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1992 Topps Home Alone 2: Lost in New York Trading Cards

1992 Topps Home Alone 2: Lost in New York Trading Cards

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As was the case with the Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, Jaws and even Robocop franchises, Home Alone didn't get a set of cards until the sequel. 1992 Topps Home Alone 2: Lost in New York may cover an inferior film, but it is the best place in the hobby to find Kevin and the Wet Bandits.

1992 Topps Home Alone 2: Lost in New York Trading Cards 1

1992 Topps Home Alone 2 is one of the company's final no-frills entertainment sets. It consists of a simple 66-card base set and 11 stickers.

Base cards follow a standard movie format of recapping the sequel that finds Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) on his lonesome on the streets of New York. As fate (or lazy writing) would have it, the crooks from the first movie, Harry (Joe Pesci) and Marv (Daniel Stern) just happen to be there at the same time.

Card fronts are quite plain, although they have a definite feel for the period. The main image is surrounded by a white border save for the top that have a dark spotted pattern that reverses. It's a strange snow-like effect that is slightly reminiscent of 1990 Topps Baseball.

Backs use a silhouette of the New York skyline as a backdrop for descriptive write-ups. Kevin is being chased by Harry and Marv.

Stickers are inserted one per pack. Not numbered, they have blue borders that are decorated with snowflakes. Like a lot of Topps sticker sets, backs fit together to form a puzzle.

1992 Topps Home Alone 2 isn't rare, but it's also less readily available than a lot of other movie sets from the time. As a new generation is introduced to the franchise and the previous generation looks back on it with nostalgic eyes, it may see an uptick in interest. But part of the draw is also the reasonable rates for boxes and sets. It's a cheap trip back to one of the beloved modern holiday movies. Well, at least a sequel to beloved holiday movie.

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1992 Topps Home Alone 2 Checklist

Base Set Checklist

66 cards.

1 Home Alone... Again!
2 Kevin in the Big Apple
3 Harry the Heister
4 Marvelous Marv
5 Proud Parents
6 A Suspicious Staff
7 The Mysterious Pigeon Lady
8 Have a Nice Trip!
9 Clean Up Time!
10 Another Christmas, Another Trip
11 Big Bad Brother Buzz
12 The Last One Left...
13 A Not Very Merry Christmas
14 A Christmas Wish
15 Late Again!
16 Kevin Takes His Ticket
17 Hold That Plane!
18 "My Family's on That Plane!"
19 Did We Forget Something?
20 What City Is This?
21 A Weird Family Tradition
22 Fish and Freedom
23 A Room with a View
24 This Is the Life
25 Get Outta Here!
26 A Pizza and a Limo
27 What Should We Rob?
28 World's Greatest Toy Store!
29 A Paradise of Toys
30 Casing the Joint
31 A Generous Gesture
32 An Unpleasant Surprise
33 "Whoaahh!"
34 A Stolen Credit Card
35 Kevin Escapes!
36 She Packs a Wallop!
37 Escape into Central Park
38 A New Friend
39 We're in the Money!
40 Say Cheese!
41 Get That Kid!
42 Sleep Tight, Marv
43 I'm Comin' In!
44 Wrenches for a Lug
45 "Owww!"
46 The Old Blowtorch Trick
47 Hot-Headed Harry
48 A Rickety Escape Route
49 "Come and Get Me!"
50 Flattened Felons
51 Climb Kevin Climb
52 The Heat Is On
53 Dopes on a Rope
54 Right This Way, Kid
55 Attack of the Pigeons!
56 Police in the Park
57 Under Arrest
58 "Have You Seen Kevin?"
59 Oh, Christmas Tree
60 Please Bring Back My Family
61 Together Again
62 Silent Night
63 A Truckload of Gifts
64 A Christmas Surprise
65 One for Kevin
66 Two Turtle Doves
1992 Topps Home Alone 2: Lost in New York Trading Cards 23

Stickers Checklist

11 cards. Inserted one per pack. Stickers are not numbered.

A Christmas Bounty
A Wonderland of Toys
Caution: Robbers at Work!
Harry and Marv's New York Adventure
Hiya, Pal!
Hot-Headed Harry!
Kevin and His Buddies
Kevin at Duncan's Toy Chest
Look Out, Marv!
Statue of Liberty
The Mysterious Pigeon Lady
1992 Topps Home Alone 2: Lost in New York Trading Cards 24

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