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1993 Topps Finest Baseball Cards

1993 Topps Finest Baseball Cards

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1993 Topps Finest Baseball is one of the most important sets of the 1990s. It introduced the hobby to the chromium base set. It also took the idea of parallel cards to a new level with Refractors. Without 1993 Topps Finest Baseball, we might not have the player rainbows like we have today. The Topps Chrome and Bowman Chrome lines probably wouldn't exist either.

The 199-card base set consists mainly of the game's stars from the day. Regular 1993 Topps Finest Baseball cards have a busy design. A player photo is surrounded by a metallic circle in the middle. The top of the card has a bar that reads "Baseball's Finest" and the bottom of the card has a small nameplate with the player's name and Topps logo. Other than the photo, card fronts make no mention of the player's team or position.

Cards 84 through 116 on the 1993 Topps Finest Baseball checklist cover All-Stars. Although it's a subset with its own design, All-Star subjects don't appear anywhere else on the base set checklist. These cards have a similar style photo. Instead of a circle, there is a smaller spotlit triangle behind the player that has a pair of stars shooting out of the top. The header reads "Baseball's All-Stars." The nameplate is slightly different as well, but it still only has the player's name and Topps logo.

1993 Topps Finest Baseball is primarily a stars-driven set. The checklist has only a pair of rookie cards: J.T. Snow and Mike Lansing. Both players had solid careers but neither made much of a hobby impact.

Although the base set remains popular among collectors, the 1993 Topps Finest Baseball Refractors are what really carry the set. A parallel to the base set, they look very similar except for the rainbow reflection they give off. Refractors are inserted approximately two per box.

Several 1993 Topps Finest Baseball Refractors command a premium because they are suspected short prints. Although some are superstars, others are not. So if you see a Mickey Tettleton or Glenn Davis offered at a ridiculous amount, there is a reason for it.

1993 Topps Finest boxes come with 18 packs of six cards. Each box also comes with one over-sized Jumbo All-Stars card. These are identical to the base set All-Stars except for their size.

1993 Topps Finest Baseball Cards:

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Set Checklist

1993 Topps Finest Baseball Set Checklist

199 cards.

PARALLEL CARDS: Refractors 1:9

1 David Justice
2 Lou Whitaker
3 Bryan Harvey
4 Carlos Garcia
5 Sid Fernandez
6 Brett Butler
7 Scott Cooper
8 B.J. Surhoff
9 Steve Finley
10 Curt Schilling
11 Jeff Bagwell
12 Alex Cole
13 John Olerud
14 John Smiley
15 Bip Roberts
16 Albert Belle
17 Duane Ward
18 Alan Trammell
19 Andy Benes
20 Reggie Sanders
21 Todd Zeile
22 Rick Aguilera
23 Dave Hollins
24 Jose Rijo
25 Matt Williams
26 Sandy Alomar, Jr.
27 Alex Fernandez
28 Ozzie Smith
29 Ramon Martinez
30 Bernie Williams
31 Gary Sheffield
32 Eric Karros
33 Frank Viola
34 Kevin Young
35 Ken Hill
36 Tony Fernandez
37 Tim Wakefield
38 John Kruk
39 Chris Sabo
40 Marv Grissom
41 Glenn Davis
42 Jeff Montgomery
43 Kenny Lofton
44 John Burkett
45 Darryl Hamilton
46 Jim Abbott
47 Ivan Rodriguez
48 Eric Young
49 Mitch Williams
50 Harold Reynolds
51 Brian Harper
52 Rafael Palmeiro
53 Bret Saberhagen
54 Jeff Conine
55 Ivan Calderon
56 Juan Guzman
57 Carlos Baerga
58 Charles Nagy
59 Wally Joyner
60 Charlie Hayes
61 Shane Mack
62 Pete Harnisch
63 George Brett
64 Lance Johnson
65 Ben McDonald
66 Bobby Bonilla
67 Terry Steinbach
68 Ron Gant
69 Doug Jones
70 Paul Molitor
71 Brady Anderson
72 Chuck Finley
73 Mark Grace
74 Mike Devereaux
75 Tom Phillips
76 Chuck Knoblauch
77 Tony Gwynn
78 Kevin Appier
79 Sammy Sosa
80 Mickey Tettleton
81 Felix Jose
82 Mark Langston
83 Gregg Jefferies
84 Andre Dawson All-Star
85 Greg Maddux All-Star
86 Rickey Henderson All-Star
87 Tom Glavine All-Star
88 Roberto Alomar All-Star
89 Darryl Strawberry All-Star
90 Wade Boggs All-Star
91 Bo Jackson All-Star
92 Mark McGwire All-Star
93 Robin Ventura All-Star
94 Joe Carter All-Star
95 Lee Smith All-Star
96 Cal Ripken Jr. All-Star
97 Larry Walker All-Star
98 Don Mattingly All-Star
99 Jose Canseco All-Star
100 Dennis Eckersley All-Star
101 Terry Pendleton All-Star
102 Frank Thomas All-Star
103 Barry Bonds All-Star
104 Roger Clemens All-Star
105 Ryne Sandberg All-Star
106 Fred McGriff All-Star
107 Nolan Ryan All-Star
108 Will Clark All-Star
109 Pat Listach All-Star
110 Ken Griffey Jr. All-Star
111 Cecil Fielder All-Star
112 Kirby Puckett All-Star
113 Dwight Gooden All-Star
114 Barry Larkin All-Star
115 David Cone All-Star
116 Julio Gonzalez All-Star
117 Kent Hrbek
118 Tim Wallach
119 Craig Biggio
120 Roberto Kelly
121 Gregg Olson
122 Eddie Murray
123 Wil Cordero
124 Jay Buhner
125 Carlton Fisk
126 Eric Davis
127 Doug Drabek
128 Ozzie Guillen
129 John Wetteland
130 Andres Galarraga
131 Ken Caminiti
132 Tom Candiotti
133 Pat Borders
134 Kevin Brown
135 Travis Fryman
136 Kevin Mitchell
137 Greg Swindell
138 Benito Santiago
139 Reggie Jefferson
140 Chris Bosio
141 Deion Sanders
142 Scott Erickson
143 Howard Johnson
144 Orestes Destrade
145 Jose Guzman
146 Chad Curtis
147 Cal Eldred
148 Willie Greene
149 Tommy Greene
150 Erik Hanson
151 Bob Welch
152 John Jaha
153 Harold Baines
154 Randy Johnson
155 Al Martin
156 J.T. Snow
157 Mike Mussina
158 Ruben Sierra
159 Dean Palmer
160 Steve Avery
161 Julio Franco
162 Dave Winfield
163 Tim Salmon
164 Tom Henke
165 Mo Vaughn
166 John Smoltz
167 Danny Tartabull
168 Delino DeShields
169 Charlie Hough
170 Paul O'Neill
171 Darren Daulton
172 Jack McDowell
173 Junior Felix
174 Jimmy Key
175 George Bell
176 Mike Stanton
177 Lenny Dykstra
178 Norm Charlton
179 Eric Anthony
180 Rob Dibble
181 Otis Nixon
182 Randy Myers
183 Tim Raines
184 Orel Hershiser
185 Andy Van Slyke
186 Mike Lansing
187 Ray Lankford
188 Mike Morgan
189 Moises Alou
190 Edgar Martinez
191 John Franco
192 Robin Yount
193 Bob Tewksbury
194 Jay Bell
195 Luis Gonzalez
196 Dave Fleming
197 Mike Greenwell
198 David Nied
199 Mike Piazza
1993 Topps Finest Baseball Cards 23

1993 Topps Finest Baseball Jumbo All-Stars Set Checklist

Inserted one per box. Over-sized cards measure 4 1/2" x 6".

84 Andre Dawson
85 Greg Maddux
86 Rickey Henderson
87 Tom Glavine
88 Roberto Alomar
89 Darryl Strawberry
90 Wade Boggs
91 Bo Jackson
92 Mark McGwire
93 Robin Ventura
94 Joe Carter
95 Lee Smith
96 Cal Ripken, Jr.
97 Larry Walker
98 Don Mattingly
99 Jose Canseco
100 Dennis Eckersley
101 Terry Pendleton
102 Frank Thomas
103 Barry Bonds
104 Roger Clemens
105 Ryne Sandberg
106 Fred McGriff
107 Nolan Ryan
108 Will Clark
109 Pat Listach
110 Ken Griffey, Jr.
111 Cecil Fielder
112 Kirby Puckett
113 Dwight Gooden
114 Barry Larkin
115 David Cone
116 Julio Gonzalez
1993 Topps Finest Baseball Cards 24

1993 Topps Finest Baseball Refractor Short Prints

The following is a list of suspected 1993 Topps Finest Baseball Refractor short prints. Short prints apply only to the parallels and not the 1993 Topps Finest base set.

3 Bryan Harvey
10 Curt Schilling
12 Alex Cole
25 Matt Williams
34 Kevin Young
38 John Kruk
39 Chris Sabo
40 Marquis Grissom
41 Glenn Davis
47 Ivan Rodriguez
51 Brian Harper
70 Paul Molitor
79 Sammy Sosa
80 Mickey Tettleton
81 Felix Jose
84 Andre Dawson All-Star
87 Tom Glavine All-Star
94 Joe Carter All-Star
97 Larry Walker All-Star
99 Jose Canseco All-Star
102 Frank Thomas All-Star
107 Nolan Ryan All-Star
108 Will Clark All-Star
110 Ken Griffey Jr. All-Star
116 Juan Gonzalez All-Star
123 Wil Cordero
134 Kevin Brown
148 Willie Greene
155 Al Martin
159 Dean Palmer
163 Tim Salmon
173 Junior Felix
182 Randy Myers
193 Bob Tewksbury
1993 Topps Finest Baseball Cards 25

1993 Topps Finest Baseball Cards 2Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission
Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

User Reviews

Heriberto Penaranda
Heriberto Penaranda

I used to collect cards in the early 90s they start getting very expensive and I stop,at that time every body was crazy about the finest I bougth a lot of them know 23 years later I start checking cards again I realize how populars they are I did know but I own 78 finest refractors so I am trying to find out what to do with them thanks

Mike M
Mike M

Only reason I give it 5 stars, is because I own a bunch of these cards, and had no idea of their value. I did know they are quite scarce, so I never destroyed a single one. Not even dups.

Base set is nice looking. But the Finest sets are ugly. Especially compared to 2015 Topps. Hard to go back and look at these monstrosities….

But at least it’s nice known I have some valuable modern, early-90s cards. :)


great product….tough to locate after all these years and if you find a box/pack..you will pay a nice sum. i just realized that the unopened boxes have different players depicted on the top of them too.

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