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1992 Topps In Living Color Trading Cards

1992 Topps In Living Color Trading Cards

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At its peak, In Living Color was one of the funniest shows on TV. It gave us such characters as Homey D. Clown, The Head Detective and Fire Marshall Bill. But with a lot of the humor rooted in timely satires, reruns don't hold up as well as when they first aired. The show will likely be best remembered as the launching pad for several careers including Jim Carrey, Jamie Foxx, Damon Wayans and even Jennifer Lopez. And they're all in the set of 1992 Topps In Living Color trading cards, a somewhat overlooked release that captures the show's stars and spirit of the 1990s.

The base set has 88 cards. Most are skit highlights taken from the show. There are also a handful of cards showcasing the lead actors like Keenen Ivory Wayans, Kelly Coffield, Tommy Davidson and Carrey (back when he went by James). The design definitely reflects the era the set comes from. Borders have more reds and blues than a pair of old Cross Colours pants and shirts from back in the day. Backs are equally busy with floating heads of several key characters dotting the outside of the wavy frame that holds the card's writeup.

1992 Topps In Living Color Trading Cards 1 1992 Topps In Living Color Trading Cards 2

1992 Topps In Living Color also has 11 stickers. These are inserted one per pack. These have a similar layout on the front with the bright yellow borders switched out for blue ones. The colorful arrow icons remain. Stickers highlight some of the show's most memorable characters. Backs form a puzzle of the Fly Girls.

One would think that a set releasing in 1992 would be easy to come by. While by no means rare, 1992 Topps In Living Color trading cards aren't overly common either. As a result, it shouldn't be held in the same regard as a lot of other junk wax. Don't expect to have to pay huge amounts either, though.

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1992 Topps In Living Color Checklist

Base Set Checklist

1992 Topps In Living Color Trading Cards 24

1 Title Card
2 Heavy D & The Boyz
3 Keenan
4 Kelly
5 David
6 James
7 Crystal
8 Tommy
9 Kim
10 Damon
11 Benita Butrell's Gumbo
12 Jamie
13 "Hey, Hey, Hey, Ladies!"
14 The Fly Girls
15 Pumpin' It Up
16 "She's Working It Tonight!"
17 "Women Who See Me, Want To Be Me."
18 Permanent Press?
19 Barbara & Oswald
20 "My Own Giblets Are Under Surveillance."
21 Funky Finger Productions
22 Clavell and Howard Tibbs III
23 "Ride 'Em Cowboy!"
24 "I'm Going to Girlie World!"
25 Milli Vanilli Do-It-Yourself Kit
26 "Welcome to Homey Cheese."
27 Your Host: Homey D. Clown
28 "Now Lemme Get This Straight."
29 "Let's Get to Class People!"
30 Al Macaffey's Speech on Cutting Class
31 "Don't Make Me Chase Ya, Son."
32 Lisa, Carrie Ann, Cari, Jennifer and Deidre
33 Men on Film
34 Blaine Edwards & Antoine Merriwether
35 "Well, Clutch the Pearls!"
36 Men on Vacation
37 Snackin' Shack
38 The Brothers Brothers
39 "Oh Gosh"
40 "You Ain't Rockin' My World!"
41 Frenchie and the Ladies of Lamaze
42 This Ol' Box
43 Anton
44 Bustin' the Moves
45 "Now, I Ain't One to Gossip..."
46 "Good Luck on Earth, My Son!"
47 Handi Baby!
48 Handi Boy!
49 Handi Man!
50 "Up, Up and Away!"
51 Catchin' Some Rays
52 "Any Safety Violations Here?"
53 "Hold It Right There, Grandma!"
54 "Luckily, My Entire Body Is Numb!"
55 Fish Food
56 "That's No Cake... It's a Bomb!"
57 Fire Marshall Bill Saves the Day
58 Bustin' the Bar Mitzvah
59 Reesie & Cephus
60 The Head Detective
61 A Master of Disguise
62 "Let's Go Get 'Em, Partner!"
63 Busted!
64 Dr. Jackson's Childrens Books
65 "Ah, My Lovely Derriere."
66 "Hey Lizzie!"
67 "Hey, Isn't That a .45 Semi-Automatic?"
68 Whiz & Iceman
69 "I Love You, Ya Big Palooka!"
70 "I Tell Ya, I'm No Good for You, Kid."
71 "Listen Up, Little Childrens."
72 "I Don't Think So!"
73 Reverends Ed Cash & Dr. Carl Pathos
74 "Arsenioooooooo...!"
75 "Eddie Murphy's My Best Friend."
76 "Take Us Home with Some of That Nasty Booger-Nose
77 Hey Mon!
78 "I Don't Got Time for Your Foolishness!"
79 "The Hedleys"
80 Rosie's Girls
81 Behind the Scenes
82 Practice, Practice, Practice.
83 Rehearsing
84 In Between Takes
85 Blocking
86 Taking Five
87 "Thanks for Hangin' with Us."
88 Living in Living Color

Stickers Checklist

11 cards. Inserted 1 per pack.
1992 Topps In Living Color Trading Cards 25

1 Show Logo
2 Homey D. Clown
3 Fire Marshall Bill
4 Men on Film
5 Beatrice Gower
6 Oswald Bates
7 Homeboy Shopping Network
8 Vera DeMilo
9 Velma Mulholland
10 Papa Hedley
11 Fly Girls

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