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1994 Fleer Ultra Beavis and Butthead Trading Cards

1994 Fleer Ultra Beavis and Butthead Trading Cards

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1994 Fleer Ultra Beavis and Butthead trading cards are dedicated to the pair of animated idiots that were a big part of pop culture in the early- to mid-1990s. Focusing on fun more than logic, it can be a little tricky to figure out, although this is totally intentional.

The base set has 150 cards. Most focus on specific episodes. Things get confusing when it comes to numbering. The first 100 cards have "69" after the set number. To further complicate matters, it kicks off at 0069. The final 50 base cards have the "69" at the start, going from 6901 through 6950.

Standard for the Ultra brand, cards have a more premium standard for the time. This includes small gold foil accents on the fronts.

1994 Fleer Ultra Beavis and Butthead has just one insert set, Scratch 'n Sniff. Falling 1:4 packs, there are ten cards in the set.

Boxes come with 36 packs of five cards.

A similar set was released in Europe by Topps. The checklist has 132 cards, not 150. Besides the trademarks, the easiest way to differentiate the Topps set is its purple borders.

Beavis and Butthead also appeared in 1995 Fleer Ultra MTV Animation. This set includes cards from a handful of other shows including Aeon Flux and The Maxx.

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1994 Fleer Ultra Beavis and Butthead Checklist

Base Set Checklist

150 cards.
1994 Fleer Ultra Beavis and Butthead Trading Cards 22

0069 Beavis and Butt-head Clean House
0169 Scared Straight
0269 Citizen Butt-head (Part I)
0369 Tornado
0469 Naked Colony
0569 Kidnapped! (Part I)
0669 Kidnapped! (Part II)
0769 Citizen Butt-head (Part II)
0869 Lotto
0969 Politically Correct
1069 Beavis and Butt-head Meet God
1169 Butt 'n' Stuff
1269 Eating Contest
1369 Drive'In or Beware of the Butt
1469 Incognito
1569 Beavis and Butt-head Try Yogurt
1669 Friday Night
1769 Good Credit
1869 Home Improvement (Part I)
1969 Heroes
2069Go Petitioning
2169 No Laughing (Part I)
2269 No Laughing (Part II)
2369 Balloon
2469 Customers Suck
2569 Couch Fishing
2669 Sugar Baby
2769 Way Down Mexico Way (Part I)
2869 Door to Door
2969 Way Down Mexico Way (Part II)
3069 Sideshow
3169 Be All You Can Be
3269 Burger World
3369 Stew
3469 Give Blood
3569 Science
3669 Drive In II
3769 Home Improvement II
3869 Haiku
3969 Bedpans and Broomsticks
4069 Sick
4169 The Trial
4269 Difficulty Urinating
4369 Ball Breakers
4469 Sperm Bank
4569 Canoe
4669 Closing Time
4769 Plate Frisbee
4869 Young, Gifted, and Crude
4969 The Crush
5069 True Crime
5169 Foreign Exchange
5269 Wall of Youth
5369 Cow Tipping
5469 Most Wanted
5569 Comedians
5669 Meet God (Part II)
5769 Washin' the Dog
5869 Badass Dudes
5969 Sporting Goods
6069 Car Wash
6169 The Butt-head Experience
6269 Peace and Love Suck
6369 Little Red Robin Hood
6469 Chicks in Glasses Are Cool
6569 Love My Timber
6669 Rambutt
6769 Like, History Dudes
6869 Operation Desert Suck
6969 Prehistoric Times B.C.
7069 Yamahas
7169 Rushins
7269 Sometimes Art Doesn't Suck
7369 Trailer Ladies
7469 People Were Stupid in Olden Times
7569 Masturmony
7669 The Wizard of Ozzy
7769 Punks
7869 Andudes
7969 Farm Dudes
8069 Home Sweet Cave
8169 Fairos, Huh Huh
8269 Lolita and Tanquera
8369 Steward Stevenson
8469 Jail Guy
8569 President Uh, Clint
8669 Principal McVicker
8769 Mr. Buzzcut
8869 Todd
8969 Tanya the Gifted Teacher
9069 Mr. Van Driessen
9169 Cashier
9269 Stewart's Dad
9369 Daria Morgendorffer
9469 Gina
9569 Tom Anderson
9669 Stewart's Mom
9769 Todd's Gang
9869 The Grizzly
9969 Gorilla Dude
6901 Mistress Cora Anthrax
6902 Freak Chicks Rule
6903 This Rocks!
6904 Frogs Get Me, Like, Hot
6905 Senior Cinnamons
6906 The End Is Near, Beavis. Huh Huh Huh Huh Huh
6907 I'm, Uh, Butt-head
6908 I'm, Like, Beavis
6909 Welcome to the Jungle
6910 Air Guitar
6911 Frog Baseball
6912 Thinking Doesn't Suck
6913 Male Men
6914 Our Offices
6915 Christmas
6916 Crapid
6917 Lepercans
6918 Jackyl Anthems
6919 Spanking the Turkey, Heh Heh
6920 Birthday
6921 Mary Had a Dah Dant Dah!
6922 pest Wishes
6923 Infence
6924 Beavis the Motorhead
6925 Chemicals Are Cool
6926 Dolls Suck
6927 You Gonna Buy That?
6928 Let's All Get Naked
6929 The 70s Sucked
6930 At the Turbo Mall
6931 Welcome to Prison
6932 I Hate, Like, Homework or Something
6933 Beavis's Butt
6934 Chicks Like Us
6935 Born to Hog Wild
6936 Snot Bad
6937 Beavis Pumps Himself, Huh Huh
6938 Secret Cervix
6939 Gropies
6940 Hellocinations
6941 French Flies
6942 Mouse Burger
6943 Raw Incondiments
6944 Men at Work or Something
6945 Tattoos Rule
6946 Life Sucks
6947 Have a Nice Day
6948 Biker
6949 Shark
6950 Chick List

Scratch and Sniff Checklist

10 cards. Inserted 1:4 packs.
1994 Fleer Ultra Beavis and Butthead Trading Cards 23

0690 Buff 'n' Stuff
0691 Citizen Butt-Head (Part I)
0692 Beavis and Butt-head Clean House
0693 Our Offices
0694 Drive In II
0695 Born to Hog Wild
0696 Chicks in Glasses Are Cool
0697 Chemicals Are Cool
0698 Sometimes Art Doesn't Suck
0699 Friday Night

1994 Fleer Ultra Beavis and Butthead Trading Cards 1Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission
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I have basically the whole collection and duplicates at most

I have 4 fleer unopened beavis and butt-head trading cards in exceptional condition it’s the 1994 first edition gold foil 10 card packs I want to know what there worth will sell
Thank you

Matthew boyer
Matthew boyer

I have a bunch more about f beavis an butthead cards fleer ultra 94 an not sure if there worth anything

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