Cards while Series 2 has Activity Cards.

Because of the massive supply, 1994 SkyBox Lion King trading cards remain readily available. They're also reasonably cheap, even for the toughest inserts.

Two different binders were made for the set. One with Simba was made for retail. A second binder, which has Pride Rock, was available exclusively at the Disney Store and is significantly tougher to find.

SkyBox also produced a Lion King tin set that could be considered a separate release. It has a 50-card checklist, all of which are done in a tallboy format. The factory set has a production run of 15,000 copies.

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1994 SkyBox Lion King Checklist

Base Set Checklist

171 cards. Series 1 #1-90, Series 2 #91-170 plus no-number title card. Shop for base sets on eBay.
1994 SkyBox Lion King Trading Cards 22

Series 1
01 A Tale of Courage, Adventure and Humor
02 Animals and Birds Stir
03 The Animals Wait
04 The Ceremony Is About to Begin
05 Rafiki Lifts Simba for All to Aee
06 "Don't turn your back on me!"
07 Everything the Light Touches is Our Kingdom
08 The Forbidden Elephant Graveyard
09 Eager for Adventure
10 "I just can't wait to be king."
11 The Getaway
12 A Spectacular Zebra Salute
13 A Brightly Colored Pyramid
14 Toward the Elephant Graveyard
15 A Spooky Sight to Behold
16 "I laugh in the face of danger."
17 A Trio of Vicious, Wise-Cracking Hyenas
18 "Did we order this dinner to go?"
19 Trapped!
20 A Mighty Roar Erupts
21 "Dad, I'm...I'm sorry."
22 "The kings will always be there to guide you."
23 Scar Sings of His Plan
24 A Surprise to Die For
25 Simba Runs for His Life
26 Mufasa Plunges into the Gorge
27 "Hold on!"
28 Mufasa Catches Simba
29 Mufasa Disappears
30 Mufasa Fears for His :ife
31 "Long live the king."
32 "Noooooooo!"
33 Simba Runs Away
34 Escape from the Hyenas
35 Pin Cushions and Cactus Butts
36 Scar Assumes the Throne
37 Buzzards Fly Overhead
38 "Jeez, it's a lion!"
39 Hakuna Matata
40 A Jungle Paradise
41 Fresh Out of Zebra
42 The Fine Art of Eating Bugs
43 The Great Kings of the Past
44 It Is Time
45 Run for Your Life
46 It's Nala!
47 "You wouldn't understand."
48 "You said you'd always be there..."
49 An Odd Little Voice Sings
50 "I know your father."
51 "He lives in you."
52 "Remember who you are."
53 Simba Marches Toward His Destiny
54 Forced to Hunt for Food
55 There Is No Food
56 Simba Is Revealed
57 "I'm a little surprised to see you -- alive."
58 Either Step Down as King or Fight
59 "It was an accident."
60 A Blast of Fury
61 A Large Roar Grows
62 "Eeeee-yaaaaa!"
63 To a Pack of Hungry Hyenas Below
64 Simba Takes His Place in the Circle of Life
65 A New Lion King Is Born
66 Simba
67 Mufasa
68 Sarabi
69 Nala
70 Scar
71 Zazu
72 Rafiki
73 Timon
74 Pumbaa
75 Hyenas
76 The Circle of Life - Birth
77 The Circle of Life - Childhood
78 The Circle of Life - Loss
79 The Circle of Life - Young Simba
80 The Circle of Life - Romance
81 The Circle of Life - Adulthood
82 The Circle of Life - Rebirth
83 Man, Are You Ugleeeee!
84 Dangling at the Bottom of the Food Chain.
85 Who You Callin' Oopid-Stay?
86 Sit Down Before You Hurt Yourself.
87 Mooo Oooo Oove It!
88 Home Is Where Your Rump Rests.
89 Checklist A
90 Checklist B
Series 2
Title Card (No Number)
91 Alligator and Birds
92 Where Have I Seen This Before?
93 Simba Remembers
94 A Chorus of Hyenas
95 Elephants on Parade
96 Song of a Future King
97 Giraffe Choreography
98 Pride Lands and Elephant Graveyard
99 Leisure Times
100 Fire Engulfs Pride Rock 1
101 Fire Engulfs Pride Rock 2
102 Fire Engulfs Pride Rock 3
103 Presentation of Simba 1
104 Presentation of Simba 2
105 Presentation of Simba 3
106 "All The Light Touches..." 1
107 "All The Light Touches..." 2
108 "All The Light Touches..." 3
109 A Jungle Paradise 1
110 A Jungle Paradise 2
111 A Jungle Paradise 3
112 Wildebeest Stampede 1
113 Wildebeest Stampede 2
114 Wildebeest Stampede 3
115 All Hail The Future King 1
116 All Hail The Future King 2
117 All Hail The Future King 3
118 Presentation of Simba
119 Brother Betrayed
120 Dangerous Warning
121 Roaring Lessons
122 Pouncing Practice
123 Dark Destination
124 Simba Daydreams
125 "I Just Can't Wait To Be King"
126 Good Old-Fashioned Fun
127 Facing Fear
128 The Hyenas Close In
129 Ribcage Prison
130 Mufasa to the Rescue
131 A Father's Promise
132 Scar's Devious Plan
133 Hungry Hyenas
134 Scar Plots with the Hyenas
135 Sudden Stampede
136 Mufasa Is Gone
137 An Unusual Twosome
138 New Friends
139 Outcasts Together
140 "Hakuna Matata"
141 No Worry and Responsibility?
142 The Fine Art of Eating Bugs
143 Remembering Mufasa
144 A Lioness Approaches
145 Simba and Nala Reunite
146 A Spiritual Guide
147 Pumbaa and Timon's Help
148 Simba Faces His Destiny
149 Confrontation
150 Simba Clings for Life
151 "Martial Artist"
152 Tricking the Hyenas
153 Ready for Battle
154 Deadly.
155 To His Doom
156 Simba Triumphs
157 The Lion
158 The Baboon
159 The Warthog
160 The Meerkat
161 The Hornbill
162 The Hyena
163 The Wildebeest
164 "I Know Who You Are."
165 "Look Harder... He Lives In You."
166 "The Question Is: Who Are You?"
167 "You Follow Old Rafiki. He Knows The Way."
168 "Asante Sana Squash Banana."
169 Checklist A
170 Checklist B

Activity Card Checklist

5 cards. Inserted one per Series 2 Walmart pack.

A1 Crossword Puzzle
A2 Connect the Dots!
A3 Word Scramble
A4 Help Pumbaa Find His Favorite Food!
A5 Find the Hidden Name
1994 SkyBox Lion King Trading Cards 23

Coloring Cards Checklist

5 cards. Inserted one per Walmart pack.

C1 Simba
C2 Nala
C3 Pumbaa
C4 Timon
C5 Rafiki
1994 SkyBox Lion King Trading Cards 24

Embossed Foil Checklist

9 cards. Inserted 1:12 Series 1 packs.

F1 Simba
F2 Mufasa
F3 Nala
F4 Scar
F5 Rafiki
F6 Zazu
F7 Pumbaa
F8 Timon
F9 Shenzi, Banzai and Ed
1994 SkyBox Lion King Trading Cards 25

Foil Border Cards Checklist

2 cards. Inserted 1:90 Series 2 packs, 1:200 Walmart packs.

FB1 King Mufasa Lives
FB2 Hakuna Matata!
1994 SkyBox Lion King Trading Cards 26

Lenticular Cards Checklist

2 cards. Inserted 1:180 Series 1 packs.

L1 "I Never Get to Go Anywhere!"
L2 Future King of the Jungle
1994 SkyBox Lion King Trading Cards 27

Pop-Up Checklist

10 cards. Series #P1-P5. Series 2 #P6-P10. Inserted 1:24 packs.

Series 1
P1 Simba
P2 Rafiki
P3 Mufasa
P4 Banzai
P5 Scar
Series 2
P6 Timon
P7 Pumbaa
P8 Zazu
P9 Nala
P10 Adult Simba
1994 SkyBox Lion King Trading Cards 28

Thermographic Checklist

9 cards. Inserted 1:9 Series 2 packs.

T1 Rafiki Works His Magic
T2 Confrontation on Pride Rock
T3 A Young King Is Born
T4 A King and His Heir
T5 "Let's Rustle Up Some Grub!"
T6 The Circle Of Life Is Complete
T7 Scar Presents His Villainous Scheme
T8 A Little Bit of Mischief
T9 "I Just Can't Wait to Be King.o
1994 SkyBox Lion King Trading Cards 29

Promo Cards Checklist

Series 1
LK (5 x 7)
9-Card Puzzle
Series 2
1994 SkyBox Lion King Trading Cards 30

Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

User Reviews

Mitzi Spencer
Mitzi Spencer

I have some lion king cards as well, i have been doing the recycling for awhile, and it does help. Thanks so much, Mitzi
i do have some for sale as well. I believe we are better off looking into some to sell as well so please let me know asap if you can. Thanks, Mitzi

Mitzi Spencer
Mitzi Spencer

So Sorry to hear about your loved one. I had a very hard time with the clothes I had on but I made it through, hopefully I will be able to help out more. Sincerely, Mitzi.

Debi Temesvari
Debi Temesvari


My sister recently passed away and I have quite a few 1994 Disney Lion King, Disney, lenticular, holograph, pull ups and other cards. Also, Pepsi, Marvel, Star Wars, Race Car driver, McDonald’s, Casper, Coca Cola, Toy Story, Hercules and other various cards.

Please let me know if it would be worth selling them or not.

Thank you


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