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1991 Topps Desert Storm Trading Cards

1991 Topps Desert Storm Trading Cards

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When the Gulf War broke out, several card companies produced sets looking at the major players, weapons and technology involved in the conflict. However, none made a bigger splash than Topps. 1991 Topps Desert Storm trading cards span a total of three sets. Today, they're a cheap trip back to a major moment in modern history.

Totaling 264 cards and 44 stickers, 1991 Topps Desert Storm cards aim to explain what happened, albeit through a patriotic lens. Background, technology and key figures in the Gulf War are all part of the checklist. Some of the notable politicians and military minds in the set are President George H.W. Bush, Colin Powell, future Vice President Dick Cheney, Norman Schwarzkopf, Saddam Hussein and Mikhail Gorbachev. The set also goes deep into many of the weapons, jets, aircraft carriers and other military details used by coalition forces.

Because they were so widely produced, 1991 Topps Desert Storm trading cards remain easy to find. For the most part, they're also extremely affordable as well. Don't expect these cards to be worth much in the future from a monetary standpoint. They're probably best used as an interesting secondary source for exploring the Gulf War.

1991 Topps Desert Storm Series 1 - Coalition for Peace

The first series of 1991 Topps Desert Storm cards kicks things off with 88 cards and 22 stickers. When they first came out, the cards created quite a buzz. In particular, the first card in the set, President Bush, was very popular.

Like all three series, card fronts have a brown camouflage border. The caption box on the front is green. The first series card backs are the plainest of the three sets. They have thin red ribbons with stripes along the top and bottom with the Desert Storm logo fading into the background.

The 22 stickers are double what the other two series have. They feature different mottos and icons.

1991 Topps Desert Storm Trading Cards 1

1991 Topps Desert Storm Trading Cards 2

For those looking for variations, the first series cards also come with brown text on the logo on the front.

1991 Topps Desert Storm Trading Cards 3

Factory sets were also sold. These cards have a glossy finish. Printed on white card stock, the backs are noticeably brighter as well. They're similar to Topps Tiffany sets produced for sports sets.

1991 Topps Desert Storm Series 2 - Victory Series

Series 2, dubbed the Victory Series adds another 88 cards. Card numbers run from 89 to 176. Unlike the first release, there are no major variations to chase.

The orange nameplate on the front is a giveaway the card is from Series 2.

Card backs use a flag motif. Thick blue outer borders have big stars. The text box in the center uses more flag-inspired graphics to hold in the description and card number.

The 11 Series 2 stickers are of the flags of coalition forces as well as one for the United Nations.

1991 Topps Desert Storm Trading Cards 41991 Topps Desert Storm Trading Cards 5

1991 Topps Desert Storm Series 3 - Homecoming Edition

Series 3, or the Homecoming Edition, closes out 1991 Topps Desert Storm with a final 88 cards. These have a yellow box for the caption on the front. Backs have a red outer border and a striped blue ribbon with a star along the top. The number bleeds into the stripes.

Stickers are a mix of medals and slogans.

1991 Topps Desert Storm Trading Cards 6 1991 Topps Desert Storm Trading Cards 7


Set Checklist

1991 Topps Desert Storm Trading Cards Checklist

Base Set Checklist

Series 1 - #1-88; Series 2 - #89-176; Series 3 - #177-264.
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Series 1
1991 Topps Desert Storm Trading Cards 8
1 The Commander in Chief
2 General Colin Powell
3 Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney
4 General H. Norman Schwarzkopf
5 General Richard G. Graves
6 Admiral Frank Kelso
7 of Staff General Charles Gabriel
8 Stallion Helicopter
9 CH-53 Helicopter
10 SH-60B Helicopter
11 AH-64 Apache
12 CH-47 Chinook
13 UH-1 Huey Navy Bell
14 CH-53 Super Stallion
15 Helicopter Formation
16 Cobra 'Copter
17 Canadian Air Force CF-18
18 French Mirage Fighter
19 Britain's Tornado
20 State of the Art Stealth Fighter Bomber
21 F-117A Stealth
22 F-14 Flies in Formation
23 Phoenix Missiles on F-14
24 Pilots-Eye View
25 B-52 Stratofortress
26 Ready for Takeoff
27 Flying High - The F-18
28 Taking Off in an F-18
29 An F-18 Waits To Fly
30 Wild Blue Yonder
31 Wings over Egypt
32 The Amazing AV-8B Harrier
33 The Sentry - An E3A
34 A-10s in Formation
35 EA-6B Prowler
36 F-111 Bombers
37 F-15 Fighter Plane
38 M-2 Bradley Tank
39 Manning the M-110
40 Tanks Take a Strong Hold
41 Lining Up the Tanks
42 Sunset on the Desert
43 M-1 Abrams
44 Hummer Land Vehicle
45 TOW Anti-Tank Gun
46 The Power of the Tomahawk
47 Tomahawk Missile in Flight
48 The Patriot Missile
49 The Sidewinder Missile
50 SCUD Missile (A)
51 SCUD Missile (B)
52 Hawk Missile
53 Phoenix Missile
54 Army Supply Ship
55 Carrier Plane at Night
56 USS Midway
57 USS America
58 Destroyers
59 USS Iowa
60 USS Wisconsin
61 USS Ouellet Frigate
62 Moving In
63 Night Vision Goggles
64 F-18 Cockpit
65 At the Controls
66 Patriot Control Center
67 Aegis Control Center
68 Airborne Unit
69 Preparing To Jump
70 Paratrooper in Flight
71 Anti-Aircraft Chemical Gear
72 Satellite Dish
73 Machine Gunner
74 Marine Firefighters
75 Ready in the Cockpit
76 Wearing the Gas Mask
77 Patriot Missile Command Center
78 Machine Guns Ready
79 Mid-Air Refueling
80 In Flight with A-7s
81 The View from Above
82 Mission Accomplished
83 Dawn in the Desert
84 Heat Storm in the Gulf
85 A Quiet Moment
86 Sunset on the F-14
87 The Pentagon
88 Checklist
Series 2
1991 Topps Desert Storm Trading Cards 9
89 Stinger Missile
90 "Carpet" Bombing
91 Rolling Out
92 M-551 Sheridan
93 M-2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle
94 Laying an M-21 Mine
95 Machine Gun
96 M-1s Move Out
97 The Mighty M-1A1
98 TOW Missile
99 HMMWV The Hummer
100 LAV - Light Armored Vehicle
101 Iraq's SCUD Missile
102 Battleship Cannons
103 LCAC
104 A-6 Intruder
105 Dragon Missile Launcher
106 M-60's Reactive Armor
107 M-109 Howitzer
108 F-16 Fighter/Bomber
109 F-15 Eagle
110 F-14 Fighter
111 F-4 Phantom
112 A-7 Avenger
113 Wild Weasel
114 The Agile F-14
115 F-16 Fighting Falcon
116 F/A-18 Hornet
117 F-15 Dual-Role Eagle
118 A-10 Warthog
119 Stealth-F117A
120 USS Eisenhower
121 USS Longbeach
122 USS Wisconsin
123 USS Goldsborough
124 Marine APC
125 CH-47 Chinook
126 USS Sides
127 Desert Hawk
128 Apache Attack 'Copter
129 The Cobra
130 UH-60A
131 Chaparral Missile Launch System
132 F/A-18 Fighter
133 F-111 Aardvark
134 Tried & True B-52
135 B-52 in Formation
136 AV-8B Harrier
137 Prowler - The EA-6B
138 KC-10 - The Flying Gas Can
139 E-3 AWACS
140 What Is a Tank?
141 Unit Sizes - A
142 Unit Sizes - B
143 Military Terms - A
144 Military Terms - B
145 Desert Storm Slang
146 Allied Forces
147 Working Together
148 Becoming a Fighter Pilot
149 Top Gun
150 LVTP
151 The Marines Land
152 Harpoon Launch
153 Medical Support
154 Desert Drink
155 In the Cockpit
156 Mail Call
157 Gen. Schwarzkopf
158 Gen. Powell & Sec. Cheney
159 Lt. Gen. Horner
160 Lt. Gen. Kelly
161 Gen. Yeosock
162 Paratroopers Land
163 Multi-Launch Rocket System
164 AH-64 Apache Helicopter
165 Bomb's-Eye View
166 Patriot - The SCUD Intercepter
167 Tomahawk Cruise Missile
168 HAWK Missile
169 In the Trenches
170 Stopping the Oil's Flow
171 Anti-Chemical Gear
172 E-2C Hawkeye
173 Satellite Communications
174 Huey Cobra
175 Tent City
176 Checklist
Series 3
1991 Topps Desert Storm Trading Cards 10
177 President George Bush
178 General Norman Schwarzkopf
179 Dick Cheney
180 General Colin Powell
181 Emir Jaber al Sabah
182 John Major
183 François Mitterand
184 Hosni Mubarak
185 Mikhail Gorbachev
186 King Fahd
187 Hafez Assad
188 Javier Perez de Cuellar
189 Saddam Hussein
190 Kuwaity Troops
191 Qatari Troops
192 British Troops
193 French Troops
194 Egyptian Forces
195 Saudi Soldiers
196 Syrian Soldiers
197 AH-1 Cobra
198 AH-64 Apache
199 CH-47D Chinook
200 A-6 Intruder
201 AV-8B Harrier
202 A-10 Thunderbolt
203 B-52 Stratofortress
204 F-4G Wild Weasel
205 F-14 Tomcat
206 F-15 Eagle
207 F-16 Fighting Falcon
208 F/A-18 Hornet
209 M-198 Howitzer
210 Paratroopers Jump
211 F-117A Stealth
212 TOW Missile
213 Light Armored Vehicle
214 LVTP
215 M-1A1 Abrams
216 M-2 Bradley
217 Multi-Launch Rocket System
218 M-60 Tank
219 Night Vision Goggles
220 Working Dogs
221 Reporting Center
222 M-110 Howitzer
223 SCUDs Explode
224 Vulcan System
225 Dragon Missile
226 E-3 Sentry
227 C-5B Galaxy
228 Tomahawk Cruise Missile
229 KC-10 Extender
230 Hummer
231 Bomb's-Eye View
232 FB-111 Aardvark
233 M48A1 Chaparral Missile System
234 M-551 Sheridan
235 The Burning Fields
236 Ecological Warfare
237 M-113 Armored Personnel Carrier
238 Working Together
239 The Ground War
240 Schwarzkopf's Plan
241 Iraqis Surrender - A
242 Iraqis Surrender - B
243 Iraqis Surrender - C
244 Target Markings
245 Mood at Home
246 Rally of Support
247 Liberation Day - A
248 Liberation Day - B
249 Liberation Day - C
250 Anticipation Grows
251 82nd Airborne Returns
252 USS Mississippi Comes Home
253 The Wisconsin Returns
254 Pride in the Troops
255 Meeting the Crowd
256 Safe at Home
257 Tomcats Fly In
258 Home Again
259 Worth Fighting For
260 Marines Return
261 Heroes' Welcome
262 Reunited!
263 Daddy's Home!
264 Checklist


Stickers Checklist

44 cards. Inserted one per pack.
Series 1 - #1-22; Series 2 - #23-33; Series 3 - #34-44.

1991 Topps Desert Storm Trading Cards 11

Series 1
1 American Flag
2 37th Field Artillery Motto: On the Minute
3 75th Infantry Motto: "Of Their Own Accord"
4 8th Field Artillery Motto: Daring and Tenacious
5 320th Field Artillery Motto: Willing and Able
6 73rd Armor Motto: Honor, Fidelity, Courage
7 504th Infantry Motto: Strike - Hold
8 34th Armor Motto: The Strong Arm for Victory
9 506th Infantry Motto: Stands Alone
10 48th Infantry Motto: Dragoon
11 41st Field Artillery Motto: Mission Accomplished
12 503rd Infantry Motto: The Rock
13 17th Cavalry Motto: Forward
14 62nd Air Defense Artillery "We Aim at High Things"
15 6th Field Artillery
16 2nd Infantry Motto: "Do Not Touch Me"
17 Desert Storm
18 U.S. Air Force Emblem
19 Congressional Medal of Honor
20 U.S. Navy
21 U.S. Central Command
22 American Flag
Series 2
23 USA
24 U.K.
25 Canada
26 Egypt
27 France
28 Kuwait
29 Morocco
30 Saudi Arabia
31 Syria
32 U.S.S.R.
33 United Nations
Series 3
34 Southwest Asia Service Medal
35 National Defense Service Medal
36 Purple Heart
37 Prisoner-of-War Medal
38 United States Army Silver Star Medal
39 Joint Service Achievement Award
40 Medal of Honor
41 Top Gun
42 These Colors Don't Run!
43 Let Freedom Ring
44 Welcome Home


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These were some of the best, brightest, Amerian Americans ever to walk the earth depicted on these cards RIP GHWB SR… You were lost to us but will never be forgotten by this country or this world.

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