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1990 Topps Robocop 2 Trading Cards

1990 Topps Robocop 2 Trading Cards

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If you’ve ever watched Robocop or either of its sequels, it wouldn’t take long to realize it’s a curious choice for a mainstream set of trading cards where children would be among the target audience. 1990 Topps Robocop 2 trading cards do just that, showcasing not only the iconic lead character but the over-the-top violence as well.

Let’s not kid ourselves. Plenty of children were watching Robocop at the time. Some parents knew about it. Others probably didn't. By the time the sequel hit theaters, Robocop had his own cartoon. Children were playing with action figures. It had somehow gone from an ultra-violent blockbuster to kiddie fare. Or was it?

1990 Topps Robocop 2 doesn't hold back on the images. The blood flows freely on several cards. Be warned, a couple of severed limbs are also fair game. The base set has 88 cards. One of the things that's nice about it, and sets it apart from other sequel sets of the era, is that there are cards from the first film included. So for those who weren't allowed to watch the original, even with a cartoon, they could get caught up through the magic of trading cards as well as get a handle on the sequel.

Card fronts have bright yellow borders with a red jagged frame the resembles an electric current. The film's logo is at the bottom of the card along with a red caption. Backs have an illustration of Robocop brandishing his signature gun along with a lengthy writeup. Similar to a lot of old Topps movie sets, the writeup concludes with a prompt to read the next card.

1990 Topps Robocop 2 Trading Cards 1 1990 Topps Robocop 2 Trading Cards 2

Every pack of 1990 Topps Robocop 2 comes with one of 11 different stickers. Done with red borders, these stickers aren't die-cut. Backs fit together to form a Robocop puzzle.

Topps also produced a factory set. Done in a style similar to their Topps Tiffany baseball releases, factory set cards have a glossy coating. An additional 22 Behind-the-Scenes cards are also included, which aren't in packs.

While you might have to buy 1990 Topps Robocop 2 sets and boxes for more than a dollar, the release remains affordable. Although the premium glossy sets are a little tougher to find, nothing about the release is rare and can be found without too much trouble.

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Base Set Checklist

88 cards.

1 Part Man, Part Machine, All Cop
2 Fatal Malfunction
3 The Price of Progress
4 A Man Named Murphy
5 Boddicker's Butchers
6 Man Without a Hand
7 Murphy--Blown Away!
8 The Cop of Tomorrow
9 Partners in Crimefighting
10 "Freeze!"
11 Supermarket Assault!
12 A Lady in Distress
13 Robocop Blasted!
14 Reining in the Madness
15 A Blow against Evil
16 Memories of Me
17 Man... or Machine?
18 Taking the Heat
19 His Murderers Apprehended
20 The Hidden Directive
21 Correcting His Mistakes
22 ED-209 Missile Assault
23 Dented But Undaunted
24 Slammed by ED-209
25 Robocop, Heal Thyself!
26 Toxic Nightmare
27 Showdown
28 Pummeled from Above
29 Robocop's Revenge
30 Say Goodnight, ED
31 "Or the Old Geezer Gets It!"
32 Murphy's Comeback
33 Duo for Danger!
34 "Peace Officer!"
35 A Madman Named Cain
36 The Robotics Museum
37 "Get Lost, Robocop!"
38 Lewis vs. Hob
39 A Bad Cop...
40 Duffy's Just Deserts
41 The New Mission
42 Devastating Blasts
43 In the Clutches of Cain
44 Captured!
45 Destruction of Robocop
46 In Need of Repair
47 Living Death
48 Robocop Screw-Up!
49 "You Can't Be Serious!"
50 Only One Way Out...
51 Electrical Purge
52 Cop Comradery
53 Beautiful But Savage
54 The Rebirth of Cain
55 What Was Once, Can Never Be Again
56 Detroit's Action Hero
57 Crusader Against Crime
58 Practice Makes Perfect!
59 Robocop Patrol!
60 Helmeted Hero
61 Officer Anne Lewis
62 No Escape from Robocop!
63 Spectacular Explosion!
64 Hob Bites It
65 Robocop Means Business!
66 Closing In
67 Shielded from Harm
68 Robocop Stunned!
69 Metallic Monster
70 Preparing To Pounce
71 The Robot Warriors
72 Facing the Enemy
73 Incredible Struggle!
74 Clashing Titans
75 Has Robocop Met His Match?
76 Only One Will Survive...
77 Cain's Brain
78 Robocop...Triumphant!
79 Bad Day for the Old Man
80 Metal Justice
81 Storyboard: The Shoot-Out
82 Storyboard: Taking the Plunge
83 Storyboard: Suspended in Mid-Air
84 Storyboard: Jolted By Electricity
85 Storyboard: Standing Tall
86 Storyboard: Blocking the Blast
87 Storyboard: Sizing Each Other Up
88 Storyboard: About To Pounce
1990 Topps Robocop 2 Trading Cards 24

Behind-the-Scenes Bonus Cards Checklist

22 cards. Available only in factory set.

A How to Handle Your Gun
B The Predatory Stance
C Death of a Dummy
D Lending a Needed Hand
E Metal Appendage
F Conferring with Kurtwood
G Paul Verhoeven Directs
H Touching Up the Toxic Terror
I Directing ED-209
J Display of Blood
K Shooting a Night Scene
L Readying Robocop for the Cameras
M Director Irvin Kershner
N Fine Tuning
O All Wired Up!
P Making the Unreal Real
Q Nancy Allen as Lewis
R Some Advice for Robocop
S The Human Dimension
T "All Quiet on the Set!"
U Shooting a Shoot-Out!
V A Gathering of Evil

Stickers Checklist

11 cards. Inserted one per pack.

1 Shield Logo
2 Robocop and Anne Lewis
3 Robocop Walking by Burning Car
4 Robocop's Head in Front of License Plate
5 Robocop Lying Down
6 Cain and Angie
7 Robocop Standing with Gun Up
8 Robocop Fighting Robot
9 Robocop with Bullet Holes
10 ED-209
11 Robocop Holding Brain
1990 Topps Robocop 2 Trading Cards 25

1990 Topps Robocop 2 Trading Cards 3Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission
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Donna Sloan
Donna Sloan

I have 6 packages of robocop cards. Never been opened. All packs still have gum inside. Wondering how much they are worth

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