1991 Impel Marvel Universe Series II Trading Cards

1991 Impel Marvel Universe Series II Trading Cards


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If baseball, football, basketball, hockey and other sports can have annual sets, why not comics? 1991 Impel Marvel Universe Series II is the second in a series of four annual releases from the company that recaps key characters, debuts, battles and more. And like the popular first set, there are holograms.

The 1991 Impel Marvel Universe Series II checklist is big, clocking in at 162 cards. All of the major Marvel characters have their own cards as well as many minor heroes and villains. Other subsets include Teams, Weapons, Rookies, Arch-Enemies and Legends.

Cards have colorful borders as well as an inner frame and some diagonal stripes. Factor in the image and the cards look very bright and busy. A Marvel logo at the top of the card notes the year. The subset is noted on the other side. Keeping with the theme of being the comic equivalent of a sports card, backs have stats, bios and a second small image.

The only inserts in 1991 Impel Marvel Universe Series 2 are Holograms. This five-card set highlights the most popular heroes of the time as well as a card in which the Fantastic Four and the Mole Man square off.

A tin with both the base set and the holograms was limited to 7,500 sets. A binder was also offered through a wrapper offer. It has a Spider-Man hologram on the front and a picture of Wolverine's card on the back.

1991 Impel Marvel Universe Series II Trading Cards 1 1991 Impel Marvel Universe Series II Trading Cards 2

Supply is not an issue for 1991 Impel Marvel Universe Series II. It was printed in mass quantities and is still easy to find today. However, this high availability also makes it one of the more recognizable sets of comic trading cards.

1991 Impel Marvel Universe Series II Trading Cards 3


1991 Impel Marvel Universe Series II Checklist

Base Set Checklist

1 Spider-Man
2 Daredevil
3 Thing
4 Marvel Girl
5 Phoenix
6 Sub-Mariner
7 Mister Fantastic
8 Iceman
9 Shadowcat
10 Human Torch
11 Nightcrawler
12 Captain Britain
13 Iron Man
14 Punisher
15 Cable
16 Deathlok
17 Gambit
18 Psylocke
19 Vision
20 Hawkeye
21 Silver Sable
22 Night Thrasher
23 Puck
24 Union Jack
25 Quicksilver
26 Scarlet Witch
27 Havok
28 Iron Fist
29 Adam Warlock
30 Wonder Man
31 Sasquatch
32 Firestar
33 Death's Head
34 Speedball
35 USAgent
36 Banshee
37 Meggan
38 Jubilee
39 Ghost Rider
40 Beast
41 Invisible Woman
42 Rogue
43 She-Hulk
44 Dr. Strange
45 Silver Surfer
46 Storm
47 Archangel
48 Thor
49 Quasar
50 Wolverine
51 Cyclops
52 Nick Fury
53 Hulk
54 Captain America
55 Kingpin
56 Sabretooth
57 Magneto
58 Venom
59 Galactus
60 Mandarin
61 Chameleon
62 Super Skrull
63 Grim Reaper
64 Mojo
65 Fin Fang Foom
66 Jigsaw
67 Tombstone
68 Ulik
69 Baron Strucker
70 Mysterio
71 Sauron
72 Annihilus
73 Rhino
74 Absorbing Man
75 Doctor Octopus
76 Baron Mordo
77 Saracen
78 Nebula
79 Puma
80 Deathwatch
81 Kang
82 Blackout
83 Calypso
84 Ultron
85 Thanos
86 Hobgoblin
87 Lizard
88 Doctor Doom
89 Loki
90 Red Skull
91 Spider-Man vs. Venom
92 Fantastic Four vs. Skrulls
93 Wolverine vs. Sabretooth
94 Silver Surfer vs. Galactus
95 Daredevil vs. Elektra
96 Avengers vs. Kang
97 Human Torch vs. Sub-Mariner
98 Spider-Man vs. Hobgoblin
99 Captain America vs. Baron Zemo
100 Punisher vs. Jigsaw
101 X-Factor vs. Apocalypse
102 Punisher vs. Kingpin
103 Thing vs. Hulk
104 Daredevil vs. Bullseye
105 Spider-Man vs. Doctor Octopus
106 X-Men vs. Sentinels
107 Fantastic Four vs. Galctus
108 Wolverine vs. Hulk
109 Ghost Rider vs. Deathwatch
110 Dr. Strange vs. Baron Mordo
111 Nick Fury vs. Baron Strucker
112 Spider-Man vs. Lizard
113 Silver Surfer vs. Thanos
114 Avengers vs. Ultron
115 Captain America vs. Red Skull
116 Daredevil vs. Punisher
117 X-Men vs. Marauders
118 Iron Man vs. Mandarin
119 Hulk vs. Leader
120 Thor vs. Loki
121 Spider-Man vs. J. Jonah Jameson
122 Thor vs. Ulik
123 Silver Surfer vs. Mephisto
124 Fantastic Four vs. Doctor Doom
125 X-Men vs. Magneto
126 Daredevil vs. Kingpin
127 Captain America's Shield
128 Thor's Hammer
129 Daredevil's Billy Club
130 Ultimate Nullifier
131 Spider-Man's Web-Shooters
132 Punisher's Arsenal
133 Iron Man's Armor
134 Infinity Gauntlet
135 Quasar's Quantum Bands
136 Dr. Octopus's Arms
137 Mandarin's Rings
138 Wolverine's Claws
139 Captain Marvel
140 Bucky
141 Green Goblin
142 Original Ghost Rider
143 Kraven
144 Dark Phoenix
145 Darkhawk
146 Sleepwalker
147 Rage
148 X-Force
149 New Fantastic Four
150 Fantastic Four
151 Avengers
152 Avengers West Coast
153 X-Men
154 X-Factor
155 Excalibur
156 New Warriors
157 Masters of Evil
158 Marauders
159 Strength
160 Agility
161 Durability
162 Checklist
1991 Impel Marvel Universe Series II Trading Cards 24

Holograms Checklist

5 cards.

H-1 Spider-Man
H-2 Hulk
H-3 Punisher
H-4 Doctor Doom
H-5 Fantastic Four vs. Mole Man
1991 Impel Marvel Universe Series II Trading Cards 25

1991 Impel Marvel Universe Series II Trading Cards 3

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  1. Is it possible to order select singles of the 1991 Impel marvel cards? I need less than twenty to finish my collection.
    Let me know if you can help me find out
    Thank you

  2. I have hundreds of open packs and singles of 1991 universe II cards cheap

  3. I wud sell u, whichever ones you need, for cheap, Mark!??

  4. I was looking through my nearly complete set of these cards and came across something I can’t seem to find anywhere else… It is an error card with Darkhawk on the front with an extremely off center checklist (card #162) printed on the reverse. Any interest in this card or thoughts on value?

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